Post 124:The Meeting Point: Under the Bridge

The Meeting Point: Under the Bridge: I saw a Hebrew sign for these events.

 June 4June 13

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The Meeting Point is a unique opportunity to celebrate the diversity and cultural richness in of Jerusalem with ten days of performances, art, sweet watermelons, and personal meetings.

The event was created with the inspiration of the watermelon shacks that popped every summer in the Jerusalem Seam Line in the 1970s, temporarily transforming the no man’s land into a space of flickering lights where everybody, regardless of religion, race or sex was invited and welcome. Those watermelon shacks are no longer with us, but their memory is cherished by many.

This will be the third appearance for The Meeting Point, for the first time as part of the Israel Festival, this time on the Railroad Park under the bridge between the neighborhoods of Katamonim, Pat, and Beit Safafa. The structure that will be built especially for the event will be central to the project and will serve as a performance stage, watermelon shack, and a piece of architecture . Its construction will be undertaken by students from the Technical University of Berlin under the supervision of Christopher Barlieb, Arch. The building of the structure isn’t just a process, but also a public art performance in which everybody can take part – you’re welcome to come and help!

The Meeting Point project is led by the Muslala group together with the Israel Festival, in cooperation with the community councils of Katamonim and Pat, the Hand in Hand school, and numerous groups and people who wholeheartedly believe that at the end of the day the similarities amongst us are greater than the differences, that simple pleasures are the most exquisite, and that all of us every hot Jerusalem summer share a common desire for a chilled watermelon while an Oud player plucks a chord nearby.


Monday, June 8, 2015
5pm Katamona – a publishing house in the heart of Katamonim
6pm Bands from Volume Music – local, original compositions
7:30pm Crowdfunding – a panel
9pm Enlisted poetry – poetry reading

Tuesday, June 9, 2015
5pm Arts and crafts workshops with the Hand in Hand community
6:30pm The Arab-Jewish Orchestra, conducted by Prof. Taiseer Elias
7:30pm A performance of the magician Kevin Spencer
8:30pm Safi Sweid and the Sajan Band play with friends

Wednesday, June 10, 2015
5pm Daydreaming – the “Shakespeare for a Shekel” version of a Midsummer Night’s Dream
7pm Years of Exile – Theater performance by Yassir Abdalla (Sudan)
8:30pm Language in Colors: the white in the book – performance by Shlomo Vazana

Thursday, June 11, 2015
5pm Chalk painging on the railroad park
6pm Youth in Gonenim – a festive performance of the children’s choir
8:30pm Hafla Basta – the Secular Yeshiva in a neo-geo evening with A-WA – the traditional party of the secular yeshiva brings together music, reading excerpts and conversation

Friday, June 12, 2015
12 noon Art, protest theater and colored stones – tour of Katamonim with Shlomo Vazana (Hebrew, must register in advance at, costs 40NIS)
3pm Movement and improvisation workshop
4pm Jam session before the weekend

Saturday, June 13 2015
5pm The story of Beit Safafa – tour with Tawfiq Othman (Hebrew, must register in advance at, costs 40NIS, begins at Rami Levi supermarket by the Train Track Park)
9pm Traditional closing party with Nino Bitton and the Maghreb Orchestra

The Hybrid Meeting Point

This is a special WiFi network open only to those in the area of the meeting point under the bridge. On this network you can create content and interact with others in the vicinity.

WiFi network name: “HybridMeetingPoint”


The program

Sunday-Thursday 5-11pm
Friday 12-7pm
Saturday 8:30pm-midnight

How to get there

map of meeting point under the bridge june 2015

By bus

Bus #22. From 18:41 until 20:21 buses run every 20 minutes, from 20:46 until 23:46, buses run every 30 minutes;

Disembark at Berl Locker street and from there proceed to the parking lot of the “Yad B’Yad” (bilingual) school on Arieh Beham Street, then cut through the parking lot until its end. From there go down the path to the “Park Hamesilah”, (old train tracks park), where the watermelon stalls are (a 2 minute walk, handicap accessible).

By foot

You should follow the “Park Hamesilah” (old train tracks park) path toward Beit Zafafa (also recommended, ride by bicycle and lock it up as you approach the watermelon stalls) until the bridge near the bilingual school.

By motorized vehicle

Search for Arieh Beham street on a GPS or a map and from there follow the path from the bilingual school to “Park Hamesila (old train tracks park) as above.

*You can also reach the site by going through the painted boulders by the Ort Spanian School and from there descend to the dirt path leading to “Park Hamesilah” (old train tracks park), and take a left toward the watermelon stalls!

Photos from under the bridge

2015-06-05 17.12.592015-06-05 17.13.332015-06-05 17.13.562015-06-05 17.14.112015-06-05 17.15.272015-06-05 17.18.122015-06-05 17.18.572015-06-05 17.19.36


June 4
June 13
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פארק המסילה
Jerusalem, Israel


מוסללה Muslala



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