Post 177: a Bunch of Red Peppers and call for proposals from the Jerusalem Municipality for uses of Independence Park 2,000 year old pools. I say leave them for Mikvaot for the 3rd Temple.

Just thought this array of peppers was gorgeous.

I’ll be talking about pepper and the call for proposals for using the 2,000 year old pool in Independence park in this post


I will be using my roasted peppers in various Vegi dishes during Posts 180-Post210. I start the Vegan MOFO 30 day Blog series on a propitious Post number: 18X10!

“Jerusalem’s ‘Central Park’. Literally.”

4 of 5 starsReviewed March 2, 2012

This is the largest park in the centre of Jerusalem. The eastern part is built on a late Crusader and Moslem cemetery, which was mainly cleared after 1950. It was cleared based on the Religious decision of the then Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, who permitted a major part of the cemetery to be cleared so he could build his Orient Palace Hotel on the site (across Agron St. from the park, in 1931; presently restored and enlarged as a Waldorf Astoria Hotel and Residences).
There is a superb late Crusader tomb monument in the area, near to the huge Mamilla pool, itself part of the Jewish Second Temple period water system to supply water to the city and the Temple sacrifices. (You need a lot of water to wash down the area after all those sheep, cattle, doves, and oxen have been sacrificed). It would make a great outdoor swimming pool – it must be more than Olympic size!
On Mondays and Thursdays, many visitors to Jerusalem who’ve brought their sons to celebrate Bar Mitzvas at the Western Wall, come here to have a BBQ. More than once, as I’ve gone by, I’ve wished a happy family ‘Mazal Tov!’ and been invited to share a delicious meal of lamb or chicken on the grill.

Mamila pool: A Call for ideas from the Jerusalem Municipality-sure cut up the park to advertise Eden Water Company

​A call to submit ideas to develop the area of the Mamilla Pool in the Harry Wilf Garden (Independence Park)


8/4/2015 10:00 AM

​The Jerusalem Municipality, through Eden―The Jerusalem Center Development Company Ltd. (“Eden”), invites members of the public to submit their suggestions on how to develop the area of the Mamilla Pool.  Cash prizes will be awarded for the best submissions.

The full requirements of the Call For Ideas is available on our website at
and at the Jerusalem site in hebrew:
in response to the Call For Ideas may be submitted by filling out an application form with your idea, as detailed on the website, and delivered to the Eden offices at 2 Safra Square no later than 1 September 2015 at 2 PM.

Conditions: Eden is not obligated to accept any proposal whatsoever, nor is it obligated to distribute the full prize money.

For more details and additional information, please refer to the Call For Great Ideas documentation on the website, or contact Mr. Roey Lavi via email

2,000 year old pools. I say leave them for Mikvaot for the 3rd Temple.

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