Post 331: Shvitah (strike) at the Misrad Lishkat Taasuka Office (Vocational Training) , thwarting terror attack jerusalem today and witnessing first alert responders to the scene of a suspicious person at the rakevet train platform and ultimately thwarting terrorist attack

wp-1468742559315.jpegThis is  a news-filled morning and it’s only 10:30. I’ll begin with the good news and lastly the best news. Pipe bomb terrorist thwarted.

img_20160715_133025.jpgA dove has chosen to deposit her eggs on the landing’s windowsill. They don’t look suspicious. This is the condenser to my refrigerator. The fridge is a bust because the back wall (inside of course) is icing up. This also has wires and coils, and it too is not suspicious.

img_20160712_121750.jpgI’m smiling to the guard and he smiles back and then says “you don’t look suspicious”. This photo was taken on July 4th.


After my meet-up with the dove eggs I strolled down the Shatz Midrachov (pedestrian mall) and shot this advertisement from the side of the passing bus.


This took place on June 30th  with family and friends with
JUDITH MERGUI, and AMIR SHIREY _ Alliya from France is in the

More details: 9 rue Ethiopia Jerusalem to help French Olim
Phone: 02-6247695
Phone: 02-6235047

Just a perfect morning to do some errands, starting with a visit to Misrad Lishkat Taasuka Office (Vocational Training), then catch some fresh blueberry muffins from Off the Square, and then head home with some dry-cleaning.

wp-1468743851778.jpeg On Thursday, July 14th, I had a meeting with my “Klita”, (absorption counselor). There’s a ten year framework for participating in a voucher program for vocational training. Seven years ago I convinced the counselor that I’d be employable as a graphic designer, with 80% funded by the government. I went to the first meeting of the course and was very impressed. However, the workload seemed to much for me and I waived the offer. Then I was 64.

Today the maximum age is 62, the age of retirement for women. The law has been changed. Inna delivered the news, no course in carpentry, my interest.

Today I was at 21 Yaffo to learn about a general government sponsored Carpentry courses. Inna wasn’t too optimistic considering my age.

When I explained to Inna that every day in Israel is better and better, she bantered with me.

During the 20 year Stalin regime, the saying was, “Life is getting better”. That’s a whole lot different,

The sign above was posted on 21 Yaffo, “Employee Strike.”

Rather than walk across the street to the train, I decided to walk along Yaffo.

Planned to ride home, but remembered the muffins. Just as I turned into the shop I heard a burst of sirens. I was unable to catch a photo  of the vehicles streaming to the spot where police were quickly putting up barriers. The photo below shows the tracks free of trains and very few pedestrians. As I turned to the right moments later, hundreds of people dispatched from the City Hall stop exited the train and were briskly walking up Rechove Yaffo to King George. There they would find alternate transportation to their jobs and homes. No, there were not as yet many children and baby carriages in the train. The hour was too early.



Had I walked from 21 Yaffo back to the train station, I could very well have been on the train with the terrorist before he was approached by the train’s security guard. They say that B’H he was stopped before he entered the train.

Police thwarted the potential terrorist attack in central Jerusalem on at about 9:00 AM when they arrested a Palestinian man found to be carrying explosive devices near the capital’s busy light rail, to be exact, in front of Khalifa shoes on Rechove Jaffo.

The suspect was attempting to board the Jerusalem light rail on Jaffa Street when he was detained. The surrounding area, including Jaffa Street and King George Street has been closed. The man raised police suspicions while he was standing at a light rail station with a bag. Security forces asked to search the insides of the bag, where they found what they suspected to be an explosive device.

Police and sappers were called to the scene. Following inspections of the belongings, police said they had determined that a number of pipe bombs were inside the suspect’s bag.

Bomb squads were working to neutralize the devices, and police took in the suspect in his 20s for questioning. (from the Jerusalem Post)



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