POST 395: Zot Chanukah Seuda at Yeshivah Rabbi Akiva January 1st, 2PM; Women’s Business Ulpan in Jerusalem – starting in January!


Yeshivah Rabbi Akiva is designed for students of any age, who are mature and motivated.


Yeshivas Rabbi Akiva is a dynamic and friendly Torah institution, located in the heart of the Old City, Jerusalem. It provides a unique opportunity for men from all religious backgrounds, to realize their learning potential. The yeshiva operates under the guidance of Rabbi Shalom Gold and Rabbi Yehoshua Weiss, both educational veterans in the study of Torah.

Several learning programs compliment the comprehensive yeshiva schedule, including Gemara, Chumash, Mishnayot, Prophets and Jewish Philosophy. Shiurim are conducted under the auspices of a magnetic team of rabbis, who are focused on infusing an atmosphere of learning in the yeshiva. The learning program is further enhanced, through the regular appearances of guest lecturers.

The warm atmosphere of the beis medrash attracts locals and visitors from the four corners of the globe, many of whom wish to drink from the spiritual waters of Jerusalem, during their stay in Israel.

A daily Daf Yomi shiur is another exciting part of the yeshiva’s schedule. The program includes a synopsis and insight into the Daf, accessible to participants in the official Daf Yomi program, throughout the world. See the yeshiva’s schedule to start your learning program today.

The Zot Chanukah Seudah is dedicated to

Yeshivas Rabbi Akiva and the yahrzeit of Rabbi Yehoshua Weiss‘s mother.

2:PM at:

2/3 HaMeshorarim

Old City Jerusalem Israel 97500

Also In January:

Women’s Business Ulpan in Jerusalem – starting in January!

Doing business in Israel?

Want to be more successful at your job?Come and improve your ability to do business by learning how to speak Business Hebrew.

When your understanding and usage of business terms in Hebrew improves, your business will flourish. Better Hebrew will lead to better business.

The Women’s Business Ulpan at Temech teaches you how to:· Speak to vendors

· Speak to Hebrew speaking customers

· Sound more sophisticated and business savvy

· Understand business forms and paperwork

The course will take place on Wednesday evenings, 19:30 – 21:30, at Temech in Jerusalem (216 Rechov Yaffo, Binyan Shaarei HaIr).

The fee is 300 NIS for 15 sessions of 2 hours each. 100 shekel will be refunded on completion of the course.

For details and registration call Simmi at 02-538-8665 or email: <mailto:>

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