Post 348: Developments in Mircaz Ha”Ir and 10 claimed health benefits of bottle gourd or lauki


Where do you park your car? In an underground mall in oily crud on the ground? Only in Jerusalem would you have the privilege  of parking in an olive grove in the center of the city.

20160908_064742.jpg These are very old olive trees. My guess is that they were brought to Gan Ha Atzmaot and incorporated into the landscape or they were part of the area before the park was developed.




These immense planters were developed by Muslala. They are a group of urban “gorillas” out to transform the corner of Kikar Davidka and Rechove Yaffa into an artist’s work space. 20160905_085540.jpg   

This tree stump was found in the remains of the Russian Compund during construction. Muslala turned it into a drinking faucet. Actually, the separate pieces were constructed on the of Binyan Klal, the building that has become Muslala’s space. 

Come join in Yoga 50+ at the mirpeset in Binyan clal! This is a gentle yoga class, with a lot of movement synchronized with breath, breathing exercises, postures and deep relaxation. You don’t have to be 50+ to participate, the class is suitable to anyone wanting gentle yet effective yoga. The class is on Sundays at 4:30 pm. During September, the first class has a special introductory price of 20 NIS.

The Mirpeset is a new, fantastic space created by the Muslala group, as part of their efforts to revitalize Binyan clal. There is a lot of activity there, and definitely worth checking it out. Studio Prizma there offers a wide variety of movement classes.

Ruthi Soudack, the instructor, has been practicing yoga for over 30 years, and teaching since 1993. She combines a number of approaches to yoga in her classes. Ruthi also offers private yoga lessons and therapeutic sessions, as well as group classes at her magical home in Ein Karem.

The Terrace: A Roof For New Urbanism

The Terrace – called the Mirpeset in Hebrew – is situated in the Clal building at the top of the spiral stairs. The goal of the Terrace is to develop the space for public use on the topics of art, sustainability and community, and to breathe life into the Clal Building and the surrounding areas.

As the new home of Muslala, the Terrace has a multi-purpose central space designed for leisure, gatherings and events. Surrounding the central space are six other spaces, each with its own purpose:

  • Adamahi – for sculpting and building with earth
  • Gag-Eden – all about urban agriculture, renewable energy and sustainable thinking
  • Propolis – learn about the biodynamic approach to urban beekeeping
  • Prizma – the space for movement, body and meaning
  • Mirpeset Gallery – for public art exhibitions
  • Library and study space

A variety of courses, workshops and lectures led by the Muslala community members take places in the different Terrace spaces.

How to find the Terrace: In the Clal Building at 97 Yaffo St. go to the top of the spiral stairs, or to floor E by elevator.


10 claimed health benefits of bottle gourd or lauki :

from conscious health net.

I peeled this vegetable and removed the seeds. There was very little left after that. I added it to a pressure cooker with butternut squash, sweet potatoes, sliced onion, vegetable broth, powdered mustard, roasted garlic, sriracha sauce, cayenne pepper, grated ginger and steamed briefly. Afterward the pot cooled I peeled the other vegetables  and blended the soup in my food processor.


conscious recommended using thermogenic spices like ginger, cayenne or drink the lauki or bottle gourd juice for weight loss.

About bottle gourd/lau/lauki:

This South Asian squash is indeed bottle shaped, light green and long. The flesh inside is spongy and you can also cut it into small pieces and make a curry out of it. Bottle gourd or lauki is over 90% water therefore it is easy to digest.

Asserted Ayurvedic health benefits of bottle gourd/lau/ lauki: These points are not mine but recommendations fom the site concsious

  1.  recommends cooked lauki or bottle gourd for better digestion. It is cooling, calming, diuretic and anti-bilious.
  2. Like cranberries, bottle gourd or lauki supports the urinary system of our body by reducing burning sensation from high acidic urination. It also reduces the chances of urinary infection because it is alkalizing and has a diuretic effect.
  3. It contains many vitamins and minerals, such as, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, Vitamin A, C and folate.
  4. It is extremely popular for weight loss. Especially the bottle gourd or lauki juice.
  5. Bottle gourd is extremely popular for reducing high blood pressure and keeping your heart healthy/
  6. Lauki or bottle gourd is known to combat excessive thirst in diabetic patients.
  7. The fiber and the minerals in the bottle gourd or lauki supports healthy digestion and combats flatulence and combats constipation.
  8. In Ayurveda it is also know to prevent premature greying.
  9. Lauki or bottle gourd juice with a pinch of sea salt maintains the electrolyte balance in the body. This is also a great remedy for people who has diarrhea.
  10. Bottle gourd is recommended by Ayurvedic doctors for reducing liver inflammation.


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