Post 55: Hadadi, the Center for Breast Cancer Survivors, offers introductory lecture Coping with Breast Cancer: Chinese Medicine, how it can help cancer treatment: February 5th and February 19th and Benefits of Rejuvelac for restoring flora to the gut.

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Chinese Medicine What is and how it can help cancer treatments lectures with Ms. Cherry Kashani

Chinese medicine is the field of alternative medicine treatments in the world which is used in China for over 2,000 years. It helps in handling situations of pain, stress, neurological problems, hormonal imbalance, digestive problems and more.

Chinese medicine includes acupuncture, touch therapy (Toine), exercise (Qigong, Tai Chi), herbal treatment.

Cherry Kashani, volunteer: Chinese medicine treatments.

Coping with breast cancer: two lectures:

February 5, 2015 – What is Chinese Medicine? How it can help us live a better life? Healthier? More balanced?

February 19, 2015Chinese Medicine and Cancer – How can Chinese medicine help in alleviating the symptoms of cancer, the treatment of the disease, the Life After Cancer


Cherry Kashani, Practitioner of Chinese medicine (Dip.Ac ), A graduate of the College of Chinese Medicine Reidman. Specialized hospitals in Israel and China and with the best senior therapists in the country. Sherry track lecturer at Ridman College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Jerusalem. It takes care HMO, private practice and soon reciprocity.

Central coping with breast cancer

St. Levi 10, Baka


Space is limited, so we would like to RSVP by phone or email:

Phone: 072-243-2333

On Thursday, February 5, at 18:00, before the lecture will be a special sale of accessories and fashion products for women after partial or full removal – Jana South comes from Haifa with bras, prostheses, prosthetics to complete symmetry (suitable after partial hepatectomy), bathing suits and fashionable clothes. All are welcome!

 Center for coping with breast cancer

St. Levi 10, Jerusalem

Tel: 072-243-2333

Donations: Http://

Do Like Us on Facebook שלנו:

A video on reciprocal: Https://


Chinese Medicine

What is it and how can it help with cancer?


You are invited to lectures with Ms. Saray Kashani


Chinese medicine denotes a broad range of medicinal practices in the world of complementary medicine developed over 2,000 years. It addresses pain, stress, neurological problems, hormonal balance, digestion, etc.

Chinese medicine includes acupuncture, massage (Tui na), exercise (Chi kong, Tai chi), and herbs.

Saray Kashani will begin giving treatments at Hadadi shortly.

Presently, Saray will present two lectures at Hadadi – the Center for the breast Cancer Survivor about Chinese medicine:

Saray Kashani, is a trained and qualified Chinese therapist (Dip.Ac). She is a graduate of Reidman College of Complementary Medicine. She has had internships in Israeli and Chinese hospitals and with the leading therapists in Israel. Saray is a lecturer at Reidman College in Jerusalem.

Lectures will take place at Hadadi-the Center for the Breast Cancer Survivor

10 Levi St., Baka,

At 20:00


Limited space. Please RSVP by phone or e-mail:

Tel: 072-243-2333 Hadadi.israel@gmail .com



Rejuvelac E-mail
 What is Rejuvelac?Rejuvelac is a lightly fermented, refreshing drink made from sprouted wheat  (and/or other grains). Rejuvelac is cheap and easy to make and offers many benefits to the intestinal tract and generally aids  with healthy digestion.Rejuvelac has lactic acid and supports the body’s development of healthy, friendly bacteria in the gut, replenishing intestinal microflora. It  contains high levels of enzymes, addressing this major, modern day deficiency. Rejuvelac is generally very nutritious  and full of vitamins like  B complex vitamins, E and C.

Rejuvelac can be enjoyed by itself, it is a great base for smoothies and a very effective starter for nut yoghurts and cheeses. Rejuvelac is used to ferment Spirulina and Chlorella, which can then be used in smoothies.

How to make your Rejuvelac?

You will need:

1 cup of organic wheat (grains, berries)

3x approx.1.5 – 2 liters of fresh clean filtered Water (or ideally Spring-water)

**Place wheat in a jar, cover with water and soak overnight (~8hrs +)

**Strain and rinse the soaked wheat and put back in the jar.

**Keep the jar covered with a secured muslin and rinse the wheat about 2 times a day, so the wheat won’t dry out.

**Do this for 2-3 days until the wheat has sprouted and developed roots (see pictures)

**Place the sprouted and rinsed wheat in a large jug and fill with water.

**Depending on the temperature the fermentation will take 24-48 hrs.

**You will notice, the water has gone milky and has a light layer of froth on the surface.

**Decant the Rejuvelac and reuse the wheat up to 2 more times.

**This refreshing beverage will last in the fridge for up to 1 week. It is slightly fizzy and tangy.



photography by Marion Egger


Rejuvelac made by the Mother of living foods, Ann Wigmore:


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