Post 359: Don’t stop Exercising: An evening of divrei chizuk by Rabbi Mendel Kessin Shlita, List of Fish available in Israel, Free Hevron Tour with Shalom Pollack

Don’t stop exercising

Taking a month or two off of regular exercise may not be so benign. A new small study shows that when muscles take a break, they maintain very little muscle memory from the prior exercise.  (As TIME recently reported)

In preparation of Rosh Hashana, this Elul, we are pleased to announce an evening of divrei chizuk by Rabbi Mendel Kessin Shlita.

VENUE: YESHIVAS RABBI AKIVA (For location details)
TIME: 8.00PM for 8.15PM

Many varieties of fresh kosher fish are available in Israel. Here’s the list of all types and the Hebrew spelling for them.

English Name שם מקובל Hebrew Pronunciation
Alaskan Pollock זהבנון Zahabnon
Albacore tuna טונה, טונה לבנה Tuna, tuna levana
Anchovy אנשובי Anshoovi
Arrowtooth flounder שטצד פציפי Shattzad Patzifi
Barramundi ברמונדי Baramundi
Blue runner תרחון Tarachon
Bream זהבון Zahabon
Cod קוד Kod, ze’ev yam
Common carp, Mirror Carp קרפיון Karpion
Common dolphin-fish, mahi-mahi רעמתן Ra’amatan
Common grey mullet בורי Burri
Dusky grouper (bass) לוקוס Lokus
Flounder דג סנדל Dag Sandal
Frigate tuna (mackerel family) פלמודה Palmudah
Galilee St.Peter’s fish; Mango tilapia מושט אביאד Musht, Amnon
Gilt head sea bream דניס Denis
Grass carp קרפיון Karpion esev
Greater amberjack אינטיאס Intias
Haddock חמור ים Chamor Yam
Hake מרלוזה, בקלה Marluza, Bakala
Halibut הליבוט Putit, halibut
Herring הרינג Herring
Jordan St. Peter’s fish; Blue tilapia מושט Musht, Amnon
Kinneret bleak (carp) סרדין טבריה Sardine Tiveria
Longhead barbel (carp) כרסין Karsin
Mackerel מקרל Mackerel
Meagre (drum) עיט הים Eit Hayam
Nile Perch נסיכה נילוס Nisichah Nilus
Pink Dentex (Red Snapper) פארידה Faridah
Plaice פלייס Plaice
Pollack פולוק Polok
Red drum מוסר Musar
Round sardinella דקה Daka
Salmon סלמון Salmon
Sea Bass לברק Levrak
Shad or Whitefish עלוזה Aluzah
Shi drum לבט Levet
Silver carp כסיף Kasif
Skipjack Tuna טונה, טונה בהירה Tuna, tuna behirah
Spanish Mackerel פלמידה לבנה Palmidah Levanah
Striped Bass בס Bass
Striped Red Mullet ברבוניה Barbunia
Striped sea bream מרמיר Mormir
Trout; Rainbow Trout פורל Forel
True Sole, Dover Sole סול Sol
Turbot פוטית Putit
Yellowtail amberjack אינטיאס Antias, Shula

Free Hevron Tour

Wednesday September, 26th
Tour will leave at the Inbal hotel at 9:00
return 6:00.

Shalom Pollack tour leader contributed the itinerary:

We will visit Rachel’s tomb

Over look from a Crusader Fort
Museum and

View film in “Bet Hadasaah” in Hevron

Tel Rumaida Yeshiva visit


Shopping in the pioneer’s shop

Avraham aveinu shul

Maharat hamachpela

Reserve with Shalom Pollack by e-mail

Shalom Pollack's profile photo

Tour Guide




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