Post 431: Lecture in Hebrew on Ethiopian Arts in Israel at Yad Ben Tzvi tonight 5-7 PM

I attended a panel discussion last night arranged by Telfed, a volunteer Anglo social organization of Israelis with connections by, birth, family, education to South Africa. The three panel speakers have devoted hours, days, months and years to research and visit the small villages and cities in Lithuania where their parents and close relatives were literally thrown to the dogs.

And that process has in two of the cases become a career and in the third a focus of the speaker’s retirement.

The title of the evening’s program was “Holocaust Through the Eyes of the Second Generation. Too much of the time, in this writer’s opinion, was devoted to lecture and book readings. However, Solly Kaplinski’s story and poetry was the most compelling. He was an adolescent, carefree and then one day his father, testified witnessing atrocities to the National Court and his whole life changed. I learned about the partizan Bielski brothers The forest was a location; Jews went in, survived and moved on with their stories and others didn’t. The Feuermans  and Derschowitz (my father’s and mother’s family names) came to America at the end of the 19th Century. I am second generation, my children are third and my grand-children are fourth generation Americans. The Feuermans were from Kolomea in the larger province of Czernelica in Galicia, now part of the Ukraine.

Where is the trail to follow?

There will be a lecture on Ethiopian Jewelry tonight at Yad Ben Zvi at 5 PM.


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