Post 252: Yad Sarah Emergency beepers available from Yad Sarah to protect lonely and aged and Day Rehab Program *6444. Looking for the best for our Lar for Heart Rehab. On Thursday night 10th December, the Jerusalem branch of the Michael Levin Lone Soldier Centre are holding their annual Chanuka party for our AMAZING and INSPIRATIONAL Lone Soldiers

Emergency beepers available from Yad Sarah to protect lonely and aged


The Yad Sarah organization, which has distributed emergency beepers to 20,000 people who live alone, is ready to lend out more to prevent attacks such as the one involving a 78-year-old woman in Jerusalem’s East Talpiot neighborhood this week.

An assailant got into her home and attacked her foreign worker, stole a safe and ripped a gold necklace from her neck.

“If she had had an emergency beeper and contacted our center, maybe the violent incident would not have occurred, said the voluntary organization’s spokesman David Rothner on Wednesday.

This episode brought home to me the following: Even though an ill person is able to stay alone for a few hours, the idea of leaving the door unlocked is not wise. A child may leave a parent on his/her own and ask then to leave the door unlocked should an emergency occur. However, the elderly trotting along with a walker cam be easy prey. they can be followed home and assaulted.

After a one-time payment of NIS 400 and a NIS 100 deposit, the beeper is made available, and users can contact Yad Sarah, a doctor, police, an ambulance, relatives and others at any time using a button on a bracelet. The beepers, which are installed and maintained for the fee, have often saved lives, said Rothner. No monthly fee is charged, unlike those sold by commercial firms.

Yad Sarah Managing Director Moshe Cohen speaks about Yad Sarah’s 20 unique and unprecedented services.* Below is what he conveyed when he took part in Yaniv Meiri’s “Kol Barama” radio program, together with other directors of charitable and rescue organizations.

Yad Sarah Managing Director Moshe Cohen described the uniqueness and scope of his organization’s services as that which surrounds the patient with a wide array of twenty recovery and nursing services from the moment of his hospital discharge, and even preceding that. He and other directors of charitable and rescue organizations were broadcast during Yaniv Meiri’s radio program on “Kol Barama.”


Mr. Cohen emphasized that Yad Sarah, soon to celebrate 40 years of achievement, becomes involved in life saving and rehabilitation right after the first critical moments. The goal is to return the patient to full functioning.

As increasing data reveals the mortality rates from hospital-based infection, he said, interest increases in the home hospitalization program offered by Yad Sarah. Continuing studies stress the importance of home care: rehabilitation at home, surrounded by a loving family, prolongs life.

Yad Sarah’s managing director explained the concept of all-embracing care at length. The list begins with the well-known loan of remedial and rehabilitative equipment, continuing with the service of nechonit vans for transporting the wheelchair-bound, and then to connection with emergency call centers, and on to rehabilitative day centers. The above is only a partial list out of twenty services offered to the Israeli community.

The managing director noted that the scope of this generosity is unparalleled among nonprofit Israeli organizations: over six thousand volunteers work in 107 branches throughout Israel, both in the center of the country and in the periphery, after they have received appropriate specialized training.

Many of them, Mr. Cohen said, are prepared to deal with difficult emotional experiences. This is so, for example, when a volunteer is exposed to the painful memories of an elderly person who is a holocaust survivor whose life story is being documented for his own sake and for future generations.

It’s trying also when a young call center volunteer is required to be calm and levelheaded, needing to respond quickly and carefully to an emergency call for help. Her assessment of the situation and corresponding reaction could save someone’s life.

Mr. Cohen described how it came about that the president and founder of Yad Sarah launched the program which enabled thousands of subscribers to summon help immediately when needed, assuring increased security for them and for their families. When he visited the home of an elderly woman who had fallen near her door, key in hand, it was obvious that had she been able to summon help on the spot her life could have been saved. The conclusion was undeniable: Mutual concern and communal responsibility demanded the establishment of an emergency call center which would enable every Israeli citizen, without a continual financial outlay, to connect with the assistance required at a critical moment in his life. Lives needed to be saved.

Mr. Cohen described an additional aspect of Yad Sarah’s unending efforts: The professional teamwork in the day rehabilitation centers, which accept those who are recuperating from serious, incapacitating illness, or accident victims. They arrive in a broken physical state, and the team, with love and professionalism, slowly returns them to fitness so they can return to function within their homes and families.

Yet another aspect: transportation services through the fleet of nechoniyot vans: in snow, in periods of emergency, from home to hospital and back again. A fleet of vans that leaves no one “stuck,” and especially those who await urgent medical attention or life-saving equipment. This, in all kinds of weather conditions.

There was a general consensus in the radio studio, including the directors of charitable and rescue services who were present – and also the moderator. Yad Sarah’s renowned service of medical and rehabilitative equipment has great importance for every Israeli family. and YAD SARAH IS MUCH MORE THAN THE LOAN OF WHEELCHAIRS.

We have much to celebrate not the least of it is the splendid air, and that fact that the people are not bothered by trifles. I joined the line for the usual errands, medicines, blood test, appointment checking, sunglass frame fixing, buying nuts from vendors, buying fruits and vegetables, requesting information regarding compression stockings.

The morning can be summarized as information and supplies crossing lines of communication, and the most crucial were getting medical supplies and getting a blood test.

The people on the front lines suffer the most stress. They are the medical workers: the pharmacists and the staff drawing bloods. The elderly in both situations are on edge; because generally elderly people are like that. The children accompanying their parents sit patiently as mom and pop strut to the counter, like a horse bracing for the opening bell. Sometimes the worker can’t draw blood from mom and pop. I marvel at their equanimity.

Then on Jaffo Street between  shuk Nahanah Yehuda and Davidka, I heard the approaching sirens and yet sensed another Peguah – this time in Romema on Sangar Street. And then I turned and heard the cries of young people marching to celebrate Chanukah!. What a contrast! My initial reaction was a sinking feeling in my stomach knowing that someone was in jeopardy. Out came cell phones. The storeowners along Jaffo knew that the attack was not in very close proximity judging by the speed of the police cars. I suspected that the attack could be near the Central Bus Station and that made the sinking feeling go deeper. I was buying glass jars and saw that the owner had extreme patience with several customers who were bargaining with her. I noticed the high level of patience offered by the pharmacist earlier. My pharmacist worked on my bill and I overheard in line 3 next to me the current of the words, more that the meaning. When the customer raised his voice in confusion about instructions, the Arab pharmacist lowered his. Like two forces of nature with one yielding while that other pressed on. IMG_20151129_120525

Yes, Chanukah is around the corner.

On Thursday night 10th December, the Jerusalem branch of the Michael Levin Lone Soldier Centre is holding their annual Chanuka party for our AMAZING and INSPIRATIONAL Lone Soldiers.

The greater Katamon community and GIFT Israel ( have been asked to prepare the food for this event.

All you need to do is to contact Hannah about what you would like to contribute and then deliver the food to –
Family Cohn
13/2 Halamed Heh Katamon by 12 pm on Thursday.
Volunteers will then pick up the food and set up for the party later on that evening in Mirkaz Ha “Ir.

Please feel free to forward this email on to anyone you think might be able to help.

Thank you

Wishing you a Happy Chanuka – and lets spread the light.

Hannah 0545 665 248

Latkes, apple sauce salads, drinks, etc.

GIFT Lone Soldier Chanucka Meal


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