Post 378: Funny thing happened today and what a Wonder! Orthodox girl weight-lifter


Don’t disparage young people. Today I returned to our building with my shopping wagon and a cumbersome rolled carpet sat on top. I pushed open the front door and heard a voice behind me. “Just a minute while I clear the door!” Such a rush. Then the young lady squeezed into the tiny vestibule as I was already mounting the steps to the elevator. “May I help you?” “Thank you  I replied. I remembered the many willing young folks who share my roof garden and assumed that she was one of them. We squeezed together, she, my agalah and me. She turned to me and I said 2 thinking  that her destination was a higher floor. She exited with me. I thought, “Maybe she is a visitor to my neighbor.” But then I corrected myself, “Not likely because she wore a scarf covering her hair. My only neighbor is a single guy.”

I asked, “Do you live in this building?” She shook her head, “Lo”. Do we know each other? “Lo”. “Now, we do” I replied. I thanked her. We both had a good laugh.



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