Post 242: You’re not wearing underwear today No you’re not wearing underwear today -Not that i even care Much about your underwear Still nonetheless I gotta say That your not wearing underwear today.

Using Lyrics from “Avenue Q”

You’re not wearing underwear today,
No, you’re not wearing underwear today
Not that i even care
Much about your underwear
Still nonetheless I gotta say
That your not wearing underwear today.


Visiting Hours: If you can’t visit, that’s totally understandable. A call will do. Hope that he will be speaking more today.





Second Floor of Davidson Cardiac Intensive care – We can meet in front of the 2nd floor elevators a few minutes before the time that you choose to visit.

Do you have numbers of anyone else in shul, the community, or your family who would be able to encourage Larry at a visit? I plan to contact some other friends. If you plan to visit, please let me know so that I can space out the visits. Anyone visiting should call before they set out, because Larry may be getting therapy.

Up Date: Larry will be recovering over many weeks if not months after two valve replacements and bypass surgery. He has passed the benchmark of getting the breathing tube out. Baruch Hashem.

His upper body is very swollen I think it his his body’s response to assault. His skin is stretched from weight loss and loss of muscle. The fluids are draining from the diuretics.Baruch Hashem Kidneys are doing their job.  As you know nature abhors a vacuum, so the tissues in his upper body are swollen.

He said a few words. Baruch Hashem. He’s getting out of the sedation.

I have not seen him yet today. Ivy, my daughter and I  got him to move his feet and legs a bit last night. Baruch Hashem.

I remember 26 years ago a nurse was at the foot of his bed for a couple of days after Bypass Surgery. However, now with high tech monitoring and delivering medicines thru micro tubing and and also removal of fluid  through tubes, the patient is more passive, which we don’t want.

If you are faint of heart and will be saying tehillim during your visit, then It will not be of maximum benefit to Larry. Try to relate to him some of your stories together, whatever gets him to talk.

How do you feel about being part of a prank? You can come in and be a “Cardiac Rehab Specialist”. We’ll get you a white jacket and a cap.Larry seemed to respond to his doctor’s orders better than to my requests. They doctors  may want him  to sit up and walk today. They want him to move around in bed every 15 minutes.

The easiest way to get to Davidson is NOT to go into Hadassah when you get off the last stop of the 19 bus. Again, let me know the hours that you choose to visit and we’ll meet by the elevator. Today, I’ll talk with him and his doctors about having visitors other than family.
Please call us when you have arrived.
Kol Tuv,

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