POST 245: Strong People can do almost anything they want to do, but even the strongest cannot choose what they want to do: Amos Oz My Michael: Welcome to a Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem from a patient’s wife’s point of view. Release after cardiac surgery and My friend the aide At Hadassah Ein Kerem, important phone numbers for Hadassah Hospital and Shloshim for Reb. Henny Machlis ZT”L

Strong People can do almost anything they want to do, but even the strongest cannot choose what they want to do: Amos Oz My Michael
Orthodox Jews can connect to these words. However the second half after the “but”, Orthodox Jews would wince at. The words take Hashem out of the picture. We believe that our challenges are Hashem’s way of choosing a special challenge to improve our midot and make us stronger for the next challege.

Grasp a lot get a little. Try to accomplish a lot accomplish nothing. From my Arabic text: much movement small blessings.

Approximately 3 months ago, on Aug 8, 2015 – I described in Post 159 a Nature Tour at Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem, an idle, “a walk in the park” an invitation to a bucolic hike. Just bring good spirits and hiking shoes. Ah should a stay at the hospital be such a spritely snap. A hike reinvigorates. A Hospital stay leaves one week, at ground zero. To build takes greater effort than to destroy. And when trauma occurs it is a total catastrophe a body tsunami. What was is no more. Such is my place now. Turning big steps in to small ones and to feel as great about small steps as one would be about big ones.

Part of climbing out of the debris of post surgery is achieved by working with numerous hospital workers. As I explained in earlier posts, the nursing staff is the backbone of care. One may be here at Hadassah for a week or less, but in a short time you see the solidarity of the “team”. Doctors are not on a realm beyond reach.

There are 3 nurses to care for 32 patients. Official Israeli standard, mandates one nurse for every 1.17 beds. I discussed working conditions with Joel, a 4th year nursing student. He was often our night nurse. However, as a student he was permitted to perform all nursing duties with the exception of giving medications. The hospital is working within the guidelines. However, he commented that this cardiac/neurology floor contains post heart surgery and neurological patients, who require constant care. Most of the patients are a few days out of intensive care. One evening I was awakened in the middle of the night and my husband was complaining that he felt like he was drowning. He sat up and tried to calm himself and he rang the buzzer and a nurse did not respond. I went out and saw 4 nurses sitting behind the nurse’s station. They said that they did not hear the buzzer. Joel did run in quickly with the ever-ready oxygen saturation machine and confidence was restored.

The delivery of services is excellent. From day one, the patient’s surgeon works with medical residents and sixth year students. The patients meet the students before surgery on Floor 9 and are followed up with the same staff after surgery.That’s a big plus. Having stayed at the hospital for 2 weeks I learned the routine and now that we are home, it follows that any home-care should try to duplicate as close as possible the cleanliness of a hospital setting.

This is not an official discharge. Larry is returning Friday to “evaluate” the loss of weight and maybe Re admit. Not likely. I see good days ahead. He’s showering independently. The steps to the elevator were hard but B”H he mounted them. Already his sugar readings are in line . I tried to arranged for a nurse to visit and evaluate for physical therapy. We will have bar rails installed tomorrow.

Mr. Pesach Satzman installing bathroom bars on the day after we arrived at home.

Got a special shower seat, wheelchair, shoes and a Walker from Yad Sarah in the hospital and Yehudis brought over a mattress cover and comfy socks. With my brother, Marty and son-in-law Micha we needed two cabs to go home. Very happy to be home.

I had some amazing conversations with Arab ladies on the floors begin with the nurses and the aides. One lives opposite the Kotel. More about that in the next blog.

read more:
Services Ein-Karem

Emergency Room 02-6777222 Did not have contact with the ER because surgery was scheduled.
Information 02-6776333 Basicaly for out-patient appointments
Switchboard 02-6777111 same as ER

Security 02-6776666 Handles reports of theft and opens the safe in your room at Davidson Building should you have a problem.Guard possessions
Taxi Services 02-6777372
Police Station 02-6776644 If a theft occurs, you’ll be sent to Talpiot Pol Headquarters. Protect your valuables. Don’t leave ANYTHING of value out in your room.
Yad Sarah 02-6776260 FLOOR -1 Old Building. Near MRI Open 10:30-2:00 Supplies walkers with deposit of 110 Sh, sturdy shower seats 280 Sh wheelchairs of various sizes, shower seat for over a tub, grab bars of various sizes, shoes for diabetics in wheelchairs etc. Can be returned to any Yad Sarah Branch.
Ezer Mitzion 02-500-2111 Sends ladies with meals around the building, Don’t need to order as they come around. Also offers help to relieve caretakers at bedside evenings.If you call and let them know your patient and your needs, they will come to the room. Found meals to be very salty.
Patient Library Floor -1
Pateint Records Floor -1
Volunteer OfficeFloor -1 Sell beautiful hand made baby sweaters and booties for new-borns up to 1 year
Blood Bank 02-6776047
Cardiothoracic Recovery 02-6776053
Cardiothoracic Surgery 02-6776117

Social Work Services 02-6777321
Moked Sherutei Briut Clalit 02-6776202
Moked Kupat Holim Leumit 02-6777216
Moked Kupat Holim Meuhedet 02-6777217, 050-661-7406 skilled nursing services
Moked Kupat Holim Macabi 02-5697171
Shabat Floor -1

The above Moked numbers are for the 4 HMO’s in Israel. The office sends a representative to discuss “after” hospital care. That representative will receive your discharge paper and arrange home care.
School of Occupational Therapy 02.5845310.- Functional limitations following a stroke or cardiac event.

All this is fine on paper. I tried to learn more about home care from the team that visited my husband who is recovering from Heart Surgery. The social worker was very blunt, you can go to a “rest place” like Tel Ha Shomer, where the patient is free and the “mate” pays for the stay. At first the idea sounded great. However, after being in the hospital for 10 days, the idea of going to yet another institution was not appealing. In addition, Hadassah runs a Home Care Agency. They send a rep to patient’s rooms to sign them up for an aide. They also will place one “free” and wait for reimbursement from Betuach Leumi, the National Insurance. However, we are not eligible and hence did not take home-care.

We came home almost a week ago (Novemeber 10th) on a ‘Furlough”. I said goodbye to the Arab Israeli aide, who I met while Larry was in the ICU. That meeting I will continue in my next blog – insider Hadassah Hospital information.

During our stay in the evenings I talked with other patient’s family members. I was amazed to learn from a young Arab  who lived in Bethlehem, the popularity of “Arab Idol”. It appears that as usual Israel got somewhat unpopular notice in the Arab press even about a show that is purely entertainment. When an Arab Israeli appeared on the show Israel media gave it true recognition as “the first Arab-Israeli contestants on an Arab show,” relating to the governmental term for Arab citizens living within Israeli territory.

Upon her surprise elimination on Nov. 22, Mousa, a native of Deir al-Asad in the Galilee, addressed the matter on stage, saying, “I want to pass a message for the yellow journalism that fought me — I am Palestinian and Palestinian blood flows through me.”

Two weeks before her elimination, the 27-year-old Mousa was vocal on social media, weighing in on a recent altercation in northern Israeli where a knife-wielding Palestinian attacked Israeli policemen, who shot him dead. Mousa called the man a “martyr” and encouraged her followers to demonstrate for pro-Palestinian rights, writing “Palestine is revolting, Israeli Arabs are revolting.” She was later praised by several local political figures.

Khalailah, a 24-year-old Palestinian, remained fairly moderate in terms of politics and national identity throughout the competition, stating that he is proud of his heritage and hopes to grant the victory to his people.

Last season’s winner was also of Palestinian descent. Mohammed Assaf, of Khan Younis refugee camp, won viewers’ hearts after sneaking out of the Gaza Strip to audition and ultimately winning the show. His victory garnered media attention throughout the world, and soon after, Assaf was announced the first ever Regional Youth Ambassador for Palestine Refugees on behalf of UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency), and during the past 18 months he has been campaigning alongside recording original material. In June he performed his World Cup themed song “Assaf 360” in front of the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce in Sao Paulo.

As the newest Arab Idol, Shareef’s prize includes 250,000 Saudi riyals ($66,000), a contract with Platinum Records (a label affiliated with MBC) and production of three singles and a music video, as well as a trip to the Seychelles courtesy of show sponsor Emirates airline.

BS”D Shloshim for Reb. Henny Machlis ZT”L
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