Post 434: Women’s Ensemble seeks venue for June Concert – Concert of Yehora Gaon performs in Zedekiah’s Cave May 18th 9-11PM

Ensemble “Hashmi’ini” – a group of ten singers and instrument players – are interested in giving a concert  for women in Nachlaot during the last week of June.

Our varied repertoire includes songs in both Hebrew and English ranging from Israeli folklore and Hassidic to Soul, Jazz, Irish, Musicals.
All our concerts have been enthusiastically received.
We prefer to perform in private homes – we have found that this creates a warm intimate atmosphere.
We would be grateful to hear from women in Nachlaot who would be willing to host us. We would need a large living room, preferably with a piano, large enough to accommodate an audience of between 20 and 30 people. (The women in the ensemble will be responsible for the refreshments).
We don’t charge for our concerts.
If interested, please contact Debby:


Concert of Yehora Gaon performs in Zedekiah’s Cave May 18th-

The mysterious cave under the Old City of Jerusalem – Zedekiah’s Cave, an incredible and unique concert venue. The East Jerusalem Development Fund hosts the best Israeli artists for intimate and excellent performances in the cave.

 Israel Prize laureate Yehoram Gaon will perform an intimate performance that including songs that have become an inalienable asset to the Israeli music world, including “Where Are You My Love”, “Do not Taste With Love” and “Minister Moshe Montefiore”.

Transportation: Parking is in the First Station Parking lot and there will be mini buses leaving from there for FREE transportation to Zedekiah’s Cave. We do not suggest walking there on your own

Israel Event

70nis per ticket

55nis for Seniors, Students and Jerusalem card holders

Tickets can be purchased at Bimot *6226

Language Hebrew

Tel: 02-627-7550



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