Post 409 – Meir Kay threw a Super bowl Party for the homeless in NYC- Visit to PICO-PICO – People – Ideas – Community – Opportunities- Social Media Workshop -Starting this week, Jerusalemites will finally be able to reach Ben Gurion Airport with just one bus- Senior Opportunities in Ramot- Tour of the Negev on February 27th

This blog features many volunteer social opportunities.

Meir Kay threw a Super bowl Party for the homeless in NYC. Watch the video-he is as happy as his guests.

PICO – People – Ideas – Community – Opportunities.
Contact Us – 02-5695166
Address: Poale Tzedek 2, 4th floor (corner of Pierre Koenig), Talpiot, Jerusalem

Friday mornings 8:30-11:30AM (NIS 100 one, NIS 175 two, NIS 250 all) 

February 17 Breakthrough with Art  Esther Abergel

March 3 Clear Decision Making  Catalina Dash

  • Please share with the women in your life.


  • IsraelB’s Benjy Singer, Avi Aberlow, Daniel Cohen, Laura Ben David, Ahron Glazer, Elissa Krycer & Hadassah Levy will share how they build community using social media.
    Sunday, February 19, 19:45-21:30. Free program

Starting this  week, Jerusalemites will finally be able to reach Ben Gurion Airport with just one bus.

Currently, the only bus solution between the capital and Israel’s main airport is taking the 947 bus to a nearby intersection, and then transferring to another line.  Now, the Afikim Bus Company will begin offering a 24-hour service directly to the airport with its new 485 line.

The new line will start at Eliezer Kaplan Street, near Knesset and the Rose Garden, and stop at the Central Bus Station and a few other spots before heading Ben Gurion’s departures terminal. In the opposite direction, the bus will start at the airport’s arrivals gate.

Tickets will cost NIS 16, and the buses will have wireless Internet. Seats on the bus can be ordered in advance on the Afikim website.

If you seek classes: To all Youngsters of the Golden Age

Join a pensioners kolel ‘Ahavei Torah’ offered by Ezrat Avot at the new
Seniors Health and Life Enrichment Center.
The location is in the Center’s Synagogue – 15A Kisufim – Ramot
From 9.30 – 13.00 – Lunch is provided –

Classes are in Hebrew for Gemara, Parsha haShavuah and more.

We’ll be happy to welcome you into the Ezrat Avot family.

For more details contact Rabbi Badichi at 052 761 8205

Let us know if lectures in English also interest you.

You can call our office at 02 582 5107 and tell the receptionist

you would be interested in English programs.

We’ll announce on ‘OnlyRamot' when English classes are available or leave your own email for this notification.

Tour of the Negev:


From Jerusalem via the “Land of Samson” and the “Land of David and Goliath”

Visit a recently excavated Roman amphitheater in Bet Guvrin

Travel through the northern Negev desert with its magnificent, short lived, early spring blooms

Visit the Hesder Yeshiva in Yerucham

We shall be their guests for lunch and learn about the revolutionary work they are doing in this frontier town.

We are expected to offer a donation for our host yeshiva and their holy work.

Visit the “Great Crater” (Machtesh Hagadol) and the unique colored sands attraction.

On the return to Jerusalem we will visit “Tel Lachish” of British museum of history fame.
This ancient archaeological site is where Sancherev, king of Assyria, besieged and conquered this Jewish fortress city 2,800 years ago.

Return to Jerusalem at 6:00 pm.

Please reserve your seats early.

Please contact me via e mail or phone:
Phone is 0522 352 724


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