Post 190: MOFO Challenge Day 10 Thursday September 10th 2015 Advertising Full-Day Ma’achazim Tiyul: 2nd Day Chol HaMoed Succot: Sept. 30 Something blue RAW RAINBOW CAKE This cake still contains a small amount of fructose from the dried fruit but for a once a year birthday treat, it’s a winner.

Count-down to Rosh Ha Shana; You can still make plans for Full-Day Ma’achazim Tiyul: 2nd Day Chol HaMoed Succot: Sept. 30

From: Ruthi <>




Come, join us in what promises to be yet another unforgettable, very
worthwhile, enjoyable & meaningful

experience in the vitally strategic, gorgeous, Shomron mountains and
Binyamin area in a full-day tiyul during

Chol HaMoed Succot. By our very visit, we will be bringing chizuk and
encouragement, at the same time as

getting to know more lesser-known parts of our Precious Land.


9:15 am departure from Binyanei HaUma

 Bullet-proof bus with us throughout the day

 Licensed Guide, Ya’acov Tavger, with us all day

 In Ivrit & English

 Bring lunch to be eaten in Succah at some picturesque spot to be announced

 Return to Binyanei HaUma – approximately 19:30

*PRICE: * Only NIS 160.- p/p for full day – payable in advance. Add NIS
20.-p/p for payment on bus.

Checks to be made out to *Chevra lePituach Mata Binyamin*.

We all know how very precious these Hilltop settlements (Maachazim) are to
our beloved Land

and what wonderful people populate them. I continue endeavoring to put
some on our map.

We’ll be learning more about each one of them, 1st-hand, meeting some of
their super dwellers.

*Scheduled Places to Visit:* (subject to change)

 *Kubat Negima* – Lookout point – see Hermon from here

 *Malachei HaShalom* – New settlement nr. Kochav Hashachar, after the
murder of Malachei Rosenfeld Hy”d

 *Hurvat Givit *– large 50 dunam area

* Adei Ad *– now 40 caravans here – ken yirbu!

 *Geulat Tsion* – in center of Gush Shilo

 *Amona* – update on latest activities here

Bring plenty to drink along the way!

*The day is fast approaching, so make sure your reservations are paid for
now! *

*Don’t be disappointed for lack of space! First paid, first IN!*

*Contact Ruthi (preferably by email):
<> 02- 5611962*

[Non-text portions of this message have been removed]

10 Something blue.


This cake still contains a small amount of fructose from the dried fruit but for a once a year birthday treat, it’s a winner.



6 cups cashew nuts soaked in water
3 cups almonds soaked in water
4 dates soaked in water
2 dried figs soaked in water
1 can coconut cream
1 cup coconut oil
1/3 cup water


For the rainbow colouring
Tumreric/Bee pollen
Green Peas/Spirulina


  1. Purple Base Preparation:
    Blend a handful of blueberries, almonds, 1/3 cup coconut oil and two dried figs (The blueberries are for colour so add more according to how intense you want the base to be).
  2. Press the blended base into the bottom of a cake tin. Pop tin in the freezer to harden.
  3. Rainbow layers:
    First blend the ‘cake’ mix of cashews, dates the remaining coconut oil and the coconut cream.
  4. Pour it into equal portions between 3 bowls, leaving the same amount in the blender also.
  5. Green
    First add the peas to the blender potion and whiz until smooth and green. You could also use spirulina, Japanese matcha or avocado for this layer.
  6. Pink
    Grate beetroot finely into bowl 1 and stir through cake mix until desired pink is achieved.
  7. Yellow
    Add a pinch of turmeric to bowl 2. Could also use bee pollen.
  8. Orange
    Grate carrots into bowl 3. I added a pinch of beetroot and turmeric as well to boost the intensity of the orange as the carrots were quite pale.
  9. Pour each colour layer into the tin one by one, freezing each layer before adding the next so that they keep their colours intact. They don’t need to be completely frozen, just firm. The end result will be spectacular!

Note: the more intense the colour, the more the flavour of the food you used to colour it will come through. So to start with maybe opt for a more pastel hue and work your way up according to what your tastebuds and those of your guests might prefer.

I also garnished it with pomegranate seeds on top.

Serves 6-8 adults


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