Post 441:Pepe’s Last Battle – If anyone is interested in volunteering for the Maccabiah – the dates are 4/7 till 18/7., volunteer’s meeting this Wednesday. (From Klara LeVine): The International Book Fair begins tonight, (Monday) through Thursday.

On Thursday 8.06 at 20:30 I viewed a film screening of  the documentary, called Pepe’s Last Battle at Barbur Gallery.


Director: Michael Alalu

Pepe Alalu, one of the left-secular leaders in Jerusalem, introduced  the film, In it he is running for mayor,  the candidate of the  Left Wing Party Meretz. In fact he was present to introduce the film. “In a divided city that is becoming more religious and right wing, he knows his chances are low. Still, he believes that his run is important as an idealistic alternative and a ray of hope for the insecure future of the Israeli left-wing. His son, Michael, the director of the film, decides to help Pepe in his fight against windmills.” (from Barbur site). Much of the film was archival footage of Pepe with his family and Pepe speaking at party meetings and Pepe in his office as Deputy Mayor. There was Pepe reaching out to Arab Israeli tribal leaders and the same leaders looking at him quizzically.

Pepe gained a lot of support in his run during the Cottage Cheese Boycott. The cottage cheese boycott (Hebrew: מחאת הקוטג‎‎ or חרם הקוטג) was an Israeli consumer boycott which began in June 2011 using Facebook. The protest was against the continuing rise of food prices in Israel. The organizers called on the public to stop buying cottage cheese, which is perceived as a basic food item in Israel. Within a short time, 100,000 users joined the Facebook protest page.  As the boycott gained momentum, it sparked a public debate on the high cost of living in Israel.

Despite special sales campaigns designed to tempt shoppers, supermarket chains reported a sharp drop in the purchase of cottage cheese by Israel’s three leading dairies, and the price of cottage cheese in the country was lowered.

I remember the tent city in Tel Aviv and a smaller version  in Gan Ha Atz Ma’Ot and in a park near the Central Bus Station. The latter one was populated by soldiers. The families camping in Gn Ha Atz Ma’Ot spent several weeks in tents in during the hottest part of the summer. The grasses turned brown and the families went back to Haifa. I brought them ice for their coolers.

I am now part of a Municipal Forum for English Speaking Jerusalem volunteers.

I was sent this request for Volunteers for the Maccabiah, which I am passing on to you.

If anyone is interested in volunteering for the Maccabiah – the dates are 4/7 till 18/7. Contact person is Michal Magen, she is looking for English speaking volunteers – it is possible to work shifts at your convenience –  Please show up in front of #7 Safir Square near the Iriya at 6:00 PM. She will escort the group to a meeting.

(From Klara LeVine):

The International Book Fair begins tonight, (Monday) through Thursday. There’s a full page ad in last Friday’s Jerusalem Post Magazine. Authors will be appearing at different times. What caught my eye is a book called Five Seasons in the Kitchen: Zen Inspired Vegan Cooking, by Avital Sebbag, who will be appearing Thursday, 15 June, from 4:00 – 6:00 p.m. at the First Station (the old railroad station).

I looked up the book and you can read some of it here

What I found missing was the concept of yin and yang creating balance. Yes, she explained the seasons and their effects well but when I looked more on her fb page and looked at the recipes closer, seems to be what many raw foodists enthuse about, shakes, salads and more yin kinds of ingredients. Many will say what’s wrong with that. Nothing if you know that is what you need for balance.

If anybody does go to listen to her, or purchase her book, I’d love to know your impressions.


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