Post 402: Trip Today – Rain or Shine- call some seats available

This is going to be  a fantastic tour- love a down pour.-

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The Israel Land Fund in association with U’faratzta Tours is pleased to present:
Arieh King’s Jerusalem and its environs

Arieh King, dynamic and charismatic Jerusalem City Councilman and founder/director of the Israel Land Fund invites all those concerned about Jerusalem’s security and welfare to embark upon a new educational experience.

When:  Thursday, January 26
Time:   10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Depart from : Inbal Hotel

Bet Lev at Maale Hazeitim.

Nof Tzion:  Arieh will give an explanation of the project and the current struggle to keep it Jewish.
Government House – Illegally occupied by the UN. We will present a declaration on behalf of Israelis and Jews all over the world, demanding that the UN evacuate the complex and return it to its rightful owners, Am Yisrael.

Gush Etzion: Beit Bracha  – one of the largest expansions of the Gush Etzion community in recent memory.

Oz V’Gaon: – Visit with the incomparable Nadia Matar of Women in Green to hear the history and anticipated future of the project in memory of three victims of terror, Naftali Frenkel (16), Gilad Sha’ar (16), and Eyal Yifrah (19), HY”D.

Lunch, Mincha
North to learn of the Israel Land Fund’s efforts to bring Jews back to Beit Hanina.
Abondoned Atarot International Airport


Shalom! We look forward to a memorable day with you tomorrow as we travel throughout our iconic city with Arieh King. Here are a few last minute reminders for your comfort and that of your fellow registrants.

We will depart via bus from the Inbal Hotel at 10:00 am sharp. Please arrive 20 minutes before that time. A white bus will be waiting for us (B”H) to the right of the hotel as you face the hotel entrance from outside. Our day will end at the Inbal Hotel by approximately 4:30 pm.
Please have the exact amount (if possible) of 165 NIS per seat.
What to bring/wear?
Lunch/snacks/water. An Israeli flag. Tissues are often helpful when traveling around Israel for bathrooms that might not have. An extra layer is always a good idea for Gush Etzion which tends to be colder than Jerusalem. Good walking shoes.

Note: Departure and arrival times are approximate and depend upon several factors including traffic; itinerary, guide and speakers subject to adjustment without prior notice; your reservation was a firm commitment and canno longer be cancelled

; security will be provided. In case of dire need on Thursday morning: 054 460 3304.


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U’faratzta Tours:  Exploring & Celebrating the Kedusha of Eretz Israel with a network of all English speaking licensed Israeli guides.

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