Post 241:Comprehensive Maariv/Panels Poll on Oct 16 How has your political opinion changed following the terror wave? 64% No change, 30% Moved more to the right, 3% Moved more to the left -You are invited for a day of Jewish art for a better world

Comprehensive Maariv/Panels Poll on Oct 16 Remember-Maariv is a left wing paper.

Jeremy’s Knesset Insider

Panels conducted a poll that was published by Maariv on October 16th 2015.

Jewish Israeli Questions:

How pleased are you with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s conduct of dealing with the current terror wave?

67% Not pleased, 28% Pleased, 5% Don’t know

How pleased are you with the Government’s conduct of dealing with the current terror wave?

63% Not pleased, 28% Pleased, 9% Don’t know

How has your political opinion changed following the terror wave?

64% No change, 30% Moved more to the right, 3% Moved more to the left

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Join the thinkers and doers of the Jewish social justice and environmental movement coming together with artists, writers, musicians, and curators to explore a new angle on socially engaged art, activism and our changing climate – on November 8th 9:30AM – 4:30PM at the Manny Cantor Center on the Lower East Side.

Participate in Heshvan, the Jewish Social Action Month & the National Arts and Humanities Month of the Americans for the Arts through Art Kibbutz’s Conference! Get inspired with new friends: artists, performers, writers, actors, curators, community leaders, activists, scholars, students, rabbis, visionaries.

Our event connects passionate people who share similar values in their work on advancing social justice issues and making ‘tzedek’ a core expression of Jewish life through their art or community work.

Register for only $25 for the whole day!
Creative Catalyst Symposium

Creative Catalyst Symposium SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 8th, 2015 9:30AM – 4:30PM MANNY CANTOR CENTER

View on

The Opening Reception took place on Tuesday, Oct. 13 2015, 6:00 – 9:00pm

Art Kibbutz’s exhibition, co-sponsored by the Jewish Art Salon and hosted by the Manny Cantor Center, will explore the dual role of art embedded in the environment and Jewish identity. In a world where global warming and Israeli current events are in the daily news, modern visual arts provide a platform to continue a conversation about a shared experience felt by the selected artists.

A wide survey of media ranging from unconventional raw materials like dirt, branches and bones to innovative technology like embedded Augmented Reality highlights the complex relationship an artist experiences while being rooted in the changing environment and Jewish culture. Each artist, as an observer and participant, has an individual relationship to their surrounding ecological system, whether it is with Earth or Judaism, or both. The shared experience will fully develop within the gallery space, when viewers are encouraged to participate in questioning and understanding the world around them.

Rooted aims to highlight the active role of immersing oneself as an artist, as a Jew and as a viewer in the process of understanding the connection between Jewish identity, art and nature. The artist’s perspectives range from literally digging deep into the soil of the land, like Ken Goldman’s Dirty Jew, a self-portrait that depicts the Israeli artist proudly drenched in the organic waste of the 350 milking cows on the kibbutz in Israel that he calls home; to artworks that straddle nature and technology, like Cynthia Beth Rubin’s Roots, which uses Augmented Reality to show source material such as plankton in water. Complete with conceptual and commissioned work, the exhibition also displays the art of two pioneers of ecological art, Jackie Brookner and Helène Aylon, who have devoted decades to teaching art as activism and “rescuing” the body, the Earth and G-d.

Most exhibiting artists represent the Art Kibbutz artist community, who each found a different meaningful Jewish connection through the arts. Their work had been widely informed by their artist residency experiences at Art Kibbutz. Each residency program was created to harness and maximize residents’ creative work related to Jewish responses to the environment, farming, and sustainability.

Visitors are encouraged to contemplate their own roots of their upbringing and environment. This incentive is further realized in the upcoming Art Kibbutz Creative Catalyst symposium dedicated to art activism in memory of Jackie Brookner, a former Art Kibbutz resident and activist.

About The Manny Cantor Center and the Educational Alliance
After years of planning, the Educational Alliance’s historic East Broadway headquarters has been transformed into the Manny Cantor Center: a settlement house of yesterday and a community center for today, and tomorrow. Offering exciting events, award-winning programs, and critical services for people ages 0 to 100+, the Manny Cantor Center is a hub of diversity and inclusivity, of health and fitness, of education and of excellence. We hope the Manny Cantor Center will provide a space for growth, achievement, enjoyment and connection for all Lower East Siders today.

About Jewish Art Salon
The Jewish Art Salon, founded in 2008, is an international artist-driven community that strives to promote understanding and appreciation of contemporary and innovative Jewish visual art. It uses the power of collaboration to provide important resources and programs that develop lasting partnerships with the global art community and the general public. The Jewish Art Salon builds community, as well as produces events. It organizes dynamic exhibits, inter-active art events, and (in the New York area) bi-monthly salon sessions engaging international artists and scholars, in order to create an appreciation for cutting-edge Jewish art.

About Aimee Rubensteen
Aimee Rubensteen is a curator and writer living in New York City. She focuses on modern and contemporary art that utilizes unconventional materials and challenges traditional notions of Jewish identity. Her recent projects include curatingWaiting in Wonder, a group exhibition that explored a traditional Jewish counting ritual through modern visual arts for a multi-purpose gallery in Brooklyn; and co-curating JOMIX- Jewish Comics; Art & Derivation, a survey of contemporary Jewish artists using comics as a medium to express and address their Jewish identity and cultural experience, currently on display at the Philadelphia Museum of Jewish Art. Additionally, Aimee works at Sotheby’s as the Administrator of the Egyptian, Classical, and Western Asiatic Antiquities Department.




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