Post 105: In the end all we got is an attic, trying new foods and taking the time to cook

I guess to Jews in Europe, an attic wasn’t considered a big asset.

Yiddish for being fooled, conned, swindled, duped, never materialized, didn’t end up happening, a hoax


היה סתם מתיחה, תעלול, משהו שלא קרא בסוף, הוליך שולל


עס האָט זיך אויסגעלאָזט אַ בּוידעם


es hot zikh oysgelozt a boydem


it ended up being an attic

Trying New Foods:

1) If you can manage to break away from eating precessed and sugary foods, foods that you didn’t like will start to “grow” on you. I like to combine vegetables like butternut or acorn squash into a chocolate cake.


Taking the time to cook:

1) I like before preparing  a dish to have all the peelings off and ready to go in the fridge.

2) A big saver of time is to cut wedges that will fit into your food processor.

It also makes the job easier to square off the load into the feeder tube

3)I used my pressure cooker to prepare adzuki beans. First soaked the beans, then used the pressure cooker for about one hour and let the pressure drop before opening the lid.

This Soltan Pressure cooker is Israeli made. I did not know how to use it. The instructions were only in Hebrew. I called the factory and they patiently explained the process. There is no gasket to deteriorate.

The beans were not cooked enough after the hour. I replaced the pressure cooker cover with a regular cover and brought the contents back to a simmer and let that go for another hour. The result were perfect soft beans.

4) The bean cooking could have been broken down to two stages depending upon your schedule. At the same time I had my skillet going with a stir fry of carrots, onions, green squash, pumpkin, and yellow squash, all prepared with a thin slicer attachment on my food processor.

5) Veggies should be stored separately after cooking. They will last longer.

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