Post 268: Why I cancelled my trip to the Dress It Sale in Tel Aviv, last Friday.


Last Friday when I started to get my gear together for the trip to Tel Aviv’s Dress It sale,  many questions started to percolate thru an internal dialogue.
1) My relationship with my creator is within the fabric of my being. When I trust Him 100% I see only good. So I decided to trust Him 150 %. He’s only done good for me. His Shabat gift to me is also today.  I started to doubt about  going to the Dress It Day in Tel Aviv . After all, many friends turned me down.  Starting to feel pulled in several directions.
2) Started to examine all the negatives. I cannot fathom the challenges that I would face, (see above). I recall  long paying lines and  flashing credit cards at the last sale. I didn’t have an Israeli credit card at the last sale and I got such a puzzled stare from the cashier.
3) Now I’m looking at 200% trust. NOW the question is do I want to expend the  effort of shlepping my shopping wagon around a crowd of half-crazed and half baked women.??
4) No the stakes are rising to 400%.  I have list of items I’d look for at the sale: Maybe He wants me to find the new shmatas?

long sleeved silk or cotton T shirts in dark colors that are not  thin enough that you see light through them. I line T. Shirts that I make,  Colors:teal blue, navy. Looking for a yellow pair of summer flats and three skirts yellow, orange and gold because I have tops of those colors. Also wish list contains cotton leggings.

Looking also for similar golf shirts for my spouse, wool alpaca jacket, and shearling slippers. Made a copy of his shoe innersole to get the right fit. Will there be such items at the sale? Who am I kidding?

5) Then I remember the flimsy fabrics that Israeli designers use, viscose, rayon, linen, really recycled paper, no interfacings, no facings, no linings, nothing to flatter-



The above dress maybe has possibilities, but when you get up close, it’s flimsy, worthless after two washings.

6) The fashion look from February 2014 was a slip dress and black booties, black patent calf high boots. That’s the look that I want?

7) The clincher 500%. Anything that I bring home cannot compare to my classic closet of woolens, silks, and cottons, brocades, flannels, tweeds. I have 500% more clothing than I need. Fortunately my weight has not jumped all over the place so what fit last year fits this year. Everything that I need is right here. End of story.

8) Why I started sewing?

A Classic Sheath


This dress will not be at the sale.

9) And it saddens me to see the clothing that women will buy that leaves so much of their precious Jewish selves exposed. Trashy looking.

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