Post 185: Staying Alert and Remembering the tragedy of September 5th 1972 and Birthday Party for the World! MOFO Challenge; Day 5 Best sandwich ever.LEMONY LENTIL PIE /Sandwich

Pass this on to everyone you know who lives in Jerusalem.

Keep your eyes open to anything suspicious. Stay alert.

Jerusalem Police on High Alert Around the Light Rail

Jerusalem police increase presence around the Light Rail following a
warning about a potential terrorist attack.

The Jerusalem police increased their presence around the Jerusalem
Light Rail on Tuesday night, following a warning that was received
about an intention to carry out a terrorist attack against the Light
Rail in the northern Jerusalem area, especially in Shuafat.

It should be noted that there have been past alerts about a potential
terrorist attack on the Light Rail, and police officials made clear
that there are no special instructions to the public.

The Light Rail has frequently come under attack, mostly in the form of
rocks thrown at the cars, but there was also one serious attack, in
which a Hamas terrorist plowed his car into a Jerusalem Light Rail
station, before exiting his vehicle and beating bystanders with a

Two months ago, the Interior Committee of the Knesset held a special
discussion following the attempted terrorist attacks in points of
friction between Jews and Arabs in Jerusalem.

The tragedies of September 5th are behind us, and cannot change the atrocities that took place. But we can ensure their memory is not forgotten, nor their lives lost in vain.



Join Us in Turning Memory into Meaning

  • Raise your flag in a VIRTUAL MOMENT OF SILENCE

  • LEARN about the events that transpired

  • MEET the people affected

  • WATCH films that give insight into the tragedy and its legacy

  • DOWNLOAD and Print meaningful reflections to read with your family and community

  • SIGN the Virtual Memorial Wall

  • SHARE AND CONNECT with the relevance of Munich at a private or communal gathering


About the Munich Memory Project

This attack on Israeli innocents because they were Jews occurred in the very eyes of the world and too little was done to stop it, too little is still done to recall its significance. By encouraging people to remember, to recount the details and declare our opinions on why it is important to remember, we can glean immense lessons from each other and give respect to the men whose lives were stolen on that day.

The Munich Memory Project was created to harness the passion garnered throughout the world upon the murder of the members of the Israeli Team. Its aim is two-fold: to protect this memory for generations to come and to serve as an inspiration for others to learn from – for those around the world to collectively take pride in the accomplishments of fellow Jews.

Don’t let September 5th pass by like any other day.

The danger of indifference to terrorism is as relevant today as it was in 1972.


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Party for   the NoteWorld
celebrating  the Creation of the World
                 Wednesday night  September 9    7pm

 Musical’Carlebach style’Celebrationfeaturing Rachel Rubin
Very, very special guests
to be announced shortly.

Rabbi Mordechai Machlis (the ‘Avraham Avinu of our generation)
will speak at9:00 pm

Rabbi Yaacov Nanа.. Rabbi of Har Tzion and’Kever David will speak at 9:30pm

 Bring musical instruments, shofars and thanksgivings for the Creation of the World. We will read the beginning of ‘Bereshit’ and sing songs celebrating the world in Hebrew and English culminating in singing Happy Birthday with a  humongous birthday cake…so c’mon….let’s give HaShem a big ‘Toda Raba.’

4 Mazkaret Moshe (corner Carmel) off Agrippas, across from Marzipan Bakery…blue door  Nachlaot
For more info call 0524754492

Day 5 Best sandwich ever.

LEMONY LENTIL PIE /Sandwich contributed by Hazel Dobril


1 cup uncooked lentils – (brown/green )

3 cups water

1 piece kombu, 4 inches long

1 cup cooked rice or other grain – I used rice and quinoa

1 Tbsp. miso – I used light

1 clove garlic, minced

3 Tbsp lemon juice

1 medium onion, finely chopped

1 tsp. grated ginger

Pressure cook (30 minutes) or boil lentils (45 minutes with water and kombu.

Cut kombu into small pieces and return to pot. Stir remaining ingredients into cooked lentil, making sure seasonings are evenly distributed. Press lentil mixture into a slightly oiled loaf pan and bake at 350 F for 20-30 minutes. Serve plain, with sauce or as sandwich. Enjoy!

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