Post 324: July 4th Worthwhile Day Trip.- Why I passed on the Israel Festival, Aryeh Deri has set a plan in motion to render the status of young men coming to study in Yeshivas in Israel equal to the status of those coming to universities, so that they will be able to get official “student” status in their home

I’ll be sharing details of up-coming trips.

So many readers are interested in life in Israel and will be visiting this summer.

4th of July: Celebrate American  Independence! Maybe you last chance!

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Spend the morning jeeping from Ibei Nachal and Maale Amos to the edges of the Judean Desert.  Then to Caliber 3 elite shooting range for a tour and special talk just for One Israel Fund by Shai Ish Shalom who participated in the memorable freedom raid at Entebbe exactly 40 years ago today.  On to kibbutz Kfar Etzion for a delicious dairy lunch at the Chamama.

Chamama deserves some description.

chamama = eatifida.  At the table might sit Ruth Gilis. Her husband was murdered over ten years ago on his way back home from taking care of Jews His last patient, I am told, before being killed was actually an Arab in the hospital he worked at. Ever since then, Ruth founded the Pina Chama, the last stop, (a warm hut for the soldiers to take hot drinks in the winter, cold drinks in the summer, eat cookies and cakes when needed during their shifts).

After a dairy lunch, a quick stop at the Naot Teva factory store and the incredible brand New Film Experience of the 1948 War of Independence in Gush Etzion. Pray Mincha where the 3 Boys were kidnapped 2 years ago, then we bring cookies to the Pina Chama for our modern IDF defenders.

We will be leaving from Liberty Bell Parking Lot at 8:15AM, and returning at approximately 6PM.

For More Information: please contact Natalie at or 058-569-6140 (Israel) or Ruthie at or 516-239-9202 x10



Save the Date for later Summer Trips:

Wednesday, August 3rd- Jeeping in Binyamin, Tour of Binyamin region, end the day with wine

Thursday, August 4th- Local Artists Tour- “Buycott the Shomron”

Sunday August 28th- Wine tour in the Shomron

Date : 07-04-2016
Time: 8:15 AM- 6:00 PM
Address: Liberty Bell Parking Lot, Jerusalem

By Shai Landesman Times of Israel
ישיבהפלאש 90

I hope that this measure, if enacted , will apply also to female seminary students.
Minister of the Interior Aryeh Deri has set a plan in motion to render the status of young men coming to study in Yeshivas in Israel equal to the status of those coming to universities, so that they will be able to get official “student” status in their home countries.

In the past, Israeli consulates throughout the world would bestow student status only upon those coming to study in Israeli universities, but not to those coming to study yeshivas. Thus, yeshiva students arrived as tourists and needed to settle their status in immigration and population offices in Israel. That meant returning to Misrad Ha Panin every term.

Yeshiva students will now be able to avoid this process, which is often time-consuming, and continue their studies uninterrupted. It should be noted that until now it was absolutely necessary for yeshiva students to get their official student status in order to be able to extend their stay in the country.

Deri approached the Foreign Ministry, encouraging it to extend to yeshiva students the same benefits enjoyed by students studying in academic institutions. His efforts have borne fruit, and now young men will be able to go to the consulate in their home country, present documentation of their acceptance to yeshivas in Israel, and get their student status prior to their arrival in Israel.

Deri praised the change, saying, “Making the status of yeshiva students equal to that of university students has value in principle, not only in practice. We can’t allow a situation where the status of someone coming to study Torah in Israel is lower than that of someone coming to university.

“The new arrangement gives justice to thousands of Jews, will make their lives a lot easier, and will free up much more time for Torah study, and this is especially important as we near the new Elul term,” added the Minister of the Interior.

Why I think Mount Olympus was trash.

The play, Mount Olympus is an example of excess and extremes, of nudity and obscenity, a lash out at our foundations.

I don’t consider a meticulously planned, controlled, and executed work, the reason to buy a ticket for about $150.00, but an excuse to participate in a lascivious evening.

A huge crowd filled the Sherover Auditorium of the Jerusalem Theatre on Thursday, June 9th. – Shame on the festival’s CEO Eyal Sher and Artistic Director Itzik Giuli for bringing this work to Israel!



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