Post 51:The Diabetes Quiz via Jacob Richman Winter and Kasha Soup.


Hi Everyone! So you think that you know all the nitty gritty of Diabetes? Check out The Diabetes Quiz via Jacob Richman
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There are 400 multiple choice questions about diabetes basics,
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Have a good day,
Jacob Richman

carved vegetables, delight for the eye and tongue

Kasha Soup!

After about a week in Ukraine the kasha (Yiddish word for question) is what’s for breakfast? And the answer to the question: Kasha.  Kasha is buckwheat in English and it is NOT a grain.  There are five grains and this is not one of them. (Grains: wheat, barley, rye, spelt and oats)

So kasha soup is the recipe I share below.  I created it for the beginning of the winter, when a warm meal in the afternoon or evening needs something cozy in the belly.

Those eating this soup have asked why it is so delicious.  I will give you the recipe and the many ingredients will tell you the reason: just a lot of flavor from the many vegetables and kasha is toasty good.



1 T. oil

2 cups Kasha (we buy the vacuum packed kasha, which is bug-free)

8 cups water

parsley (1/2 package of checked parsley/6 ounces)(We buy the checked herbs from bug-free companies supervised by Orthodox Jewish rabbis.)  (Wash with water and a drop of soap, then rinse well the parsley to help.)

1 small onion

1 parsnip (peel, and cut in finger size pieces)

1 Kholrabi

2 carrots (peel and cut in chunks)

1 sweet potato (peel and cut in round ring chunks)

1/2 teaspoon  Cayenne pepper powder

Himalayan salt        optional (1 teaspoon)

4 mushrooms (slice in halves)

Directions:  Put pot on flame and add oil and heat up oil, then add sliced onions  (carefully add, don’t get splattered with hot oil).  Shake pot with lid on for onions to saute slightly on all sides.  Add water and all ingredients BUT NOT the kasha yet.  When the water brew boils, add the KASHA.  Cook until the sweet potato is fork tender.  Serves about 7 portions.  This ‘perfumes’ the house with that round smell of the kasha.




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