11th Post Vegetarian Marathon: Babbi’s Song: Doing Mitzvot keeps one alive. Plastic Surgery is just another gimmik, will not make you younger just ask Moshe Pippik: Potato, spinach COTTAGE CHEESE or /Tofu Bake: Percentage Breakdown for Macrobiotic Plate

In the last post we heard a conversation between a boy in Israel and his Babbi, (grandmother) talking together about the End of Days. This blog contains Babbi’s Song. The “Me” is Babbi’s grandson.

Babbi’s Song:

Doing Mitzvot keeps one alive. Plastic Surgery is just another gimmik, will not make you younger, just ask Moshe Pippik.

You can keep your Spas and plastic surgery,

Aside from the fact it’s hardly free.

Trying to bring back youth

Don’t they know it’s truly uncouth,

There is a limit how much fat you can lose,

Just a case of wholesale abuse.

With a strain, a snap or a rupture.

A lady’s face-lift will fall without any structure.

Ever seen that face when it’s sleeping?

No muscle tone it’ll send you to weeping.

You don’t want to wake up next to such a creature

It’s so scary, you’d think she wants to eat you.


Me:  You haven’t done any of that stuff? (pulling at his cheeks)

Babbi:  Take a look, no way. (Pointing to her chin).

The photo shows the first (bottom-most) layer. This bake is similar to a vegetable lasagna. It should be on the thick side so that the potato taste comes through. It doesn’t look so great. The finished bake can be prepared a day before and re-heated.


POTATO SPINACH COTTAGE CHEESE BAKE ( you can make this diary free by substituting tofu for the cheeses and soy milk for the eggs, and squash for the potatoes. This version is not macrobiotic, there’s cheese, potatoes, eggs and spinach. However, it is very satisfying as it contains vegetables, proteins and starches. The last two ingredients are rich in iron. Wonderful to serve for lunch to guests. As I built up the dish the process reminded me of painting a landscape. Please look at the above photo and layer as described in the procedure.


40 gr goat cheese
60 gr white cheese
600 gr dry cottage cheese
330 gr/10 oz sliced roasted potatoes with hot and spicy paprika
235 gr /8 oz roasted leeks and mushrooms.
235 gr /8 oz frozen spinach defrosted and squeezed dry as possible. Liquid can be used for soup
6 eggs plus 1/2 cup almond milk


1. Line a spring-form pan with baking paper. Be sure that paper does not peep over the edge because you could have a fire.

2-Beat eggs and almond milk with immersion blender

3-Fold in cheeses

4-Layer 3/4 of the Potatoes on  bottom of pan to cover

5-Cover with half the egg mixture

6-Place more potatoes and dot with spinach, roasted leeks and mushrooms

7-Layer additional egg mixture

8-Scatter remaining eggs

9-Pre-heat toaster oven oven to 200 degrees / Centigrade 380 degrees Farenheit.

10- Cover with aluminum foil and bake for 40 minutes until you are satisfied that the eggs have solidified

11-Remove foil and back until a rich brown develops.

You will not be seeing eggs, cheese or spinach in future posts as I will try to conform to the macrobiotic framework. This one is suggested by: macrobiotics-healing-week in the Foodhighs site.

It is about eating specific foods in balance. Remember that throughout the day, you will try to develop a landscape on your plate containing:

  • about 50% whole grains
  • about 30% locally grown (organic, if possible) vegetables
  • 5-10% beans and sea vegetables
  • 5-10% soups
  • 5% condiments and supplementary foods, including beverages, fish and desserts





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