Post 415: If you want to give chizuk to the Amona families who were evicted, follow at Lymphedema Recognition Day.

In the age of social media, how can we know the facts of a situation? A journalist isn’t always critical of sources.

This post, which connects an article about hunger striking Israelis and lymphedema health is meant to convey that we are are responsible to ourselves, our own brothers and sisters, parents, family, neighbors, community, country and the world.

Yesterday was International Lymphedema Recognition Day. I’ll be writing about the event in a day or two (B’H)

Dear Itamar and Moshe,
Hope that you are well.
I’m not sure which one of you I spoke to a while back, I think that it was Moshe.
I asked for permission  to jump rope on the wooden floor of the restaurant Chutzir. I want to thank you again, This is very generous.
I usually am there before you open.
This is a similar request. I am sponsoring on March 6th an event to raise awareness of Lymphedema. I am sending the details in a second e-mail.
Would you permit a few ladies besides me to also jump before you open at 10 AM on Tuesday, March 6th? I am working with Lymphatic Education and Research Network to establish a volunteer organization here.
This would be the very first event.
Here’s a link to mostly volunteer efforts of the organization.:
#MOVETHATLYMPH 2017 CHALLENGE for Lymphedema & Lymphatic Health shirt design - zoomed


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