Post 381: Visit to stamp show at the ICC Center (Binyanei Ha Umah) and fine gluten-free Chocolate cake off the shelf mix by Natural Cake Gluten Free

As a young student I remember seeing photos of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt looking thru a magnifying glass at postage stamps

He .had a passion for stamp collecting, a hobby he had cherished since childhood. An exhibition at the Smithsonian’s National Postal Museum highlights his philatelic interests, and provides rare insight into the behind-the-scenes workings of his administration.

During his administration, Roosevelt played a critical role in much of the creation, design and promotion of some 200 stamps released during his time in office (1933-1945).

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Get close to history. Pay a must visit to the National Stamp Exhibit for Families’ at Binyanei Ha Umah Jerusalem.20161115_133914.jpg

The above photo is a letter signed  by Moses Montifiore, part of Dr. Les Glassman’s collection. The show included about 30 rows each filled with stamps and communications going back to the 1700’s. A section was devoted to the development of the first stamps printed illegally before the state, stamps printed in the ghettos of Europe, stamps of the pony express period and every period of written communication.

Families are invited to come and join the journey through time using stamps as your guide.

Come and meet National stamp collectors as well as International collectors from Germany, USA, Spain and Hungary.

  • enjoy presentations about stamp collecting

  • art projects for kids

  • see limited edition stamp collections

  • “My Stamp” create a stamp with your picture on it.

Sunday November 13: 1:00pm-8:00pm
Monday – Wednesday: 12:00pm-8:00pm
Thursday: 12:00pm-6:00pm

The Icing on the cake is this Special Chocolate cake (Gluten Free mix).


The flavor is chocolate. I used 1/3 less sugar than the mixed called for and the cake came out tasting just sweet enough, with great texture. I wasn’t quite sure of the directions -just added eggs, oil, sugar and orange juice to the dry mix ingredients.

Just 2 problems:

1)  The batter texture was very unfamiliar. It felt like a sticky cement and it was a little tricky to scrape the batter out of the mixing bowl.

2) Baking time was extended another 10 minutes.

3) At that time, a knife inserted across came out clean, so I knew that the cake was ready.

4) I used a silicon pan, which got stretched out by the weight of the batter. Next time I will use muffin tins.

4) The top surface was uneven. But this didn’t effect the taste and when the cake is sliced the top is not visible.

5) I really have never made a cake from a mix except for once during Passover. Here the advantage is you can diminish the amount of sugar.

6) I would try this recipe again using an egg substitute instead of whole eggs.


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