Post 96: A Real Miracle; Knaidlach for Passover:

Yesterday I took a break from cleaning, and left the house with my earphones and phone , continuing to listen to The Eroica on my phone . I rarely walk and listen to  an MP# player. It worked just fine. My contempt is really unjustified. Why do’t I “fegin” someone who talks into a cell phone on the street? Where else should they use it? Not while one drives!

Jumping rope while listening to a shiur had worked quite well earlier in the morning on the platform of the restaurant “Ha MaAlot” round the corner. We have an agreement, the owner and I. I use the area and if I’m there when a delivery comes, I watch out that the drop is close to the entrance.

My hearing aides were tucked into a soft purse.  Placed in another small zippered purse.

I thought that they would be safe inside. After the workout I walked over to my local Yad Schniah (second hand store) to get a look at the pickings.  The WIZO STORE on Hillel has a knick nak children’s Annex in the rear.  I found a few handmade sweaters for gifts, took my purse out of the soft-zip bag which contained my hearing aides and consumed the transaction..

So cool of me to still have the earphones in my ears.

Next stop, home and time to remove the earphones and replace the hearing aides. Only there is one and not two in the pouch. After thumping through my gym bag, I realize only one possibility remains. My stomach is turning over.

I review the steps in my head. YES, THE STORE WAS SOMEWHAT DARK. The lost aide must be there. I run down to Hillel and the store Annex is closed. I know that the manager is in the clothing store. I say to myself, I hope that she has had a good day.

My first question to the saleslady, “Did your assistant in the Annex, back there, (and I point), find a hearing aide? I possibly dropped one in front of the counter when I took out my purse.”

The whole zevat “squad”came alive! “A hearing aide! Come!”. They don’t even answer my question about the assistant..

Fortunately, there are no bars on the store’s windows of the annex.. The manager unlocks the door, takes two steps in, bends down and hands me my precious hearing aide.

Happiness, relief and elation. But this is not the end of the story. For readers with ADS (Attention Deficit Syndrome), you will identify. A few weeks back I related to the Israeli assistant at Wizo the story of my lost and found pocketbook, and she disagreed with  solution to finding or looking for a lost pocketbook. The story in detail is in the Rollercoaster Day.

Maybe, I had to lose my hearing aide in her shop to give her credit for her story. She found a lovely French pocketbook in the lobby or outside the Israel Museum. I forget where. She didn’t contact Security. She fished through the purse for the women’s bank card. She called the bank They called their customer, and the lady returned to the museum in a half hour and the assistant waited. I really don’t think that there was a reward offered or accepted But I didn’t think to ask.

That’s how an Israeli returns a lost item! I’ve learned that my hearing aides must be kept in a secure container which seals shut.

The seven species wheat, and barley, and vines, and fig trees, and pomegranates; a land of olive oil and honey (Deut. 8:8).” These seven species were the staple foods consumed by the Jewish people in the land of Israel during biblical times. We trade the wheat for Matzah. But I don’t see anything about Quinoa.

Compliments of Hazel Dobrin

Quinoa  Knaidlach
Boil 1/2 cup water then simmer with1 1/2 tsp agar flakes for 7-10 min.
Add 1/4 cup quinoa together with 2 Tsp each finely diced squash, carrot, tofu, chives or parsley and salt. Bring to boil then simmer for 20 min on a flame tamer.
Saute diced onions in water or oil till transparent.
Combine everything in a blender or suribachi and form into balls.
Let them sit for while.

Chag Sameach v’kasher.
Hazel and Rafi Dobrin


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