Post 398: Waiting for Painters to Arrive; Tips for painting a very high ceiling: BEIT KNESSET HANASSI – YOUNG ISRAEL RECHAVIA ( Address Right to Left בית כנסת הנשיא – ישראל הצעיר רחביה ת.ד.7601 .ירושלים 91075 First exciting trip of 2017 To Jordan Valley ; National Call Center Lost and Found, How to transform Levi dungarees to a skirt with a kick pleats.

I’m a little behind – preparing to paint an apartment has squeezed me dry.

I have always been “Mishutaf” with painters, partners with them in the job. Even in a big house I only had one painter working and the job. always stretched on and on.

Everyone loves an apartment with a high ceiling, which gives a feeling of spaciousness. However, high ceilings are a challenge for painting, even more so when cabinetry is positioned very close to it.

Since the summer, over the horizon has lurked the certainty of painters arriving to our apartment to repair damage to our high ceiling from a leak upstairs.

This job has stretched on forever and it hasn’t even started yet. About 10 days ago, we got a call from the upstairs owner that the painters were soon to be at our door.

And we’ve been doing all the preparation, removing books from bookcases, masking (because Israeli painters are notorious about dripping paint), ever since.

A week has passed. No sign except the paint delivery.  And now we have news of a general strike by Arab workers.

An antique book-case sustained water damage. Negotiations are underway about it’s repair.

Here’s an idea of what masking with a vengeance looks like. I wanted to cover large areas to the ceiling.

Here’s the trick. I approached the Avi Chai worker when he was removing banners hanging from the building that faces Rechove King George. After the usual pleasantries I asked in Hebrew, “What do you do with these banners after the events”. when he replied that he saved some, I requested some for my roof garden, for covering wood floors and cabinetry during renovations.

The ceiling is at the top of the photo. I guess that the ceilings will be painted first.20170114_235047.jpg

There’s a fridge under all that printed vinyl.

Last week. the Beit Avi Chai maintenance man met me in the lobby of Beit Avi Chai. I was escorted to level -5, and hushed out the back door with 4 banners.  How are they are suspended from the ceiling? This job needs two people, one on the ladder folding the banner between the ceiling and the cabinetry and the other crimping newspaper to stuff into the space between the ceiling and the cabinetry to keep the banner up! Isn’t that neat.

Now from Gashmius (physicality) above to Ruchnius (spirituality) following:

Several weeks ago was a fast day, the 10th of Tevet. The Tenth of Tevet marks the onset of the siege of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar, the King of Babylonia, and the beginning of the battle that ultimately destroyed Jerusalem and the Temple of Solomon, and sent the Jews into the 70-year Babylonian Exile. The date of the Tenth of Tevet is recorded for us by the prophet Yechezkel, who himself was already in Babylonia as part of the first group of Jews exiled there by Nebuchadnezzar, 11 years earlier than the actual destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem itself. (See entire artic

I introduce this trip as an opportunity for you to now visit parts of Israel that you may have missed!


בית כנסת הנשיא – ישראל הצעיר רחביה

ת.ד.7601 .ירושלים 91075

First exciting trip of 2017

To Jordan Valley

History from bible times to modern times

Sights and sites that you probably haven’t seen before

Tuesday 24th January 2017

The plan is to visit Qasar el Yehud, the crossing point of Bnei Yisrael over the River Jordan. This site has only been open in the very recent years.

Then on to visit the nearby historic Beit Ha’arava which was first established in 1939 and became a successful enterprise as its produce ripened earlier than elsewhere but it had to be abandoned in 1948.

The next stop is Oren Farm at Moshav Netive Hagdud which produces three of the ‘7 species’. A video will be shown of their Argan Oil production, a natural healing oil. If time allows the group will visit a date farm.

The Jordan valley (Bikaa) was the scene of many fedayeen attacks and there is an impressive memorial to the fallen soldiers, which will be visited.

To get an idea of the rift valley of the group’s tour, (part of the Syrian Africa Rift Valley) the group will visit a model and also have the pleasure of listening to Shulamit Kaminsky, Director of the Jordan Valley Development Fund.

Departure at 8.30 AM (meet 8.15 outside Kings Hotel) and return

approx. 5.30 PM

Cost 150 NIS including transport, entrance fees, guide, refreshments at Oren Farm and gratuities but excluding lunch,

Space limited to 50 people so if you wish to come please call: Phone: 02-567-0664

 For your Information: Countrywide Lost and Found Information Center (Hagmach Ha’artzi
l’Hashavat Aveida)


From the gmach:

The gmach was originally established in order to provide one
centralized address where both losers and finders of objects can
report and locate the lost and found items. In addition, the gmach
enables people to more effectively fulfill the mitzvah of hashovas
aveida. Several poskim have told us that by calling the gmach, one
fulfills the mitzvah of announcing found objects.

When one calls the gmach, 1-599-500-003, there is a recording with simple instructions (in Hebrew):

For Yerushalayim press 1, for Bnei Brak press 2, etc.

After choosing a city, the caller must choose an item. For example: For jewelry press 1, for tefilin press 2, etc. The call is then directed to the home of one of our 60 volunteers.

The gmach is open from 8:30 a.m. – 10:30 p.m. (until 1:00 a.m. for
emergencies). Since the volunteers cannot be on call for all of the
hours the gmach is active, one can leave a voice message with the
information. If the counterpart of the item you are reporting has
already been recorded, the volunteer will call back, otherwise the
information is saved for a future match.

The gmach receives between four and six thousand calls per month,
Boruch Hashem with so much good result! The more people who use the
gmach, the higher the likelihood of returning lost items to their
rightful owners.

If you found or lost something, don’t give up!! Call the gmach!!


The next two items refer to repair and restoration; first converting a pair of pants to a skirt and then help with preserving the sense of hearing:

As you know from prior posts  I have developed a skill in transforming clothing.

I purchased a new pair of Lee dungarees an the WIZO shop on Hillel Place in dark green polished cotton for 10 sh which is about $2.50.

I saw a skirt in those pant legs. Following are the instructions: If you want to try this project and have questions, contact me.20170107_233729.jpg

1. Turn the pants inside out and examine the right side lowest seam. On a pair of Lee triple seams they appear to be on the right leg.

2. With a great deal of patience find the end seam threads. Give a yank and the seam threads will open all up the leg and across to the other leg. The nice thing about this technique is that you can gather the Lee’s matching thread and use it for working the skirt. This takes about 5 minutes.

There are triple seams. You can see “loops” on the wrong side which lets you open seams easily.

3.There are sections of the crotch that you still have to open until the hip. These are a bit difficult because you cannot just grab a seam end and pull. Just be patient and open those front and back seams.

4.Cut the skirt to desired length and open the remaining pant sections. They will form your kick pleat.

5.Iron on wrong side all seam edges flat. You will have 2 “V”s front and back.

6. I am trying a new application called a Godet, which is a triangular piece inserted to give fullness.

7.The project is about now complete.


Are you hard of hearing, or deaf? Do you ever feel isolated?
Do you ever feel as if your family and friends just “don’t get it?” Group is being lead by a volunteer. People with hearing loss often have the following complaints:

“They tend to mumble, or scream, or use funny hand gestures, because they just don’t know how to best accommodate your hearing loss.

You are NOT alone. Following is a message from AACI:

“I am hoping to create support groups for people just like us (Yes, I’m hard of hearing).
I’m a licensed, clinical, Speech Pathologist, with training in Audiology, for over 20 years.
I’ve kept up with technological advances, with respect to hearing aid technology and other assertive listening devices.

I not only teach people how to live with hearing loss; I am living proof that one can thrive, despite having this disability.

I recently retired and made Aliyah. I live in Jerusalem. I belonged to wonderful support groups in the USA (HLAA – Hearing Loss Association of America). The support, camaraderie and education I gained from attending regular meetings, made me feel embraced and loved.
I am no longer a shrinking violet, embarrassed about speaking up for what I need and want, so that I can participate in group conversations.

I have not slipped into the night, now that I’ve retired. I’ve learned how to advocate for the rights and needs of hard of hearing and deaf people.

I can help you help yourself. Don’t feel alone.
Please join me, in creating this very important network of people like us.

There is NO COST. This group will be created and maintained by me.

Write to me and let me know if you’re interested in becoming part of a network of people who will not be shrinking violets.”


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