Post 308: Almond cuisine, Alkaline diet, Paris on Jaffo, shopping the Machana Yehuda Shuk, meet the ripe almond seed, the seed of the almond fruit is what we refer to as the almond nut, alkaline foods

Israel is entering the blazing fruit season. I can only describe my early meet-up with Israeli fruit as a learning experience. All summer fruit, melons, peaches, nectarines etc., are sold very firm on the outside and tasty, luscious and cool on the inside.

Yes, I try to be in Jerusalem for the summer. This morning rain fell until 8:00 A.M. and the subsequent winds were pleasant and cooling under the day’s sun. Perfect. 

The outside of what was a very ripe luscious, cantaloupe, had lots of scars, rendering it very cheap. Pity, scars make customers run for the hills. When I opened it, the flesh was a perfect pink orange. Next, extracted the seeds, the juices that ran down my wrist, were cool. Amazing.  Can’t go wrong as the store owners constantly weed out the overripe  fruit. They also observe how quickly a customer moves around. And friendships develop. If you have been away for a while they will notice. Years back I was in a big rush and left a cabbage on the counter. Really there is no “real” counter. The produce is piled up in mounds and one pays by stretching out an arm until all of one’s items are weighed. I discovered the loss and debated whether or not to return. As it happens, a few days past.

When I presented my predicament to the stall owner, not only did he recall that I had left a cabbage, he knew the exact weight! He made an adjustment to my second cabbage.

The best place in the States for fruit shopping is a Korean, or any Asian, Jewish or Italian market. Sorry I’ll pass on Whole Foods or Trader Joes, where they price by the piece, or plastic wrap all the produce.

Yes, you never know in advance what will be on deck in the shuk. It’s like a blind date. Take a first impression, circle the prospects, smell  if they are past their prime, and mostly take some risks.

I almost passed up this almond (fresh picked) assortment. wp-1464204373880.jpegThen  I paused and watched a 35 ish black male customer take one of these almonds. He crushed it in his mouth, ate under the skin, and commented that they were past their prime and was about to spit out the nut.

In Iran, he said, everyone eats the outside and spits out the pit. Talk about a bad blind date! Remember first impressions.

The close-by Arab Israeli worker rose up in defense of the almond. “Why, (in Hebrew) the pit has the almond” he offered  incredulously. He offered me and the Jewish Iranian a few and yes, the raw almonds were fantastic.

There is a traditional Moroccan boiled almond dish. You can soak the almonds, then peel and fry them to decorate rice. That’s the best that I can find, except using the raw almonds as a cheese substitute.

(from Whole foods site). Although packaged almonds are available year round, they are the freshest in mid-summer, which is when they are at the height of their season. As you see in the photo, the almond that we think of as a nut is technically the seed of the fruit of the almond tree, a medium-size tree that bears fragrant pink and white flowers. Like its cousins, the peach, cherry and apricot trees, the almond tree bears fruits with stone-like seeds (or pits) within. The seed of the almond fruit is what we refer to as the almond nut. That first opportunity to have my  “almond” seed tasting, yes, I could nibble away at them


Almonds, sliced, raw
0.25 cup
(23.00 grams)

Calories: 132
GI: low

Nutrient DRI/DV

 biotin 49%

 vitamin E 40%

 manganese 27%

 copper 26%

 vitamin B2 18%

 phosphorus 16%

 magnesium 15%

 molybdenum 15%

 fiber 11%

This chart graphically details the %DV that a serving of Almonds provides for each of the nutrients of which it is a good, very good, or excellent source according to our Food Rating System.wp-1464204373880.jpeg

Now that the summer fruit harvest is in I am checking out Alkaline-forming foods • Lemon, lime and grapefruit • Dates, figs and apricots (rehydrated) • Tomato, apple, pear, mango, papaya and avocado • Watercress, fennel, asparagus, celery and cauliflower • Onion, garlic, ginger (fresh) and beetroot • Kelp, spinach, rocket, parsley and coriander • Sunflower, pumpkin and sesame seeds, and their oils • Almonds, walnuts and pecans • Quinoa, millet, buckwheat, oats and brown rice • Almond milk, brown-rice milk • Ground coconut and coconut water – Looks like a variety  for burger variations.

See more at:

Yes, that’s a mini Eiffel Tower on Yaffo.
I hope to visit the now running jerusalem Light Festival next week


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