Post 290: Marvin Casey, who brought flash dancing to Israel would have been proud of the flash dance performed in Machana Yehuda on March 16th, In a matter of seconds, I witnessed flaming mattress tossed thru the second entrance and the fireman stood by,,Galina Puppet mater builder from Gruzia Russia 054-591-0618

IMG_20160318_123753My day began with a visit to my usual “rope jumping” venue, Eizel Eleyahu’s Ha Ma’Allot Friday Take-out establishment and ended with meeting Galina (above ) Puppet Creator  extraordinaire.

The MaAllot restaurant (Rabanut) is open solely Fridays from 8:00 AM-2:00 PM.

All the surrounding streets were closed to traffic due to the Jerusalem Marathon. I didn’t expect to see the indefatigable Eizel at 7:30, but he was on the move and in the kitchen. I quietly exited and switched my jump rope venue to Gan Ha Atzmaot down the block. Rechove King George, was pristinely clean in expectation of  Jerusalem Marathon runners. I crossed the barriers to the park and was alone among the trees  except for two horses, a female soldier and police riders.

This horse fed off the grass while the soldiers and police chatted. Notice the extra “Tush cushion” atop the saddle. He was of course tied up to the tree.

After a few minutes strollers came by.


He virtually posed for me. A few minutes later a child ran over to him with some weeds and he chomped away

At 11:30, I stopped my Shabat preparations and trotted over to Machana Yehuda. to view the flash dance, described in a prior post. Marvin Casey, who brought flash dance to Israel, would have been proud of the flash dance performed in Machana Yehuda. I’m awaiting photos from my cub reporter.

The excitement was just starting. On my way back home thru the narrow streets of Nachlaot,  a fireman stopped me and literally asked where is the fire? “Where’s the Fire!” I followed him down Shilo and watched one of three uniformed firemen, donning a mask and carrying an oxygen tank,  disappear into  a narrow low door.

The fireman entered the smaller space after determining the second opening didn’t need to be pried open with a crowbar
Things started to get serious and the helmets went on as smoke billowed out of the window. Our fireman was inside looking for survivors. Oh!


In a matter of seconds, a flaming mattress was tossed thru the second entrance and the fireman stood by keeping bystanders protect. Looks like not a drop of water was spilled. Undoubtedly the fire was caused by a smoker in bed. Perhaps a squatter.

Galina Puppet mater builder from Gruzia Russia 054-591-0618

From right to left: Joker Puppet, Mordechai, Esther HaMalkah, Achashverush, Vashti, Haman


Every centimeter of facial surface is covered with glitter, paint or silk; The face seemed like a stuffed nylon stocking. I asked Galina where did she study this art. She pointed to the heavens to indicated the source of her G-d given talent. Then she offered that the puppets were based on Jewish entertainers that she had seen growing up in Russia. Her puppets are available for purchase.

Haman’s pockets – triangular cookies filled with poppy seeds said to represent Haman’s three-cornered hat (

Ingredients for dough

31/2 cups all purpose/ cusmin flour

1 tsp. baking powder

1/2 cup finely ground almonds

275 gr. butter

1 cup icing sugar/powdererd

3 Tbs. coconut sugar

2 eggs

Pinch salt

Ingredients for filling:

300gr. ground poppy seeds

1 cup sugar/coconut sugar

11/2 cup milk / orange juice/soy milk

3 Tbs. honey

lemon zest (option)


  1. Sift flour and almonds.

  2. Beat butter with icing sugar and sugar.

  3. Add eggs to the butter.

  4. Add the sifted flour & almonds, baking powder and salt to the butter.

  5. Knead until dough is formed.

  6. Wrap dough in plastic wrap and refrigerate at least an hour.

  7. Cook milk, sugar and poppy seeds 15 min.

  8. Add the honey and lemon zest and cook 5 min more. Let cool.

  9. Roll out the dough thin and create circles.

  10. Put about 1/2 tsp. of filling in the middle of each circle. Fold the dough into a triangle and pinch the edges.–

  11. Bake about 10 min. in 180 c, until golden.

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