Post 426: Announcing Upcoming Jump Rope Training for women – at any age- Take note: your body at 27, 37, 47, and 57, will determine how you will feel at 72, 73,74 and 75. Similarly your body at 69 will determine how you move at 96. Clicking or Snapping Hip-my solution and Snapping Hip Syndrome Stretches – The Jerusalem Green Fund is initiating a Jerusalem Cleanup Project

 I am pleased to announce an Exercise Chug at a beautiful studio in Lev Ha’Ir Matnas Nachlaot for women planning to begin in June.

הצעה: שיעור התעמלות באולפן יפה בלב העיר לנשים בנחלאותהצעה: שיעור התעבא.


INFO4U: Exercise Class at beautiful studio in Matnas Lev Ha’Ir Nachlaot for women with babysitter planned to offer appropriate activities.

Summary of Women only Fitness Chug at Lev Ha’Ir, (Heart of the City) Community Center, also known as the Ohel Moshe Community Center, טל: 02-6214777 levhair 42 Rechove Ohel Moshe, Nachlaot.

Any questions: Charedi Coordinator: Mrs. Hani Elias –  057-313-8965 Email: Rivi108

Absorption Coordinator: Mrs. Rachel Duchin 057-313-8965  klita@lev

or on line use for registration or questions. e.php?type=foInp&id=32#navbar      bar top right registration circles

Class is planned to be offered on Thursday at 9:AM and taking registration beginning April 25th.  For details see #3 below. Please forward to your contacts who may be interested.

Do you want to have more endurance and energy? Our Jump Rope Training will include several bursts of 30-60 seconds, followed by 2 or more minutes of reduced intensity. You will build up to this endurance gradually, using your core correctly, strengthening your back, improving posture, stability, strength, balance, breathing correctly, empower yourself, look great, feel amazing, loose weight, get fit.

האם את רוצה יותר סיבולת

אימון קפיצה בחבל שלנו כולל כמה סטים של 30 עד 60 שניות של אנרגיה מתפרצת ולאחר מכן 2 דקות או יותר של אימון פחות אינטנסיבי.

כך תוכלי לבנות בהדרגה את סיבולת לב- הריאה שלך וגם תוכלי לחזק את הגב, לשפר את היציבה, להגדיל את כוחך, להגדיל את האיזון של הגוף, ללמוד איך לנשום נכון ובעיקר – להעצים את עצמך, להיכנס לכושר, לרדת במשקל ולהרגיש נהדר!   

האימון יהיה בימי חמישי בשעות הבוקר.

כל אימון נמשך ___60__ דקות.

  לב- ריאה ואנרגיה?

בואו בשמחה!

Why this routine? Extended periods of jumping at reduced intensity levels allows the body to switch to aerobic fat burning energy system, while it replaces glycogen and glucose levels for the next  aerobic burst. Rope jumping increases muscle mass and bone density.

Our goal is to create a personalized environment for women to pursue their fitness goals through the combined use of breathing and stretching exercises, light weights and jump-rope, without special equipment, with emphasis on increasing lymph flow.

The range of motion exercises can be duplicated at home.  If the response is good, an additional class will be added at 10 on Thursday and Sunday at 12.

1-If you have another preference, choose from below.

2-Please reply as space is limited. Initial class (B’H) to begin first week in May.

3-Payment is by the month, 120 sh and additional for the babysitter. Registration with Sara Kashani, Office Manager, Lower Level of Lev Ha”Ir. Office Hours: 8:30-4:30.

4-Also, bring to class a note from your doctor recommending exercise for you.

Studio Available Times

Sunday 12-3
Monday 2-4:30
Wednesday 12-4:00

Thursday 9-10 12-3

Kol Tuv,

Ida Farkash     052-522-7635 -Please reply to me if you have any questions: or if you have registered.

Everyone has an issue with a body part; Occassional knee pain, stiff neck, arthritis. The list goes on.

Before I started jumping rope I weighed 30 lbs. more than I do today. My arms ached when I stretched them out to the sides as did my knees when I bent them behind me by grabbing my foot.

The beginning months of jumping rope were difficult. I endured periods of knee inflammation and swelling which got better with ice, and supporting the knee by applying an ace bandage.

I felt knee twinges and wore a knee brace. Due to concern about serious damage, I consulted an orthopedist, who recommended that I remove the brace and just continue to build up my leg muscles.

(B’H) I followed his advice.  If you suffer pain with your every move: walking, climbing stairs, even sitting or lying down, then you should not give up on exercise.

Exercise and physical therapy.

Exercise strengthens the muscles that support your knee. Physical therapy also helps. A physical therapist can design the program for you and see if you need supportive braces, splints, or canes. If you need to lose weight, diet and exercise can help you shed some pounds and take some of the pressure off your knees.

Weight loss.

Every pound you gain puts an extra 3 pounds of pressure on your knees.

I am not a registered dietitian and do not have any official training, certifications, or degrees in nutrition or fitness. My blog is simply a documentation of my life. The views I express are mine alone, based on my own experiences, and should not be taken as medical advice. Always talk to your doctor or a trained professional before starting a new diet or fitness plan.

In general, carrying around extra weight creates stress to joints. I have a “clicking” or “snappy” left hip. I do not experience pain or limitation.

Perhaps I’ll return to the orthopedist and ask for a comment on the following regime that I do. It seems to work.

I lie down and do several rolls on my back (for about 15 seconds). That loosens my spine and I do this on the days that I do NOT exercise in addition to it being part of my exercise warm-up.

The aim is to stretch out my hamstrings. I place a yoga strap around my knees. I wrap my arms around my knees and press my stomach into my back. With deep breathes I stretch both legs up to the ceiling and lower them. I repeat this about 10 times.

Now comes the “snappy” part. I stretch out my arms and grab my ankles and stretch out again. Slowly and then rhythmically. Then I progress to grab the balls of my feet and bend knees and stretch out. That’s when I hear the “snap”. To avoid that, I place a pillow under my head and another under my hip. I can do 50 of these stretches in groups of 15. We’ll be practicing variations of this in class.

Reclining Leg Stretch (similar to above)

Start by laying down. LReclining leg stretch with strapsift one leg, placing the middle of the strap on the ball of your foot. Lift your foot towards the ceiling and slowly start to straighten the leg.

Keep your elbows on the floor, making sure your shoulders are not strained.

Snapping hip syndrome, not necessarily painful, sometimes called dancer’s hip, is a condition in which you hear a snapping sound or feel a snapping sensation in your hip when you walk, run, get up from a chair, or swing your leg around. For most people, the condition is little more than an annoyance and the only symptom is the snapping sound or sensation itself. But for dancers or athletes, snapping hip syndrome symptoms may also include pain and weakness that interfere with performance.

Snapping Hip Syndrome Causes

In most cases, snapping is caused by the movement of a muscle or tendon over a bony structure in the hip.

The most common site is on the outside of the hip where a band of connective tissue known as the iliotibial band passes over part of the thigh bone that juts out — called the greater trochanter. When you stand up straight, the band is behind the trochanter. When you bend your hip, however, the band moves over and in front of the trochanter. This may cause the snapping noise.

The iliopsoas tendon, which connects to the inner part of the upper thigh, can also snap with hip movement.

Another site of snapping is where the ball at the top of the thigh bone fits into the socket in the pelvis to form the hip joint. The snapping occurs when the rectus femoris tendon, which runs from inside the thighbone up through the pelvis, moves back and forth across the ball when the hip is bent and straightened.

Less commonly, a cartilage tear or bits of broken cartilage or bone in the joint space can cause snapping, or a loose piece of cartilage can cause the hip to lock up. This can cause pain and disability.

Snapping Hip Syndrome Treatment

Unless snapping hip syndrome is painful or causes difficulty in sports or other activities, many people do not see a doctor or have it treated.

For minor snapping syndrome pain, try home treatments such as:

  • Reducing or modifying activity

  • Applying ice

  • Using over-the-counter pain relievers

For more severe pain or pain that does not improve with home treatment, see your doctor.

Physical therapy with emphasis on stretching, strengthening, and alignment can often help. Sometimes, treatment with a corticosteroid injection to the area can relieve inflammation. In rare cases, doctors may recommend surgery.

Snapping Hip Syndrome Stretches

Recommended exercises to treat snapping hip syndrome will vary depending on the type of snapping hip syndrome you have. Snapping hip syndrome stretches may include:

Quadriceps stretch. Standing arm’s length from a wall, place the hand opposite the painful hip against the wall for support. With your other hand, take hold of the ankle of the painful leg and, keeping your knees together, pull your ankle up toward your buttocks. Hold for 30 to 60 seconds and release. Repeat three times.

Hamstring stretch. Lie flat on your back on the floor in a doorway so that your upper body is on one side of the doorway and your lower body is on the other and the painful hip is against the door frame. Raise the painful leg and rest it against the wall next to the door frame. Hold for 30 to 60 seconds and then lower. Repeat three times.

Piriformis stretch. Lying on your back with both knees bent, place the foot of your uninjured leg flat on the floor and rest the ankle of your painful leg over the knee of your uninjured leg. Take hold of the thigh of the uninjured leg and pull the knee toward your chest. Hold for 30 to 60 seconds and release. Repeat three times.

Iliotibial band stretch. Standing with your legs together, cross your uninjured leg in front of the painful leg, then bend down and touch your toes. Hold for 30 seconds, then return to starting position. Repeat three times.

WebMD Medical Reference Reviewed by David Zelman, MD on April 21, 2015

Dear Friends,
You no doubt noted the fact that Jerusalem does not always look like
“Jerusalem of Gold” because of the unfortunate custom of littering. Things
have improved, but much more is needed. Now something can be done about it.
The Jerusalem Green Fund is initiating a Jerusalem Cleanup Project to coordinate community cleanups and develop strategic partnerships with organizations, businesses and the municipality to promote this aspect of a cleaner, greener city.
The broader goal is to continue transforming the culture by increasing
awareness about the importance of a cleaner physical environment in our holy and beautiful city. If you are interested in participating, please contact me by email or
phone for more information.
Reuven Schwartz, Chair, JGF (Jerusalem Green Fund) Cleanup Committee

June 7-8, 2017
Judaica, decorative and household items, books, artwork, costume jewelry,
toys, linens, hats, purses, shoes, and small appliances.
(All items for the sale should be in *good* and *working condition*.
Please no dictionaries, Sifrei Kodosh, or sets of books.
Donations can be left at the Emunah Building, 6 Arlozorov St., which is
between Ramban St. and Ben Maimon St., Sunday through Thursday from 9:00
a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Emunah office staff are not available to assist in large or heavy
deliveries. These can be accepted by prior arrangement only.
Help with deliveries, and any questions please feel free to call Bette
Gorden (054-344-7869), or
Sandy Lerner (052-6640860)
*For Drop-Offs*
German Colony7 Masaryk St. Donations can be left any time under the large
white plastic table on Julie’s front porch.
Har Nof: Rella Borowski (052-766-7318)
: Chaya Grodner ( Adumim
: Tami Simon (02-587-9974)Ramot

Last day for a donation is Monday, May 29, 2017


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