Post 401: Requesting visitors to a Shiva House, אביגדור יעקוב רפאל בן ראד הלוי (Avidgor Yaakov Raphael Ben Rod Halevi) For more information, email to: and Prevention is the CURE an “incentivating” event sure to inspire & inform every woman of every age looking to optimize her and her family’s well being

A young man from Arizona tragically passed away this past Monday while visiting Israel. His family flew in from Arizona. They have no family here and would appreciate if anyone could visit them while they sit shiva.

They will be sitting Shiva at a rental at Rechov Eliyahu Salmon 9, in Nachlaot. They would really appreciate the presence of others to honor their son, Drew.

Please pray for him in his merit, אביגדור יעקוב רפאל בן ראד הלוי (Avidgor Yaakov Raphael Ben Rod Halevi)

More information,

Kol haKavod for so many queries. I have NO MORE INFO than below; please send no more emails. Please post to COMMUNITY BOARDS, Janglo, Facebook, ets. Mi k’amcha Yisrael.
Becker, Mother of Drew Becker a”h is the main avel.

Eliyahu Salman Street 9, Nachlaot Yerushalayim


street is off of Nissim Behar between Betzalel and Agrippas

TOP Floor, 4 flights up NO ELEVATOR
Shiva thru Tuesday, January 24. Levaya was yesterday, Wednesday January 18.
No fixed hours.
Minyan in shiva home; hours of davening unknown.
Mrs. Becker is a vegetarian, food seems arranged. Mrs. Becker is invited for Shabbos by people in Nachlaot.

Dear Chava Ida,

This is a kick off event to spur,  G-d willing, an awakening in the community to start truly valuing our health in body, mind, and soul.  We, through Chai L’Adam, are recruiting all G-d fearing holistic practitioners, teachers, coaches, etc.  to do low cost workshops and encourage support groups in the neighborhood to get educated about the body and implement healthy lifestyle habits.
Please share with your contacts….:)
!Prevention is the CURE
an “incentivating” event sure to inspire & inform every woman of every age looking to optimize her and her family’s well being
Mrs. Rivka Segal – Lecturer of Living Tehillim
Hishtadlut & Bitachon – examining our hashkafic perspectives when it comes to our well being
Dr. Anders Nerman ND – Naturopathic doctor in Wolfson Medical Center
The importance of being educated about the drugs & treatments that you are already on or being offered by your doctor or kupah
Dr. Miriam Adahan PHD – psychologist , founder of EMETT, and author of many books that have helped thousands
The hidden key to mental & physical health
Nilli Grutman – Holistic Nutrition Counselor & Detox Specialist
Do diseases just pop out of nowhere?  What’s the process & what can I do to make a difference in keeping our love ones disease free…for life
This coming Motzoei Shabbos – P’ Shemos, Jan 21
7:45 – This event will BEH run on time
Minhal Kehalati Harnof – 43 Katzenellenbogen
10 shekel admission
For more information:  Ita Teigman – 054-352-2623
 The Israel Land Fund in association with U’faratzta Tours & Events enjoins you to join Arieh King, City Councilman & founder & director of the Israel Land Fund, in a protest against the UN’s illegal occupation of the strategically located Government House in southern Jerusalem.  The event will take part as the highlight of a unique journey throughout various communities not generally too accessible. Join us and speak out against an injustice that has been taking place for the past 50 years.  During the 6-Day War the Jordanian Army displaced the UN from the Government House facility as it attached Jewish Jerusalem without provocation. The complex was taken by the IDF with the supreme sacrifice of 22 young Jewish lives.  Israeli PM Eshkol returned the complex to the UN and subsequent successive governments have not had the courage to dislodge the illegal occupiers or even make them pay for services provided as if it were a fait accompli.  Adding insult to injury currently it also serves as the home of the commander of UN forces – as if the UN were in charge of Jerusalem. In light of the recent comments by US Secretary of State John Kerry regarding his failed attempts to formulate a so called “Peace Treaty” between Israel and non-indigenous Arabs and the abhorrent UNSC resolution 2334 which he instigated, the Israeli government has to be resolute and remove the UN from their illegal occupation of Government House in Jerusalem.  It has to be re-established as the official seat of the President of the State of Israel. In addition, it is incumbent upon the Jerusalem Municipality and the utility companies to withdraw services they provide to the complex for which the UN does NOT pay, such as the Council Tax.  It is now time for Israel and American and Diaspora world Jewry to be resilient and to press this demand that Government House be returned forthwith to its rightful owner – Am Yisrael. When:  Thursday – 28 Tevet- 26 January 201710:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
What:  We begin at Bet Lev at Maale Hazeitim, where we’ll meet the residents of a property that was redeemed by an American Jewish Family.
Continuing to Nof Tzion – Arieh will give an explanation of the project and the current status of the fight to keep it Jewish.  Local residents will welcome us with their warm hospitality. We will protest the UN Occupation of Government House. Then we will drive to Gush Etzion for a visit to the Beit Bracha property – one of the largest expansions of the Gush Etzion community in recent memory.  We’ll hear about how the place was redeemed and then on to Gush Etzion Junction.
Oz V’Gaon – If time allows we’ll have a short visit with the incomparable Nadia Matar of Women in Green to hear the history and anticipated future of the project in the wake of the boys’, Hy”d, kidnapping.  We will rest up, eat our self provided lunch and daven Mincha.  Inspired and invigorated we will return to Yerushalayim.
As we head north we will learn of the ILF’s efforts in bringing Jews back to Beit Hanina.  Our educational excursion will end in the vicinity of the abandoned Atarot Airport before we return to our original point of departure.
Where: Depart and return to the Inbal Hotel – The bus will depart from the side street to the right of the hotel when standing in front facing the lobby.
Cost:  165 NIS  per person (any age) – payable in cash 20 minutes prior to boarding
Reservations: hillel.leib@gmail.com054 842 3803 – Private tours anywhere in the country can be arranged.
What to bring/wear?Lunch/snacks/water. Tissues are often helpful when traveling around Israel for bathrooms that might not have. An extra layer is always a good idea for Gush Etzion which tends to be colder than Jerusalem. Good walking shoes. Tour is geared for adults including seniors or teens ages 12 and up. Notes:  departure and arrival times are approximate and depend upon several factors including traffic; itinerary, guide and speakers subject to adjustment without prior notice; your reservation is a firm commitment and cannot be cancelled within 48 hours of departure; security will be provided.
Visit us at:’faratzta Tours:  Exploring & Celebrating the Kedusha of


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