Post 363: “FODMAPs:” it sounds like a bizarre military acronym, or maybe the name of some incredibly specialized and complicated exercise. FODMAPs actually stands for a list of several types of carbohydrates that can be difficult for many people to digest properly; information may be helpful if you are struggling with gas, bloating, constipation, or diarrhea, FODMAPs might be the culprit. FODMAP stands for Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides, And Polyols.

If you do not struggle with bloating, and gas, and do not have constant stomach complaints,  skip this section. My chemistry is a bit rusty. The information does reveal complicated normal processes when off kilter, especially after a dietary change, can trigger serious problems. A quiet belly is a happy belly.

“FODMAPs:” it sounds like a bizarre military acronym. But FODMAPs actually stands for a list of several types of carbohydrates that can be difficult for many people to digest properly.

Some people transition to a Paleo diet and immediately start to feel wonderful, but if you’re dutifully eating according to Paleo guidelines

Pa·le·o di·et

A diet based on the types of foods presumed to have been eaten by early humans, consisting chiefly of meat, fish, vegetables, and fruit, and excluding dairy or grain products and processed food.

If you are on this diet and still struggling with gas, bloating, constipation, or diarrhea, FODMAPs might be the culprit.

FODMAP stands for Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides, And Polyols. These are all types of carbohydrates found in many different types of fruits, vegetables and grains. The most common Paleo foods high in FODMAPs are:

  • Fruits: apples, avocados, cherries, mangos, peaches, pears, watermelons, fruit juice and dried fruit
  • Vegetables: onions, garlic, cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, asparagus, artichoke, mushrooms, cauliflower
  • Dairy products: milk, yogurt, soft cheeses
  • Other: sugar alcohols (any sweetener that ends in –ol), honey, agave

Onions are a FODMAPThis isn’t a complete list , but it does give you an idea of what kinds of foods contain FODMAPs, especially the variety of fruits and vegetables that can be problematic. Other foods, like beans, wheat, and rye, also contain high levels of FODMAPs.

Because they’re so difficult to digest and absorb, FODMAPs are strongly correlated with symptoms of all kinds of functional gastrointestinal disorders (digestive problems that aren’t caused by a physical abnormality, like IBS). In one study, a FODMAPs-restricted diet showed a 75% success rate for treating patients with IBS – the FODMAPs didn’t cause IBS to develop, but removing them from the diet was very helpful in controlling symptoms. This makes FODMAPs prime suspects for inexplicable digestive symptoms on a strict Paleo diet: not only are they very common in the diet, but restricting them also has a high likelihood of doing some good.

FODMAPs, in Detail

Doing any kind of research into FODMAPs can be very confusing because the words in the abbreviation refer to very large groups of carbohydrates, and each of those groups has several subgroups. To make it all even more complicated, not all members of every group are actually problematic, only the fermentable ones (remember that Fermentable is the “F” in FODMAPs). For example, “monosaccharides” is just a chemical name for simple sugars, but only one type of monosaccharide is actually a FODMAP, because only one kind is fermentable. For reference, the list below details all the different types of carbohydrates that commonly pop up in the discussion about FODMAPs, and their relationships to each other.

Letter in FODMAPs abbreviation Sub-groups that are FODMAPs Commonly found in…
Oligosaccharides raffinose, fructans (fructo-oligosaccharides) galactans (galacto-oligosaccharides) onions, garlic, cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, asparagus, artichoke, eggplant
Disaccharides Only lactose, the sugar found in milk (other disaccharides are fine) milk and dairy products
Monosaccharides Only fructose (other monosaccharides are fine) apples, mango, fruit juice, watermelon, added fructose, dried fruit, honey, agave
Polyols sorbitol, mannitol, xylitol, maltitol apples, apricots, avocados, cherries, peaches, pears, watermelons, cauliflower, green peppers, mushrooms, sugar alcohols (any sweetener that end sin –ol)

Almost everyone is sensitive to oligosaccharides and polyols to some extent, but many people don’t show any reaction to the amount of them in a normal diet – the dose is just too low for them to notice. But other people (especially people with IBS or other functional digestive disorders) do react even to the amount of these carbohydrates in a bowl of coleslaw or a stick of sugar-free gum sweetened with sorbitol.

FODMAPs sensitive individuals also react to some carbohydrates that healthy people have no problems with: the disaccharides and monosaccharides (D and M in FODMAPs). This doesn’t mean that they’re sensitive to all disaccharides and monosaccharides: only two types of these sugars commonly cause problems. Lactose (the sugar found in milk) is the only disaccharide in this category, and fructose (the sugar found in fruit) is the only monosaccharide.

Healthy digestionFODMAPs and Digestion

One of the reasons all these different types of carbohydrates are so irritating is that they aren’t completely digested by the time they reach the large intestine. Chemically, anything you eat is broken down by one or more enzymes: these are chemicals that digest foods into energy that your cells can actually use. The main enzyme responsible for carbohydrate digestion is amylase, which is first produced in your mouth as you chew, and continues to work on the carbohydrates as they travel through the digestive system. As the carbohydrates travel from your mouth through your stomach and into the gut, amylase breaks them down into their individual sugars. Then, the cells lining your gut can absorb them and distribute them to other parts of your body for energy.

The problem with FODMAPs is that, unlike other carbs, they aren’t completely digested in the small intestine, and pass through to the large intestine intact, instead of being absorbed in the gut and used for energy. Depending on the specific type of carbohydrate, this can be for one of two reasons.

  • We can’t break it down. Amylase is the main enzyme responsible for starch digestion, but not the only one. Some FODMAPs reach the large intestine intact because we don’t have the enzymes necessary to digest them. People who react to lactose (the disaccharide “D”) have a deficiency of the enzyme lactase, which breaks the lactose down into simple sugars. Everyone reacts to raffinose (one of the oligosaccharides, the “O” in FODMAPs), because humans lack the enzyme to completely break it down.

  • We can’t absorb it in the small intestine. Fructose (the monosaccharide “M” in the abbreviation) doesn’t need to be broken down any further – it’s already a simple sugar. But fructose can still cause the same symptoms because it’s difficult to absorb, so it stays in the intestine instead of getting transported through the intestinal wall into the body.

Whatever the reason, FODMAPs carbohydrates all cause problems because they stay in your gut when they should be digested, passed through the intestinal wall, and absorbed into your bloodstream.

In the large intestine, the gut flora couldn’t be happier about getting these carbohydrates – carbs are their favorite food. Unfortunately, bacteria chow down on their carbohydrate feast by fermenting the sugar molecules (this is why the F in FODMAPs stands for Fermentable). Think of a loaf of bread rising: it changes from a flat, dense lump of flour and water to a light, fluffy mound with plenty of air inside because it’s being fermented by the yeast. Now imagine that happening in your gut, and you’ll understand why FODMAPs can cause so many intestinal symptoms!

Another reason why FODMAPs carbohydrates can cause digestive symptoms is that they draw water into the intestine (technically, this is known as osmosis). Osmosis can cause both bloating and diarrhea, because it causes the intestinal wall to swell. This exacerbates the problems already caused by the bacterial overgrowth.

FODMAPs, Gut Flora, and SIBO

Since FODMAPs have so much to do with the gut flora, and since they cause overgrowth problems very similar to SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth, also known as SBBO, for Small Bowel Bacterial Overgrowth), it’s worth taking the time to distinguish between these two problems – they’re similar, but they aren’t the same. For a FODMAPs-sensitive person, these carbohydrates affect not only the bacteria in the small intestine (where they aren’t supposed to be at all) but also in the large intestine (where they are supposed to be, just not in such large numbers). Thus, it’s perfectly possible to react to FODMAPs without having SIBO.

Even though these are two different conditions, though, they are actually related. FODMAPs foods have to pass through the small intestine, so if a person has pre-existing SIBO, eating FODMAPs can aggravate the problem by feeding the bacteria there. On the other hand, reducing FODMAPs in the diet can also help treat SIBO, and reducing bacterial overgrowth in other ways can help improve FODMAPs tolerance.

FODMAPs and Fructose Malabsorption

On the list of FODMAPs, the one most familiar to most Paleo dieters is probably fructose (the monosaccharide “M”). “Fructose malabsorption,” or the inability to properly digest fructose, is a familiar term to anyone who’s spent much time researching Paleo, but many people don’t recognize that since fructose is a FODMAP, fructose malabsorption is really one kind of FODMAP sensitivity.

Not recognizing the relationship between fructose and other FODMAPs can make fructose malabsorption unnecessarily hard to treat because the effects of FODMAPs in the body are cumulative. In other words, eating a second kind of FODMAPs can make your reaction to the first one worse. For example, someone sensitive to fructose who also eats a lot of onions (a major source of oligosaccharides) will have a worse reaction to fructose because of the onions. If you know you have trouble absorbing fructose, but don’t feel entirely better even when you strictly avoid all high-fructose foods, other FODMAPs may be the key to your symptoms.

Testing for FODMAPs Intolerance

If that uncomfortable feeling of having a beach ball trapped in your stomach (often accompanied by cramps, diarrhea, constipation, or other gut symptoms) sounds like you, and a Paleo diet alone isn’t helping, restricting FODMAPs is a logical next step to try. This doesn’t have to mean cutting out all FODMAPs completely forever, but a strict elimination period can be a very useful diagnostic tool to work out exactly what you do and don’t tolerate well, and in what quantities.

This is where it gets painful: a FODMAPs elimination diet can be very difficult to follow because it cuts out so many vegetables, which are one of the main sources of Paleo variety. Trying to plan even one meal, much less a week of food, without any onions or garlic is a tall order. But since the symptoms of FODMAPs intolerance are cumulative, it’s most helpful to eliminate everything for a trial period, so you can be sure you’ve covered all your bases. If the low FODMAP diet is helpful, try re-introducing foods from each category a little at a time (see the next section), to see if there are any categories you don’t react to.

There’s no point putting yourself to all the trouble of a special restrictive diet if it doesn’t help, so make sure to plan thoroughly beforehand so your efforts will be worth it. Don’t let your efforts get sabotaged by accidentally eating something you’re trying to eliminate! Print out the full list of whatever foods you’re trying to avoid, tape it to the fridge, and leave a copy with your shopping list (even if you’re shopping for more than one person, you want to make sure you have enough safe foods for you to eat). If you aren’t the primary grocery shopper and cook for your household, make sure to talk about FODMAPs with whoever that person is.

During the initial elimination period, stick to a low-FODMAPs diet and take whatever steps necessary to restore the health of your gut flora (remember that FODMAPs foods cause gas and bloating by overfeeding the gut flora, so if you react poorly to FODMAPs, chances are you have a gut flora overgrowth to treat). It’s helpful to keep a journal of how you feel every day, so you have an accurate record to examine at the end of your experiment.

Upset Stomach

Please note:
– This list is a service and doesn’t imply a recommendation of any company and/or products included.
– Although kashrut information is included when available, the information is not complete, and certifications do change. Additionally, some farms combine produce from other farms with their own. As such, no representation is made regarding the kashrut of the farms, businesses, and products listed here. Please be sure to inquire as to kosher certification on your own.

Sources for organic food i Israel:
– All websites, unless otherwise noted, are in Hebrew.

Gluten Free foods are listed under Other Foods as a service to readers.
Produce during shemitah 5775 –  information included for most CSAs & Farms. Please be sure to check shemita and kashrut certifications on your own.

Shemita Links (provided for informational purposes only. For halachic questions and guidance please speak to your rabbinic adviser):
The Kosher Consumer’s Guide to Shemita by Rabbi Alan Haber

Otzar Ha’aretz – organization providing produce that does not have kedushat shvi’it

OU’sTorah Tidbits includes English translation of  Otzar Haretz’s charts that list dates at which various fruits and vegetables on the market will begin to have kedushat shvi’itand/or issur sfichin (see The Kosher Consumer’s Guide for explanation of these terms). Chart begins on page 65
Consumer Resources for Shmita – 5775

Most of the produce available in Israeli is locally grown and seasonal. A calendar with the different fruits and vegetables and the months when they are available fresh in the market is available at Fun Joel’s Israel Tours.

ORGANIC VEGETABLES – CSAs and farms, most deliver to your home or to a local drop-off/pick-up point
Ben’s Farm Ben Rosenberg (English) 050-342-6664
Located in Moshav Tirosh. Deliveries  to Beit Shemesh, Mivasseret Zion, all of Jerusalem, Maale Adumim and Gush Etzion. Offers a full line of vegetables and fruits. Owner is Sabbath observant, takes truma and maaser and has a ‘minoii’ (subscription) with the Beit HaMidrash Ha Gavoa L’Chalacha B’Histyashvout in Har Nof for the bitbaah (coin). Shemitah– produce will be grown minutak – disconnected from the ground under the instructions of the Rabanut HaRashi (Chief Rabbinate) in Jerusalem and will not be subjected to the laws ofshemitah.
Chubeza (English) 054-653-5980
Located in Moshav Kfar Bin Nun, Ayalon Valley. Deliveries from Tel – Aviv to Jerusalem, Jerusalem suburbs and Gush Etzion. Kashrut certification from Rabbi Naftali Shlomo of the Gezer Regional Council.  ShemitahHeter Mechira, hence the veggies will not have Kdushat Shvi’it
Eran Organi 03-9507272, 03-950-6264
Deliveries in Tel-Aviv, Bnei Brak, Sharon, Rishon/Rehovot, Lod, Petach Tikvah, Modi’in, Jerusalem and other areas. Certified kosher by Rav Tsuri Ne’eman of the Gan Raveh Regional Council. Shemitah – their own produce will be grown minutak – disconnected from the ground; vegetables which they sell from other farms will be Heter Mechira and fruits will be Otzar Beit Din, under the supervision of the Chief Rabbinate.
Gan HaSade 054-693-9320
Located in Kfar Rut, near Modi’in. Deliveries to Modi’in area, Tel-Aviv area, Jerusalem, Mevaseret Tzion, moshavim along the corridor, Savyon, Yehud, Kiryat Ono, Shoham, Ben Shemen area, Kfar Daniel and other nearby areas. Other locations by request. Shemitah –  Heter Mechira, hence the veggies will not have Kdushat Shvi’it
♦ Maggie’s Garden (some English) 054-753-6106, 02-570-0796
Delivers. Certified Kosher by Moetset Mate Yehuda, Belz or Harav Efrati. Shemitah –  Heter Mechira, hence the veggies will not have Kdushat Shvi’it
Merhavia Organic Farm – 052-312-9867 – Ayelet,  052-379-6743 – Neta
Located in Moshav Merhavia in the Jezreel Valley. Shemitah – Heter Mechira, hence the veggies will not have Kdushat Shvi’it
Meshek Barzilay 03-516-6329
Deliveries to Hod HaSharon and environs,  Kfar Saba, Ra’anana, Petach Tikvah, Herziliyah, Rosh HaAyin, & Ramat HaSharon
Meshek Ben-Zvi  04-953-1299
Located in Moshav Yehuda in the Jezreel Valley. Pick-up from store.
Meshek Havivian 050-341-2360
Located in Moshav Hodaya near Ashkelon. Shemitah –  Heter Mechira, hence the veggies will not have Kdushat Shvi’it.
Meshek Organi 052-612-2222
Located in Kibbutz Ha’Ma’apil, Emek Chefer. Deliveries in the Tel Aviv, Sharon, Emek Chefer, Netanya, Kitzir Charish, & Pardes Chana, Binyamina areas. 2 of 3 partners are orthodox. Terumot and Ma’asrot are taken, no kilayim. No outside supervision. Shemitah –  Heter Mechira, hence the veggies will not have Kdushat Shvi’it
Meshek Shvarzman 03-950-6384/054-458-3207, Moshav Netaim (near Rishon LeZion & Nes Ziona). Pick up from their store; delivery coming soon. There is kosher certification regarding terumot and ma’asrot on some produce they sell from other farms, but not from their own. They do separate the produce for you so you can easily take terumot and ma’asrot on your own. Shemitah –  Heter Mechira, hence the veggies will not have Kdushat Shvi’it
Savta Yehudit 050-246-4835
Deliveries in the Jordan Valley, Kfar Tabor, & Ramot Menashe areas. Shemitah – Heter Mechira, hence the veggies will not have Kdushat Shvi’it
Teva Habsor (English) 1-800-259-090
Deliveries from Tel Aviv to Be’er Sheva. A mashgiach comes once a week to take terumot and ma’asrot. Shemitah – Heter Mechira, hence the veggies will not have Kdushat Shvi’it
Local Basket project 04-988-1737, 054-448-8588
Galilee area. Produce and other organic or natural foods & products
Bodek2Go 02-623-6060 (English)
Organic fresh produce and other organic or natural food products. Delivery in Beit Shemesh and Jerusalem. Produce certified kosher by Badatz Mehadrin Yerushalayim or Badatz Belz. (Please note that not all products are organic including the frozen Bodek vegetables and some of the fresh produce.)


Givot Olam 02-940-9310
See their list of stores which carry Givat Olam products or for delivery call Yair at Shivuk Motzrei Yesha 050-939-3423. Kosher Badatz Eida Chareidit Yerushalayim and Rabbanut Shomron Region – Mehadrin.  Deliveries are once every two weeks for orders of 150 NIS or more. Shivuk Motzrei Yesha also delivers for other stores and companies (natural soaps, honey (non- organic), and other products) so you can order additional items and reach the delivery minimum quite easily.


Freshly Frozen Fruits Faye Savin-Bader: 050-261-8675 (English)
Large variety of frozen fruits. Pre-washed and pre-checked, bug free and Organic. Delivery right to your door. Only 5 NIS delivery anywhere in central Israel. Kosher – Bedatz Mehadrin, Rav A. Rubin; Beit Yosef upon request.

Ta’am Zohar Malka: 050-345-5091, 08-947-7742
Organic. Delivers to your home. Also sheep meat, eggs, and poultry products. Kosher – B’datz Rav Machpud & B’datz Eida Chareidit
Meshek Artzi 02-9906880
Chicken grown without antibiotics, vegetarian diet, no chemicals. Packaged, available in  supermarkets. We found them in Megabul. Under mehadrin supervision of Rabbanut of Tsfat.
Israel Fresh Meats Chana Tibor: 050-634-1808
Meat (cow & lamb) & Duck pastured in Israel. Private Lubavitch  Shechita. Flat 90Nis/kilo plus delivery except for koshered organ meats which vary.

Neot Semadar (English)
Products found in various organic markets. Certified Kosher by Eilat Rabbanut
♦ The Lieber Family  077-711-3557 (English)
The Liebers sell a variety of products.  Organic Eggs from Givat Olam, Raw Honey, Organic Olive Oil and more. Products are certified kosher. Beit Shemesh area. They are also distributors in the Beit Shemesh area.

Le Fermentainu 058-780-8818 (English)
A variety of organic raw kombucha, kefir and lacto fermented veggies – Sauerkraut, kimchi, cortido, ginger carrots, beets, roots, fennel, carrot & Kohlrabi medley, honey dill mustard, salsa and more.  You can buy online for delivery within the central Jerusalem area (Baka, German Colony, Katamon parts of Rechavia and the neighboring areas) or purchase at the Farmers Market at 12 Emek Refaim, Jerusalem, Fridays from 7:30 am until 14:00 (2:00 PM). KCAN kashrut certification.
Hamutzei Tzfat 050-641-1045 (English)
Kosher, organic, naturally fermented foods, full of live unpasteurized probiotic-cultures. Pickles, Sauerkraut, and much more. Located in the Artist Quarter of Tzfat. Owners are Sabbath observant. Products are pareve, terumot and ma’aserot taken and checked carefully for bugs.
Nevet HaSadeh 054-538-4411 (English) Sprouted organic grains, legumes and flours in shelf-stable packages.
Shoreshei Tzion (English) Organic, Raw, Vegan, Probiotic Foods & Beverages. Located in Bet Shemesh Industrial Area (Next to the Big Mall). You can buy directly from the factory or  purchase in various organic food stores & makolets. Certified Kosher Rabbanut Bet Shemesh

♦ Dagan Eden: Sarah Tamir-Shirazi 09-792-1446, (English), Wheat: 20 NIS/kilo –organic & sprouted and local, Spelt: 25 NIS/kilo –organic& sprouted from Canada. Organic whole wheat: 10 NIS/kilo, Whole spelt: 18 NIS/kilo. No need for sifting if kept in freezer, terumot and ma’asrot taken. Available for pick-up in Talpiyot, Jerusalem or Emmanuel (in the Shomron). Can arrange for pickup in Petach Tikva and Rosh Ha’ayin. Mail delivery in Israel for orders over 10kg for 20 shekel delivery fee (takes 1-2 days with Doar Express).
Edan Hanevet 052-895-1358, Sprouted spelt and quinoa bread, see list of stores where products are sold.
Pat Shacharit 058-445-0299, Sprouted and non-sprouted sourdough breads. Delivery in Jerusalem and Bet Shemesh.
Rustic Regal Bakery 052 415 9714 (English) – Organic, Sprouted Bread from wheat, spelt or rye. No flour, yeast, or oil.  Culinary Workshops – Introduction to the Basics of Raw, Sprouted, and Cooked Health Foods. Baked goods available for pick up in Jerusalem, Machane Yehuda area. Owner is Sabbath Observant.

Yellow Butter (kosher, imported, from mostly grass-fed cows, not organic) available in supermarkets: President, Makabi (cholov Yisrael), Lurpak, Champion, and Elle & Vire  brands.
Gluten Free
♦ Bar El Life  04-6224695 (English home page),  Tzavey HaNachal 15, Industrial Center/Mifalei Chefer, Emek Chefer.  Factory store with discount prices, list of stores where products are sold, or order online. Kosher Rabbanut Emek Chefer & Rabbi Landau, Bnei Brak (English), 03-9191025, English, Hamiflassim 6, Kiryat Aryeh, Petach Tikvah. Second building from the right. The entrance is in the path between the two buildings. Online store with International Shipping. Check product info. for Kashrut agency.
Natural Cakes 03-923-5276, Gissin 61, Kiryat Aryeh, Petach Tikvah. Gluten Free bake shop &  restaurant, list of stores where products are sold. Kosher Rabbanut Petach Tikvah, Chatam Sofer, & OU
Tsivya The Baker/Pure Delights Bakery 02-992-3925 (leave message) (English)
Gluten free, sugar free bakery selling cakes, muffins, cookies, and flax seed crackers.  The base for their baked goods is almond flour and honey.  Local to Bet Shemesh, Ramat Bet Shemesh areas with occasional deliveries to Jerusalem (pickup from a single location) as posted on Facebook. Kosher per owner. Owner is Sabbath observant.
Celiac Organization in Israel: 03-6781481 List of stores selling gluten free products
Gluten Free Restaurants & Products in Israel: The celiacs essential guide to enjoying Israel(English)
Bli Gluten: Search for restaurants carrying gluten free foods by location

Hadbara Organit: 1-700-700-670
Green and non-toxic products. See their list of stores which carry Hadbara Organit products

Ofek Chadash (New Horizon) 1-700-70-2009 (English/Hebrew)
A variety of appliances such as juicers, sprouters and seeds, water filters, trampolines, and more.

Moved to Holistic Practitioners In Israel

Rotem Teva 1-700-700-724 Select English from drop down (English translation not perfect). Online store, shipping throughout Israel
Nizat Ha’duvdevan: 04-642-7055, Chenkin 6
♦ Clil Hateva: 04-640-3555, Nasi Weizman 16, near Shilav
Pinat HaTeva B’Ariel: 03-936-5299, Yehuda 11, Commercial Center
Eden Teva Market: 08-869-7900, Ha’Orgim 7, next to Megabul
Nizat Ha’duvdevan: 08-675-6065, Power Center, Silver Sector
Beer Sheva
Eden Teva Market: 052-957-6122, Derech Hevron, Big Center, underneath bowling alley
Beit Shemesh
♦ LaBriut: 02-995-3000, Derech Yitzchak Rabin 19
Lev HaTeva: 02-992-3799 Nahal Nitzanim 8, Rama A
Lev HaTeva: 02-992-1980 Yehuda HaNasi 6, Rama B
Nizat Ha’duvdevan: 02-999-1660 Yigal Alon 24
Beit Zera
Beofen Tivi 052-408-2626, Kibbutz Beit Zera (south of the Kinneret), Ecological cleaning supplies & cosmetics.
♦ Beraishit: 08-631-5542, Hasatat 2
Gan Shmuel
Duchan Gan Shmuel: 04-632-0892, Kibbutz Gan Shemuel (east of Hadera Junction) Large selection of Gluten Free foods. Not associated with Duchan in Pardes Hannah.
Givat Shmuel
Al Hamishkal: 03-532-0360, Kenyon HaGivah
♦ Anise: 03-573-1323, Weizman 17, corner of Shenkin
Gush Etzion
Nizat Ha’duvdevan: 02-652-9070, Tzomet Hagush
♦ Eden Teva Market: 04-904-6444, Derech Bar Yehuda 147, Nesher, inside Mega Bul
Eden Teva Market: 04-881-8600, Haroshet 48, Chutzot Hamifratz
Nizat Ha’duvdevan: 04-832-2020, Natan Komoi 7, Nevei Sha’anan
Eden Teva Market: 09-835-9446, Shivat HaCochavim 8, inside Mega Ba’Ir
♦ Hila Ba’Teva: 09-956-7121, Sokolov 57
Nizat Ha’duvdevan: 09-956-0310, Ben Gurion 22 , Sha’ar Ha’ir
Organic Market: 09-9563338, Hanegev 1, Tzimrot
Herzliya Pituach
Teva Castel : 09-956-7165, Hamenofim 5
Eden Teva Market 052-927-6125 Hamanor 2, Industrial Center, inside Mega Bul
Al Hamishkal 02-997-9978 Sha’ar Binyamin Shopping Center, Industrial Zone
♦ Anise 02-679-7373 Avizohar 3, Beit Hakerem
♦ Anise 02-538-4069 Yaffo 76
♦ Anise 02-673-3861 Derech Beit Lechem 33, corner of Esther Ha’Malka 3
♦ Anise 02-581-8575 Feran 5 – Ramat Eshkol Commercial Centre
♦ Anise 02-563-6677 Emek Refayim 32
♦ Anise 02-566-0444 Palmach 42
Eden Teva Market 02-545-9999 Agudat HaSport, Beitar 1, Malcha Mall, inside Mega Bul
Eden Teva Market 1800-468-468 Kenyon Ramot, Golda Meir Blvd. corner of HaCongress HaTzioni, Ramot
♦ Hadassah 02-624-4442 Beit Yaakov 2, near Agrippas, Machane Yehuda
Lev HaTeva 02-538-8832 Yehezkel 6, Geula
♦ Mekor HaTeva 02-537-0181 Hagai 16, Geula
Natural Choice Bakery 02-622-3229 Agripas 111
Nizat Ha’duvdevan 02-5611390 Emek Refaim 25
Nizat Ha’duvdevan 02-651-5697 Kanfei Nesharim 22, Givat Shaul
♦ Olam HaTeva 02-623-2101 Agrippas 65, behind Machane Yehuda
♦ Olam HaTeva – Gluten & Sugar Free 02-653-6646 Agrippas 76, behind Machane Yehuda
Teva Express  02-624-4004 Shamgar 16, Rav Shefa Mall, 1st floor
♦ Teva Net 02-623-4859 Agrippas 99, behind Machane Yehuda
Zmora Organi 02-652-0107 Nejarah 37, Givat Shaul
♦ Zmora Organi 02-566-6660 Amaziah 1, Greek Colony
♦ Zmora Organi 02-673-0008 Yad Charutzim 5, Talpiot
Karnei Shomron
Al Hamishkal 09-794-1471 Kenyon Karnei Shomron
Kfar Saba
Eden Teva Market 09-790-3770 Weizman 207, Sector G
Kiryat Arba
♦ Eretz Chita 02-996-0222 Kiryat Arba Industrial Center 144
Kiryat Ono
♦ Organic Market: 03-6354544 Yirmiyahu 16
Kiryat Shmona
♦  Nizat Ha’duvdevan 04-694-0030 South Industrial Center
Ma’aleh Adumim
 Chalav U’dvash 02-590-2044/02-972-528, 20 Kikar Hakeren, Kikar Yahalom
Mevaseret Zion
♦ Anise 02-533-4883 Kinyon Har’el
Mishmar Hasharon
Teva Castel 09-898-3456 Kibbutz Mishmar HaSharon, at entrance to kibbutz
♦ Nizat Ha’duvdevan 08-926-7873 YesPro Center
♦ Anise 08-970-3001 Azrieli Mall
Eden Teva Market 1800-468-468 Hamelachot Blvd. 121, YesPro Center, inside MegaBul
Eden Teva Market 09-893-1505 Bnei Gaon 5, Industrial Center, Poleg, north of Ikea
♦ Organic Market: 09-8334256 Smilansky 16
Or Yehuda
Eden Teva Market 03-634-5475 Hamasger 8, Old Industrial Zone, near Mega
Pardes Hannah
♦ Duchan 04-637-7235 Hadarim 43, corner of Derech Pikah (not associated with Duchan Gan Shmuel)
Nizat Ha’duvdevan 04-953-4628 Tidhar 2, ‘Big’ Center
Petach Tikvah
Eden Teva Market 1800-468-468 Mordechai Ben Dror 4, behind the gas station “סדש”
Nizat Ha’duvdevan 03-934-6337 HaRav Pinto 19, Rosenfeld Center
♦ Anise 09-743-8282 Ahuza 87
Nizat Ha’duvdevan 09-774-4717 Ostrovsky 39
Eden Teva Market 09-790-7600 Hacharoshet 12, Industrial Zone, inside Mega Bul
Ramat Hasharon
♦ Yofi Shel Teva 03-540-8623 Sokolov 38
Eden Teva Market 03-548-0480 HaHaroshet 10, Industrial Center מורשה, next to Mega Ba’Ir
Ramat Raziel
♦ Or-Gani 02-570-0427 Hadar 3
Ramat Yishai
Nizat Ha’duvdevan 04-811-0843 HaEucalyptus 4
♦ Organic Market: 08-9364732 Yaakov 3
♦ Organic Market: Kenyon Rehovot – inside Shufersal
♦ Teva Center 08-945-3670 HaMelech Chassan 11, Bilu Center, Kiryat Ekron
♦ Tsapichit B’Dvash: 077-201-3977, Binyamin 4
Rishon Le Zion
♦ Al HaTeva: 03-950-3289/052-230-9835, Rutshild (Rothchild) 32
Eden Teva Market 03-942-4900 Yaldei Tehran 5, G2 Center, above Mega Bul
♦ Anise 073-736-9398 Emek Ayalon 32, Shoham Commercial Center
Tel Aviv
♦ Anise 03-620-6355 Dizingoff Center
♦ Anise 03-609-9899 Weizman 14, Weizman Center
♦ Anise 073-743-0308 Abba Achimeir 17, Shuster Center
Eden Teva Market 1800-468-468 Devorah Ha’Neviah 128, Ramat Hachayil, in Mega Bul
Eden Teva Market 03-679-3020 Herzl 42, corner of Ha’ro’e, Ramat Gan
Neroli Health Food Store & Juice Bar: 03-510-7869, Lilienblum 3, Neve Tsedek
♦ Neve Avivim: 03-641-0411, HaNasi 34, Neve Avivim
Nizat Ha’duvdevan 03-510-1497 HaCarmel 30, Shuk HaCarmel
Nizat Ha’duvdevan 03-670-3980 Bugrashov 40
Nizat Ha’duvdevan 03-696-5174 Ibn Givirol 58
♦ Organic Market: 03-6058784 Abba Achimeir 28, Ramat Gan
♦ Organic Market: 03-6449363 Aharon Becker 8, Mikado Center
♦ Shekadiah: 03-674-6491 Shereidot Yerushalayim 48, Ramat Gan
Shorashim: 03-517-1776, Ben Yehuda 35
♦ Teva be’Gimel 03-642-6381 Abba Achimeir 25, Ramat Aviv Gimel, Shuster Center, next to McDonalds
Teva Castel 1700-700-532 Ibn Gvirol 71, at the entrace to Gan Ha’Ir, Kikar Rabin
♦ Teva Castel 03-522-3156 Dizingoff 101, corner of Frishman
♦ Teva Castel 1700-700-533 Arlozorov 64
♦ Teva Kol: 03-685-4830, Sheinkin 57
♦ Teva Banechala 03-696-7474 Nechalat Itzhak 18, Migdalei Aviv
♦ Teva Tari 03-603-7071 Yehuda Hayamit 61
♦  Nizat Ha’duvdevan 04-672-0994 Hagalil 7
♦ Hagan Ha’organi 04-953-0933 HaCalaniot 2
♦ Shirat Ha’aretz 04-682-7050 Jerusalem 37
Zichron Yaakov
Nizat Ha’duvdevan 04-911-4901 Industrial Zone, Mall Zichron

THOUGHTS ON “PODMAPS” and “ORGANIC & NATURAL IN ISRAEL LIST”: The consumer is cautioned that any component or source listed above is for the reader to evaluate. Nor is any Kashrut recommendation made. The list does not indicate a recommendation at all from this writer, and is for informative purposes only.



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