Post 261: Lone Soldier Center appeals to local communities to put together a holiday meal for about 300 lone soldiers: Why does a Nice Jewish Girl Write about Sainthood rather than the mitzvah of Kibud Av V’ Aym-The Caregivers’ Guide to Sainthood BY JOYCE WADLER

The Jerusalem Lone Soldier Center on Rechove Histadut, appeals to local communities to put together a holiday meal for about 300 lone soldiers. Each of the communities take turns.

It is at holiday time when the generosity of Klal Ysrael overflows. Yes, the Lone Soldier Center appeals to local communities to put together a holiday meal for about 300 lone soldiers, not like just snapping your fingers and it’s done.

Follows is a sample spread sheet of such a meal. Many communities pool their resources as the following is not adequate for 300 soldiers.

Please sign your name against the food item you are kindly providing.Feel free to fill out more than 1 item, the idea is to get the speadsheet filled out completely.
If your kitchen is not kosher, or you are not able to bake or cook for any reason, there are still many items that can be bought.

ITEM AMOUNT Description Name email
Challah Rolls – bought or home made 30 Zippy Sevrinsky
Challah Rolls 30 Simone Rifkind
Grape Juice 2 bottles Sybil Shapiro
Grape Juice 2 bottles Sybil Shapiro
Wine 3 bottles Jerry Koller
Wine 3 bottles Nina Brill
Dips (humus, tahina, etc – bought or home made) 20 portions 2L homemade hummous Marc Kischel
Dips 20 portions tehina Yehudit Lindblom
Dips 20 portions Matboucha Chana Rachel Kean
Salad – bought or home made 20 portions regular green salad with dressing on the side Faith Segal
Salad 20 portions bean salad and pasta salad Tamarah Emmett
Salad 20 portions carrot salad Esther Frumkin
Chicken Soup 25 portions 8 liters = 28 +/- portions Adina Kischel
Chicken Soup 25 portions Gramma Jenny’s chicken soup! Gittel Levin
Lokshon for Soup 50 portions judy rebacz
Soup Nuts 2 packets Ilana Goodman
Chicken 15 portions Zippy Sevrinsky
Chicken 15 portions Yael Kaner
Chicken 15 portions Tanya Gusovsky
Chicken 15 portions Tova Goldfine
Vegetable side 15 portions green beans with nuts Marilyn Mack
Vegetable side 15 portions cinnamon carrots Yehudit Lindblom
Vegetable side 15 portions Spinach or broccoli kugel Erica Sassoon
Vegetable side 15 portions red cabbage Ilana Goodman
Kugel 15 portions Noodle Zippy Sevrinsky
Kugel 15 portions Potato kugel Beth Raz
Kugel 15 portions Sweet squash Dvora Polinsky
Kugel 15 portions kugel yerushalmi Toby Weiss
Rice/Potato 15 portions Rice Zippy Sevrinsky
Rice/Potato 15 portions Rice/potato esti herskowitz
Rice/Potato 15 portions Rice Leah Lasry
Rice/Potato 24 portions Saffron Rice with Tadig Yael Kaner
Dessert 15 portions Apple Crumble cake Leah Lasry
Dessert 15 portions Chocolate cake Beth Raz
Dessert 15 portions chocolate chip cookies or blondies chana even-chen
Dessert 15 portions chocolate chip pie/brownie pie Nancy Statfield
Cut Fruit 15 portions fruit in wine sauce Robin Cooper
Cut Fruit 15 portions
Cut Fruit 15 portions
Water/Soda 4 bottles Tova Taub
Water/Soda 4 bottles Asher Sevitz
Water/Soda 4 bottles Sheryl Susman
Large Plates 100 Beth Gordon
Small Plates 100 Beth Gordon
Soup Bowls 75 Beth Gordon
Napkins 100 chana even-chen
Cups 100 slyper
Knives 75 slyper
Forks 75 slyper
Soup Spoons 100 slyper
Tablecloths 8 tablecloths Batsheva Binyamin
Beer 3 six packs Sherman
Beer 3 six packs Feldblum
Beer 3 six packs Erica Sassoon
Nosh (chips, pretzels, bamba, bisli, etc) 2 bags Veggie Straws (chips) Shlomo Loshinsky
Nosh 2 bags chips, bisli schnitzer
Sunflower Seeds/Nuts/Dried Fruit 2 bags sunflower seeds schnitzer
Sunflower Seeds/Nuts 2 bags almonds, crunchies Genesove

Homemade Kishke 100 portions kishke Yael Kaner

These ladies are ecstatically  happy to provide the meal.

Then I began to read Joyce Wadler’s piece about caregiving to an elderly sick parent.

The Caregivers’ Guide to Sainthood

The article began:

Sooner or later, we are all tested: your father thoughtlessly has a stroke; your mother carelessly breaks her hip. Do you ignore your loved one’s need for round-the-clock care, knowing that it will eat up every cent of your inheritance, or do you rise to the occasion with such selflessness that one day, when people speak of you in hushed….

Now be assured,  how does someone not thoughtlessly have stroke? Does one thoughtfully have one? Anyone can have a stroke; yes the elderly are more prone. I can hear the word’s in Wadler’s head, What were you thinking having a stroke? It’s almost amusing if it were not so unconvincing. Tested? Caring for a parent is the ultimate test.



Honoring Parents which includes caring for aged parents:  The idea of honoring and respecting one’s elders has been out of style in Western culture for the last several decades.

In a culture which prizes youth, modernity and advancement above all else, it is not surprising to find that people do not hold the older generation in high esteem.

However, the eternal laws of the Torah include the obligation to respect parents. The fact that this mitzvah is one of the Ten Commandments indicates how important this precept is. Why should this be? Honoring one’s parents expresses gratitude for their assuming the responsibility of raising children and taking care of their essential needs.

On a deeper level, honoring parents underscores the importance of each previous generation’s role in transmitting the Jewish tradition. Finally, respecting one’s parents enables us to acknowledge and appreciate that it is ultimately God who brought us into existence, and sustains and guides the world.

Kiddushin 31b – One should tend personally to parental needs, and do so with the utmost care and sensitivity. Rabbi Avahu said, “Avimi, my son, is an example of one who has fulfilled the mitzvah of honoring [one’s parents].” Avimi had five children who were ordained [as rabbis] while his father was still alive. Yet, when Rabbi Avahu came [to visit] and called out at the door, Avimi himself hurried and went to open it for him saying, “Yes, yes!” [I am coming to open the door] until he reached אמר רב אבהו כגון אבימי ברי קיים מצות כיבוד חמשה בני סמכי הוה ליה לאבימי בחיי אביו וכי הוה אתא רבי אבהו קרי אבבא רהיט ואזיל ופתח ליה ואמר אין אין עד דמטאי התם. יומא חד אמר ליה אשקיין מיא אדאייתי ליה נמנם גחין קאי עליה עד דאיתער.

One day [Rabbi Avahu] said, “Bring me a drink of water.” He [Avimi] brought him [water and found him] sleeping. He stood over him [and waited] until he awoke.

What bracha is recited before performing the mitzvah of kibud av v’em?  Sdei Chemed, Volume 6, Berachot 1:16 – No blessing is recited for fulfilling this mitzvah, because one never knows if he has fulfilled it properly.

However Shulchan Aruch, Yoreh Deah 240:19 – Parents are obligated not to be demanding when it comes to their honor. It is forbidden for a person to burden his children by being particular about them honoring him. [This is so that] he will not pose a stumbling block before them, rather he should forego [his honor] and close his eyes to their actions… אסור לאדם להכביד עולו על בניו ולדקדק בכבודו עמהם שלא יביאם לידי מכשול אלא ימחול ויעלים ע

Sefer HaChinuch 33 – The root of honoring parents is gratitude. It is only appropriate for one to recognize and reciprocate kindness to those who have dealt kindly with him, and certainly not to act in a vile manner, estranging oneself and being an ingrate, for this is a bad character trait that is completely despised by both God and human beings. One should appreciate the fact that his parents are the source of his very existence in this world, and it is therefore appropriate for him to act as respectfully and beneficially as he can. Besides having brought him into the world, they also expended tremendous effort in raising him as a child. משרשי מצוה זו שראוי לו לאדם שיכיר ויגמול חסד למי שעשה עמו טובה, ולא יהיה נבל ומתנכר וכפוי טובה, שזו מדה רעה ומאוסה בתכלית לפני אלקים ואנשים. ושיתן אל לבו שהאב והאם הם סיבת היותו בעולם ועל כן ראוי לו באמת לעשות להם כל כבוד וכל תועלת שיוכל, כי הם הביאוהו לעולם. גם יגעו בו כמה יגיעות בקטנותו.

Kli Yakar, Shemot 20:12 – Why honoring parents is included in the first five commandments. “Honor your father and your mother” – This mitzvah concludes the first five commandments, which discuss [our obligations to] honor God. It is for this reason that in these first five commandments it says “God, your Lord,” whereas there is no mention of God in the last five commandments, which discuss obligations between individuals. Although honoring one’s father and mother is essentially an obligation between people, it is also related to God since there are three partners in [the creation of] a person: God, the father and the mother. If I respect my father and mother who are the ones who created my physical body – which will eventually wither and die – how much more I should honor my Father in Heaven, who granted me with the superior component, my eternal soul! כבד את אביך ואת אמך – במצוה זו חתם חמש דברות ראשונות המדברים בכבוד המקום ברוך הוא כי מטעם זה נאמר בכולם ”ה‘ א-לקיך“ ולא הזכיר השם בכל ה‘ דברות אחרונות המדברים בדברים שבין אדם לחבירו, ומצות כבוד אב ואם אע“פ שהוא בין אדם לחבירו מכל מקום מצוה זו נוגעת גם בכבוד המקום ברוך הוא לפי ששלשה שותפים באדם, הקב“ה ואביו ואמו. ואם תכבד אב ואם בעבור שמהם נוצר החומר והגוף הכלה והבלה קל וחומר בן בנו של קל וחומר שתכבד את אביך שבשמים אשר נתן בך הנשמה החלק המעולה הקיים לנצ . Sefer HaChinuch, ibid. – Honoring our parents enables us to honor God. After an individual has successfully integrated these [feelings of gratitude and appreciation for everything his parents have done for him] he will be able to ascend to a higher level – that of appreciating what God has done for him. God, after all, is man’s ultimate Source, as well as that of all of one’s forefathers all the way back to Adam. Additionally, God brought him out of the womb and into this world, provided his needs throughout his life, gave him a working body, and gave him an intellectual, knowledgeable and insightful soul. Without this intelligent soul he would be like a horse or a donkey, with no understanding. One should contemplate how indebted he is to God and how great is his obligation to make sure to serve Him properly. וכשיקבע זאת המדה בנפשו יעלה ממנה להכיר טובות הקל ברוך הוא שהוא סיבתו וסיבת כל אבותיו עד אדם הראשון ושהוציאו לאויר העולם וסיפק צרכו כל ימיו והעמידו על מתכונתו ושלימות אבריו ונתן בו נפש יודעת ומשכלת, שאלולי הנפש שחננו האל יהיה כסוס כפרד אין הבין, ויעריך במחשבתו כמה וכמה ראוי להזהר בעבודתו ברוך הוא. . Maharal, Tiferet Yisrael, Chapter 41 – By honoring our parents we acknowledge that God runs every detail in this world. Even after God commanded us to remember [by observing Shabbat] that the world does not exist by chance, it would still be possible to believe that the individuals in this world exist by chance and are not specifically created by God. One might think that existence in general must have been pre-ordained, but not the individual existence of each person… ואחר שציונו שנדע שהוא ית‘ פעל העולם ואינו מקרה, עדיין יש לחשוב שאף שאין ראוי שיהיה המציאות הכללי במקרה, אבל מציאות הפרטיים יחשבו שהם במקרה… By commanding us to honor parents, God is informing us that each and every individual exists by virtue of His specific will. If we, as individuals, were created by chance, there would be no reason to honor parents. It is for this reason that the Sages taught that when one honors his parents it is as if he has honored God Himself, for by honoring them he has demonstrated his awareness that God was involved in his own creation. הודיע לנו כי אף מציאות הפרטיים אינו במקרה כלל, וציונו לכבד את האבות. ואם היו התולדות במקרה אין כאן כבוד לאבות כי האבות הם עילה פרטית. ולכך מי שמכבד האבות מעלה אני עליהם כאילו כבדוני כי דבר זה כבוד ג“כ למי שמשותף בתולדה זאת, שלא באה התולדה במקרה.



Sov Na Sov: A Family Festival in Nahalat Shiva

Free shows, concerts, arts and crafts workshops and more for the whole family in downtown Jerusalem! The fun starts on Thursday, December 11 from 2-6 pm and continues Friday, December 12 from 9 am – 1 pm.

Where: Venues around Nahalat Shiva neighborhood
When: December 11-12, 2015
Cost: Free

Sov Na Sov

sov Cover_Web

A festival for families in Nachalat Shiva

Tze’irim Bamerkaz, the Jerusalem organization for young adults and young families in Jerusalem, andEden, the Jerusalem center development company, invites you to a colorful Hanukkah festival for kids (and parents) in Nachalat Shiva in downtown Jerusalem. Enjoy arts and crafts and cooking workshops, live music, a circus, stand up, plays, movie screenings and more. There will also be special deals at the local businesses.

Festival dates: Thursday and Friday, December 11-12, 2015
All events are in Hebrew.
Entrance is free to all the events!

Thursday, December 10, 2015 | 2-6 pm

  • Mike’s Place | 31 Yaffo Street
    Puppet show
    2-2:45 pm | 4:45-5:30 pm
  • Rega Matok | 16 Yoel Moshe Salomon Street
    Making blintzes
    Every hour on the hour for half an hour | 2-5 pm
  • Even Juke | 33 Yaffo Street
    Beatles for the whole family
    3-4 pm
  • Bilbelarasta | 21 Yoel Moshe Salomon Street
    Braiding and beading
  • Kawasan | 23 Yoel Moshe Salomon Street
    Creating a dream catcher
  • Tmol Shilshom | 5 Yoel Moshe Salomon Street
    Play: A doughnut from a grain of wheat | 3:30-4:15 pm
    Making aprons for Hanukkah | 4:30-5:30 pm
  • Museum of Italian Jewish Art | 27 Hillel Street
    Hanukkia-making from pasta and Italian legend animated film screenings 
    Advance registration required
  • Haboydem | 4 Herbert Samuel Street
    Necklace-making from recycled clothing

Friday, December 11, 2015 | 9 am – 2 pm

  • Even / Juke | 33 Yaffo Street
    Adon Shoko – Arik Einstein’s music
    10-11 am
  • Rega Shelm Matok | 16 Yoel Moshe Salomon Street
    Making blintzes
    Every hour on the hour for half an hour | 9 am – 12 pm
  • Mike’s Place | 31 Yaffo Street
    Stand up for kids
    11:30 am – 12:30 pm
  • Bilbelarasta | 21 Yoel Moshe Salomon Street
    Braiding and beading
  • Kawasan | 23 Yoel Moshe Salomon Street
    Creating a dream catcher
  • Haboydem | 4 Herbert Samuel Street
    Necklace-making from recycled clothing
Date Day Time
10/12/2015 Thu 2-6 pm
11/12/2015 Fri 9 am – 2 pm

– See more at:

Friday  Dec 12, 2015 At Oz veGaon with Yoram Ettinger and a Memorial Service for Ezra Schwartz hy”d


1)   Yoram Ettinger, our former consul in the US and a brave demographer, will be speaking this coming Friday at Oz veGaon at 9:00 am on the topic: Does American pressure hasten or delay sovereignty?

Yoram Ettinger courageously deals with the false data spread by the left  who do so in order to bring to the divisionof the Land of Israel. Yoram proves with real data and real numbers that one should not be afraid of “One State for the People of Israel ”

Furthermore, Yoram Ettinger asks not to be frightened by tense relations with the United States. In the past we have known even more tense periods  and only good came of it.

A lecture not to be missed. Lecture is in Hebrew with simultaneous translation to English.

2)   Ceremony In Memory of Ezra Yehiel Schwartz, hy”d

Immediately after Yoram’s lecture  we will hold a ceremony to mark the end of the Shloshim (the thirty days mourning period) for Ezra Yehiel Schwartz, Hy”d, the Jewish youth from Boston who was murdered near Gush Etzion Junction on his way to do volunteer work at the nature preserve.

Ezra, Hy”d, had come together with his friends to volunteer at the preserve, as they had come every week to touch the ground of the Land of Israel in addition to their Torah study in the Land of Israel as part of the Ashreinu Yeshiva’s wonderful program.

On their way to the preserve, near the Gush Etzion Junction, shots were fired by Arab terrorists at the car in which they were traveling. Ezra, Hy”d, was killed and his 5 friends were slightly injured. This same terror attack took the life of Yaakov Don, Hy”d.  Ezra, Hy”d, died as a martyr in the blood-soaked war for the Land of Israel.

Ezra, Hy”d, was a young man who was filled with joy. He loved his fellow man. He loved the Land of Israel, he loved life.

His memory will be forever etched in the pages of heroism of the Jewish People, who fight valiantly each and every generation in order to improve the world and achieve perfection in the Kingdom of Heaven.

All those who cherish his memory are invited to attend.

:Transportation is available by pre-registration

From Jerusalem: email: or call Renee 052-3294194 by noon Thursday

.There may be stops in Ramot, Ramat Eshkol, the Inbal, and Derech Chevron if people request it

 From Kiryat Arba Hevron: call Rivka 054-803-4853

Chanukka Sameach

Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar

Chanuka Trip: to Sde Boker Field School Monday December 14 from Binyanei Ha Uma

Nefesh B’Nefesh Israel Events

NBN Chanukah Family Tiyul to Sde Boker Field School

8:30-4:30 30-40 Sh per person from Binyanei Ha Uman


THU, DEC 10, 2015 AT 7:30 PM

Channuka Party in Jerusalem מסיבת חנוכה בירושלים

Event Information

Event Description

Chanukah party!!! Come light the fifth candle with us whilst indulging in lots of doughnuts, chocolate money and wine!

Thursday, December 10, 2015 from 7:30 PM to 10:30 PM 
Jerusalem Lone Soldier Center – 20 Ha-Histadrut St Jerusalem, Jerusalem District IL – View Map

FRI, DEC 18, 2015 AT 7:00 PM

Jerusalem Shabbat Dinner

Event Description

It’s here…Friday Night Dinner for new and potential olim (ages 18-22)!
You’re invited to join us for dinner, chilling, singing, drinking, potential shiduchim (duh), and emotional support for all your life challenges.

B’not Sherut Bodedot and Lone Soldiers or future Lone Soldiers (drafting by April 2016) are free. But if you sign up, you gotta show up!

For everyone else, it’s still pretty cheap.

Early RSVP (By December 14th) — 30 NIS
Regular RSVP — 40 NIS

We have limited space so make sure to register and pre-pay.

This meal is a cooperation between Nefesh B’Nefesh and the OU Israel Center, so big thank you!

Friday, December 18, 2015 from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM (IST) Add to Calendar
OU Israel Center – 22 Keren HaYesod Street Jerusal trips

Shir Hadash invites you to join your friends and family for two great events on Sunday, December 13th at the Off the Wall Comedy Club in the center of town (Ben Yehuda 34).That’s round the corner from our apartment!

First, a kid friendly Karyoke event will be held beginning at 5:30 PM. Admission is complimentary thanks to our Youth Director and Owner of the club, R. David Kiliminick.

Next, THE LIVING WELLS presents an evening of inspiration and Hip-Hop. Click here or here for a small sample of their work. Doors open at 7:45 PM, and the show starts at 8:15 PM. Tickets are just 25 NIS (in advance by e-mailing or 30 NIS at the door.

FRI, DEC 25, 2015 AT 9:00 AM

Army Brunch For (Yeshiva) Guys

Event Information

Event Description

Plan on joining the IDF? Here Next Year, in conjuction with the Lone Soldier Center In Memory of Michael Levin, invites you to the first ever Army Brunch for (Yeshiva) Guys.  Learn practical information about the draft process, speak with current and former lone soldiers about their experience of being religious in the army and meet other yeshiva students considering IDF service.

Where? Hahistadrut 20, Jerusalem

When? Friday, December 25th from 9:00  – 11:00 AM

Breakfast will be served!

Friday, December 25, 2015 from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM (IST) Add to Calendar
Lone Soldier Center – 20 Ha-Histadrut Street Jerusalem, Jerusalem District IL – View Map


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