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Post 447: Trip to Shilo and several other soaring places tomorrow, Listening to Lisa Aiken, PHD, Dinner on the Hudson, Tuesday, August 15, 2017, Contra Dance in Ramot Bet, Vertigo Dance Performance

If you have never been to Shilo or its rich environs and a few years have  passed since your last trip nearby, you have an opportunity for a free trip tomorrow: I found out about this a few hours ago: All the details are provided on the link:

A simple thing like joining a Webinar is a challenge with it’s frustrations. In fact, Lisa Aiken’s talk could have been entitled, “How to meet the Challenge of Joining a Webinar”. Yes  to get it started is a challenge . For on old hand, it can be a trifle. I felt it  empowered by getting and staying connected. a seminar conducted over the Internet.

What is a webinar? A webinar is a seminar conducted over the Internet.

I’m sorry to say that my idea of a seminar is a class at a college or university in which a topic is discussed by a teacher and a small group of students, and the burden of the class falls increasingly on the students.

At the beginning of the webinar the manager announced that 40+ students enrolled. During the hour she listed some of the single word answers of listeners. No feedback.

Notwithstanding the fact that Dr. Aiken’s message was well developed, it wasn’t so  important what she said, because, there was a sense of familiarity to it.

But getting on to a webinar, that was new, for me anyhow.

Some may say the purpose of a webinar is for arousing interest, where little or none exists. That person would not join a webinar; he uses his time to follow his range of interests and none other. Touchy-feely talks are seen as a waste of time. Dr. Aiken wore her therapist’s cap throughout, and had you think for a brief moment that a therapy session was in progress.

When one joins a Webinar you have a general idea of the contents. After a single listening experience,  I know that a webinar is really another type of Info-mercial, a television program that promotes a product in an informative and supposedly objective way, in this case promoting a series of Lisa Aiken webinars.

Heaven is wonderful, but getting there is most of the fun. This statement has been attributed to the Chofetz Chiam. I imagine the “fun” that the great Chofetz Chiam is referring to is the trial of living a life  seeking a connection to his creator. On the outside he lived a life of great difficulty and what we would call poverty. It was “Life”. He saw life with a capital “L”. Nothing was trivial.

His spiritual life was rich beyond imagination.

The speaker is Dr. Lisa Aiken.  Her topic, Overcoming Challenges with Resilience, was about “Life”. She urged us to make our stresses into small trivialities.

Firstly, what is a challenge? As a typical therapist, she threw the question out to her listeners. You’ve undoubtedly been in a room where the psychologist asks the audience members to utter their personal challenges.

Then after hearing complaints of the mundane variety from a somewhat embarrassed audience of listeners, the speaker comes up with some heavy complaints and then some and guess what, Dr. Aiken continued, “those folks are sunny and bright and not down on the world.”

I suspected she would supply many stories and examples from her hospital patients. One  a woman, suffered a stroke in her ninth month of pregnancy

Dr. Aiken was summoned to tell the woman that after delivery, she would never be able to walk or hold her baby. The lady burst out, “I’ve always been told that I was a good for nothing. You’ll see, I’ll be back in three months walking and holding my baby”. Three months later she proved Dr. Aiken wrong. More to the point, the woman didn’t know how resilient she was. But she learned and taught Dr.Aiken a thing or two.

Other stories were told describing near fatal accidents, that in the end helped wake up folks to the dangers of living in the fast lane of drugs and alcohol.

Making the necessary changes in their lives didn’t happen UNTIL they felt isolated, with  their backs up against the wall, without family, friends, job etc.

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Post 446-Three issues for Retirees-Voting no on Upcoming NYState Convention, lowering parking costs in Tel Avi, launching a second career as a lymphedema specialist/therapist, and Last chance to view USA and Canadian ice-hockey teams at the Maccabiah games

Members of New York City’s United Federation of Teachers retire and rely on the three pillars of retirement security: Social Security, a pension and free employer-sponsored health insurance. Many UFT members also have a fourth pillar to bolster their retirement security: a Tax-Deferred Annuity.

However, UFT members’ pensions are among the many benefits at risk if New Yorkers vote this fall to hold a constitutional convention.

Please Vote “no” on Nov. 7. New York should not hold a state constitutional convention.

For those contemplating a new career: There are scholarships to train as a lymphedema therapist.

Looking for a break in Tel Aviv  parking?-This system allows you to reserve on line:

Looking for a Break in the Heat? Last Chance to see USA and Canadian Maccabiah Champions! Just a  bus ride away!
Near Malcha Mall, the Benvenishti/mass of bus stop is close to
the Pais Arena- Finals Sunday
at 7pm where the Irya has set up a full size hockey rink.
There are lots of great pictures and some video highlights on the Final Teams. Admission is free, there’s lots of parking, lots of buses stop there, and the hockey is GREAT! As expected, the Yanks and Canucks will be battling for gold and neither side has come for second place, so the game is expected to be very exciting.
Not only that, but the city is leaving the rink in for public skating after
Maccabiah until at least the middle of August!
Due to public pressure the game time was moved from 8:30 to 9 Motzei Shabbat to accommodate
frum hockey fans. Yes, there are LOTS of frum hockey fans, let alone frum hockey players in Israel (we got 20 people for mincha after the the
USA-Canada game last Thursday!).
Please come and cheer and enjoy great high-level competitive ice hockey without having to drive all the way to Metulla! Bring flags, wear hockey shirts and hats, and come cheer and support ice hockey in Israel.

Post 445: Link to Jerusalem Light Festival, Street Party July 7th Noon Rechove Ben Yehuda, Jump Rope and resilience, reaching out to breast cancer survivors and volunteers, way to find a particular gravesite in Jerusalem

This post is about energy-Maybe you have some energy to support an initiative to help Breast Cancer Survivors by volunteering some time? Please reply to

If you have not seen the Jerusalem light festival tonight’s the last night.

The Jerusalem Municipality is throwing a street party on the most exciting street in the city! Everyone is welcome to join friends on Rechove Ben Yehuda to mingle, and relax. Live bands/musicians will provide the entertainment! Noon on Friday, July 7th

I have not been blogging. By breathing slowly in these last heat filled days and dry windy evenings, some chores have been accomplished. Morning jumprope was cut short. I did half my usual and gave myself a break when I read that the temperature was already 90 degrees.

As has been written earlier, my future jump rope for breast health class yet to be filled with students. Dry weather, dry class of students? What to do? Perhaps a little bit of yin and yang can work. Think water. playing near it.

I have been reaching out to professionals and have been asked, “So what are your credentials, yes you are a survivor.” “What is my exercise called? “Lymph and Let Lymph”.

Now, I have more of a “leg to stand on”. I learned that there there is dragon boat racing on the Yarkon in Tel Aviv for women survivors! And the benefits – increasing upper body strength, moving lymph , strengthening bones, increased resilience closely parallel those of rope jumping.

No water for racing near Jerusalem. However, jumping with a weighted rope is the next best thing to build upper body strength.

When it comes to women who have been through breast cancer treatment there is an instantaneous connection. With the goal of informing other breast cancer organizations about my class, I learned that I needed to have MORE than my enthusiasm on the plate. I made many phone calls to solicit volunteers.

Now I have a team of friend who will be going thru my list of about 60 women who have expressed interest in the class.

May Hashem bless these women volunteers.

I  made connections to medical professionals and  organization in Israel that have yet to see the need for women in treatment to make exercise pivotal.

Here’s where resilience comes in when faced with such challenges.

From Psychology Magazine: Resilience is that ineffable quality that allows some people to be knocked down by life and come back stronger than ever. Rather than letting failure overcome them and drain their resolve, they find a way to rise from the ashes. Psychologists have identified some of the factors that make someone resilient, among them a positive attitude, optimism, the ability to regulate emotions, and the ability to see failure as a form of helpful feedback. Even after misfortune, resilient people are blessed with such an outlook that they are able to change course and soldier on.Resilience is not a shield against suffering. It enables us to feel and to move through emotions like pain and guilt so that we can continue to feel alive and experience happiness.

A diagnosis of Breast Cancer is not the time to buy into the idea that you just feel your feelings and take all the time in the world; what if,  you have other kids at home, a demanding job, and an urgent need to function in the real world? There are concrete strategies for regaining your equilibrium even in the greatest pain. Among them: Choosing where to focus your attention (not on hating someone or something, which consumes energy);  and re-establish routines, particularly if you have children, who may need that structure even more than you do.

Despite her insistence to the contrary, there is a strong whiff of “just-get-on-with-it” matter of factness.  He began to see the wisdom of the writer Isak Dinesen, Karen Christence Dinesen, who said,  “The cure for anything is salt water — sweat, tears, or the sea”.

I don’t mean black humor here!

If you are looking for a relative or other person’s grave: Here’s some light on the subject: Some important information: There are 4 burial societies in Jerusalem that handle Ashkanazi burials and over a dozen all together.

Jerusalem community
Western (Mostly French)

In addition, many who claim to be buried in Jerusalem are actually in Eretz Haim near Bet Shemesh.

You must have one or more of the following:

ID number of the deceased, since this can be searched easily.

Name of deceased and father’s name and/or date of death/burial.

No names other than the fathers are usually recorded or searchable.

Once you have found the “address”, finding the grave can still be difficult.
If in Jerusalem Community, there is a map after the parking lot bear to the left and on the right directly after the small building is a map. It is incomplete. If the grave is in a different area, or even in this area, go to the cemetery in the morning and call the society and ask to be directed to the correct spot


Thank Hashen for Shabbas. Here’s my to do list and am genuinely happy to put it aside. Lists are good but sometimes starting at the top is hard.

a) Finish the Medical Form and Liability Release for new hesitant exercise class members and suggest we get together at 7AM before her Ulpan.

b)Prepare Social Media Letter seeking volunteers to call survivors.

c) Separate the list of survivors into Hebrew and English speaking class members.

d) Improve flyer.

e) Prepare Shabat chicken potatoes salad

f) Follow up with organizations request support for survivors who lack funds for class.

g) Try to organize meeting of Volunteers for phone calls on skype so I don’t repeat myself and develop a team.

h) Finish Sewing project. (this has low priority except when I am frustrated).

i) Arrange small move of furniture details straight for next week.

j) Volunteer for Jerusalem Marathon

k) Before moving antique furniture -go to the apartment in Romema and clean, polish, wrap furniture, and tie; bring grandsons if available to help, so movers don’t break the small table.

l ) Get Prescriptions. High priority.

m) Water Roof Plants and maybe buy water replacement drink. So you understand why I am not blogging?

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Post 443: Restart Party-fix your broken electronics-also fix furniture next meeting July 17th

  • I am sorry that I didn’t get this out earlier:

    Friday, June 16, 2017

    10:00 AM to 1:00 PM

  • גלריית שודדי ים

    מסילת ישרים 27, נחלאות, Jerusalem (map)

  • זיו 0545611292

ברוכים הבאים למסיבת התיקונים!

פסולת אלקטרונית היא אחד מזרמי הפסולת בעל הצמיחה המהירה ביותר במדינות רבות ובינהן ישראל. בעוד המיחזור חשוב, אנחנו רוצים להתערב לפני שזורקים לאשפה – ע”י מתן השראה לאנשים לקנות משהו שיחזיק לאריכות ימים ולהסיט מוצרי אלקטרוניקה מלהפוך לפסולת. אנחנו רוצים לעזור לאנשים ללמוד לתקן את המוצרים האלקטרוניים שלהם באירוע קהילתי.

הרעיון פשוט:

1. מביאים דברים שהתקלקלו לכם בבית ואין מה לעשות איתם אבל חבל לזרוק

2. מנסים לתקן אותו ביחד ובדרך לומדים איך דברים עובדים

3. אם הצלחנו, מעולה! לא צריך לקנות חדש!

4. אם לא הצלחנו, נוכל למצוא רעיונות לדברים שאפשר לבנות מהמכשיר המקולקל

רוצים לעזור כאנשי תיקונים? יש לכם מומחיות במשהו מיוחד?
צרו איתנו קשר (:

מה כדאי להביא?

• מכשירי חשמל קטנים (טוסטרים, קומקומים וכו’)

• מחשבים (ניידים ונייחים)

• מכשירים אלקטרונים בגדלים שונים

מוזמנים להציע עוד רעיונות…

הכניסה כמובן חופשית!!

פרטים נוספים על מסיבות ריסטארט

The fastest growing waste streams in many countries including Israel are electronics.. While recycling is important, we intervene before disposal – inspiring people to buy for longevity and to divert electronics from waste.
We help people learn to repair their own electronics in a community event.
The idea is simple:

1. You bring your spoiled or broken things from home that you have nothing to do with them but it’s a shame to throw them away

2. Together we try to fix it and learning how things work on the way

3. If we succeed, excellent! No need to buy a new!

4. If we failed, we can find ideas for things you can build out of the broken device

What should you bring?

• Small appliances (toasters, kettles etc.)

• Computers (portable and stationary)

• electronic devices of different sizes

You’re invited to suggest other ideas…

Entry is free of course !!

Want to help the repair team? Do you have a special expertise? Contact us (:

More details about restart parties:

Post 444; Help for individuals struggling with food obsession, Guide to Separate Swimming Beaches. Friday Night Singles dinner at the OU Center, Savings on Taxi Fares

 Today, there is a solution to those with food addiction:

Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous (FA) is a 12 Step Program for individuals suffering from food obsession, overeating, under-eating and bulimia. There will be a free community information meeting on Wednesday June 14, 2017 at Yedidya Synagogue, 12 Nachum Lifshitz in Baka, Jerusalem at 7:00PM. No dues, fees or weigh-ins. Everyone is welcome, including those who think they may have a food problem or are concerned about someone who may. For more information, call 058-535-0073 or visit our website at 

By June 5, 2017

June Festivals in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem- Unity Event, Book Fair, Light Festival, Beer Festival and more!Yes, the summer is coming which means there are plenty of fun things on in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Here are just a selection of events on in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv over June:

Listing of festivals on this week from Jerusalem Foundation. Click on here.

Jerusalem Unity Event. Click on here.

Jerusalem International Book Fair. Click on here.

Jerusalem Light Festival. Click on here.

Beer Festivals. Click on here.


Guide to Separate Swimming Beaches

Friday Night Singles Shabbat at the OU Center: ages 25-45:Taxi fares for people leaving Ben-Gurion International Airport are due to fall 12% starting Monday, but not all drivers will be charging the lower fare.

Under the interim plan announced by the Israel Airport Authority on Sunday, drivers who agree to the lower fare will be allowed to pick up passengers at the ground-level arrivals hall. Those charging the higher fare will be confined to the departures level, where there is far less business for them.


Post 442: Nefesh B’ Nefesh meeting Thursday- There will be a lesson tonight by Gil Kopatch at 20:00 at the Steinsaltz Center in Hebrew

Are you a NBN member and owner of  a business? Come meet other Olim, network and be part of the NBN business community to increase your business.
Register Now Thu, June 15, 2017 8:30 AM – 10:00 AM (IDT) NBN Office 5 Nahum Hefzadi Jerusalem, Israel 95484
Jerry Glazer, Owner of the Jerusalem Puzzle Quest will be hosting this networking seminar where NBN business people can network with each other and help each other to build their businesses.
Our shared knowledge, networks and connections will help each other build our business, connect to opportunities and extend our reach.
Breakfast will be served.
This event is limited to 20 people so please let me know if you will be joining us.


[]<> [] <> [] <><>


Rachel Berger | ??? ????
Director, Post-Aliyah & Employment | ????? ?????? ??????? ????????? ??????
Office +972-2-659-5885 | Mobile +972-54-622-5276


ה חוש הומור?

השיעור יעסוק בהומור בתלמוד וינסה להראות שההשערה שהתלמוד הוא ספר נטול הומור מוטעית ולא נכונה.

הסוגיא העיקרית בה יעסוק השיעור פותחת בסיפור על חכם הנכנס אחר רבו לשירותים כדי לעקוב אחר מעשיו שם, וממשיכה לחכם אחר הנכנס אחר רבו לחדר שינה כדי לעקוב אחר מעשיו עם אשתו. מה הטענה שמצדיקה התנהגות חריגה כזו?

בסוגיות נוספות נראה באיזה סיטואציה נאלץ רבי אליעזר לרדת מן החמור שלו ולהתחנן לאדם מכוער אחר שיסלח לו? ובסיפור אחר נעקוב אחר התערבות של שני אנשים האם ניתן לעצבן את הלל הזקן נשיא הסנהדרין? נלמד כמובן גם על האופן בו ניסו לעצבן אותו.

לסיפורים אלו המפורטים בגמרא מצורפת הוראה מעשית לגבי התנהגות האדם: תמיד להיות רך כקנה ולא קשה כארז, ולהיות ענוותן ולא קפדן.

Does the Talmud  sense of humor? The lesson will deal with humor in the Talmud and will attempt to show that the Talmud is a book without humor that is wrong and incorrect. The main topic that the shiur will deal with begins with the story of a sage who enters after his master to the bathroom to follow his actions there, and continues to another sage who enters after his master into a bedroom to follow his actions with his wife. What is the argument that justifies such unusual behavior? On other issues we shall see in what situation Rabbi Eliezer was forced to descend from his donkey and plead with another ugly person to forgive him. And in another story we will follow the intervention of two people. Can we annoy Hillel the Elder, the president of the Sanhedrin? We will also learn about how they tried to annoy him. These stories that are detailed in the Gemara are accompanied by a practical teaching regarding human behavior: always be soft as a nest and not too harsh, and be humble :

מחר יתקיים שיעור מאת גיל קופטש בשעה 20:00 במרכז שטיינזלץ.
השיעור יועבר בשידור ישיר
Will take place this week, in hopes and prayers that the rabbi will return to the weekly shiur in Chasidut.
There will be a lesson tonight by Gil Kopatch at 20:00 at the Steinsaltz Center in Hebrew tonight

Post 441:Pepe’s Last Battle – If anyone is interested in volunteering for the Maccabiah – the dates are 4/7 till 18/7., volunteer’s meeting this Wednesday. (From Klara LeVine): The International Book Fair begins tonight, (Monday) through Thursday.

On Thursday 8.06 at 20:30 I viewed a film screening of  the documentary, called Pepe’s Last Battle at Barbur Gallery.


Director: Michael Alalu

Pepe Alalu, one of the left-secular leaders in Jerusalem, introduced  the film, In it he is running for mayor,  the candidate of the  Left Wing Party Meretz. In fact he was present to introduce the film. “In a divided city that is becoming more religious and right wing, he knows his chances are low. Still, he believes that his run is important as an idealistic alternative and a ray of hope for the insecure future of the Israeli left-wing. His son, Michael, the director of the film, decides to help Pepe in his fight against windmills.” (from Barbur site). Much of the film was archival footage of Pepe with his family and Pepe speaking at party meetings and Pepe in his office as Deputy Mayor. There was Pepe reaching out to Arab Israeli tribal leaders and the same leaders looking at him quizzically.

Pepe gained a lot of support in his run during the Cottage Cheese Boycott. The cottage cheese boycott (Hebrew: מחאת הקוטג‎‎ or חרם הקוטג) was an Israeli consumer boycott which began in June 2011 using Facebook. The protest was against the continuing rise of food prices in Israel. The organizers called on the public to stop buying cottage cheese, which is perceived as a basic food item in Israel. Within a short time, 100,000 users joined the Facebook protest page.  As the boycott gained momentum, it sparked a public debate on the high cost of living in Israel.

Despite special sales campaigns designed to tempt shoppers, supermarket chains reported a sharp drop in the purchase of cottage cheese by Israel’s three leading dairies, and the price of cottage cheese in the country was lowered.

I remember the tent city in Tel Aviv and a smaller version  in Gan Ha Atz Ma’Ot and in a park near the Central Bus Station. The latter one was populated by soldiers. The families camping in Gn Ha Atz Ma’Ot spent several weeks in tents in during the hottest part of the summer. The grasses turned brown and the families went back to Haifa. I brought them ice for their coolers.

I am now part of a Municipal Forum for English Speaking Jerusalem volunteers.

I was sent this request for Volunteers for the Maccabiah, which I am passing on to you.

If anyone is interested in volunteering for the Maccabiah – the dates are 4/7 till 18/7. Contact person is Michal Magen, she is looking for English speaking volunteers – it is possible to work shifts at your convenience –  Please show up in front of #7 Safir Square near the Iriya at 6:00 PM. She will escort the group to a meeting.

(From Klara LeVine):

The International Book Fair begins tonight, (Monday) through Thursday. There’s a full page ad in last Friday’s Jerusalem Post Magazine. Authors will be appearing at different times. What caught my eye is a book called Five Seasons in the Kitchen: Zen Inspired Vegan Cooking, by Avital Sebbag, who will be appearing Thursday, 15 June, from 4:00 – 6:00 p.m. at the First Station (the old railroad station).

I looked up the book and you can read some of it here

What I found missing was the concept of yin and yang creating balance. Yes, she explained the seasons and their effects well but when I looked more on her fb page and looked at the recipes closer, seems to be what many raw foodists enthuse about, shakes, salads and more yin kinds of ingredients. Many will say what’s wrong with that. Nothing if you know that is what you need for balance.

If anybody does go to listen to her, or purchase her book, I’d love to know your impressions.

Post 440: A graphic alphabet combining Arabic and Hebrew is introduced. Read Ann Birstein’s biography- YARD SALE AACI YARD SALE- . Friday, June 9th 8:30 – 12:30

As many of my readers know, I am truly enthralled with Hebrew , so much so, that I have sign on to my second “Five Year Plan” towards the goal of reading a Hebrew Language newspaper fluently. Arabic study is another pre-occupation of mine over the last few years.

Truly amazing:

The above seem to be cities: (English)-right side second from the bottom: ACCO

Image result for Aravite alphabet combines hebrew and arabic


In the above example, the letters in Arabic and Hebrew are two unrelated letters. They don’t sound alike. They are pretty, though.

A graduate of Shenkar College Turkenich, 32, was inspired to create Aravrit by the road signs in Haifa, the mixed Jewish and Arab city where she was born and has lived most of her life. Although many of the signs feature Arabic — along with Hebrew and English — she realized that she had always ignored the lettering, which like most Israeli Jews she cannot read.

For her final undergraduate project, Turkenich set out to combine Hebrew and Arabic lettering in a way that would allow them to “live together,” as she put it. She started by revisiting the work of French ophthalmologist Louis Émile Javal, who in the late 19th century found that people can read pretty well using only the top half of Latin letters. With some experimenting, Turkenich discovered that the same is true of Arabic — and by happy coincidence, the opposite holds for Hebrew.

“In Hebrew, most of the identifying characteristics of letters’ forms are near the bottom part,” she said. “When I went to check Arabic, I crossed my fingers that they would be on the top half — and they were!”

Based on this insight, Turkenich combined each of the 22 letters in Hebrew with each of the 29 in Arabic to create an Aravrit alphabet with 638 characters. Vowels are used as needed for legibility — below the Hebrew letters and above the Arabic ones, per the languages’ respective rules. Turkenich tested the Hebrew elements on herself and her friends. For advice on the Arabic, she turned to Arab-Israeli commuters on her daily train ride from Haifa to Tel Aviv.

“Whenever I heard someone speaking Arabic, I would ask them if they had time to answer a few questions. They always said yes,” she recalled, noting that she now has Arab friends who help.

Aravrit’s letters can be combined to form words or sentences. A Hebrew-speaker should be able to read the bottom half or the words, and an Arabic-speaker should be able to read the top half. For example, the Aravrit word for “peace” would say “salaam” on top and “shalom” on the bottom.

She has incorporated alternative forms of letters in both languages — some Hebrew letters take on a different form at the end of words — and connected the Arabic elements in traditional cursive style. The changes have given her the flexibility to craft each word in a unique way, and she is working on writing down the rules.

Turkenich said she gets lots of requests to write Aravrit, including recently from the head of a small mostly Jewish city in Israel that she declined to name. She also teaches and gives lectures about her work in Israel and around the world. Aravrit is currently on exhibit at The Museum of Islamic and Near Eastern Cultures in Beersheva

Anne Birstein , a writer, was married to Alfred Kazin. Any student of American literary criticism, referred to his social literary writings. But few are aware of the accomplishments of his student and wife Amme Birstein.

A well respected writer in the New Yorker and the New York Times, Birstein penned the  biography of her father, The Rabbi on Forty-Seventh Street, which  delves deep into her Hell’s Kitchen childhood, college life and experiences among cliquish New York City intellectuals.

Her father, Rabbi Bernard Birstein, headed the noted “Actors Temple,” a synagogue that counted Milton Berle, Eddie Cantor, Jack Benny and Sophie Tucker among its members. After beginning with a wryly humorous segment on her visit to a German town bearing her last name, Birstein chronicles her struggles to be accepted by gentiles while retaining her Jewishness. Particularly entertaining are Birstein’s anecdotes of her family, school days and experiences during the 1940s, full of her trademark sardonic observations. Birstein was convinced she’d never be married and is acerbic in her assessments of her young beaux, including one lover who seduced her and then announced his homosexuality, and another who was “a Southern gent scared of Jewish girls but thrilled with them.” But singledom ended when Birstein met the highly respected writer and critic Alfred Kazin, an older divorcé who transformed her future by winning her heart and thrusting her into the heady world of New York letters, involving parties with Clark Gable, Saul Bellow, James Baldwin, Hannah Arendt, Ralph Ellison and others. Birstein’s heartfelt recounting of the writer’s life, her turbulent marriage, her divorce from Kazin and later emergence as an influential scribe in her own right will elicit readers’ admiration.

June 8th, 8:30 Meeting on Nutrition at Lev Ha”ir, with a professional dietician.

AACI YARD SALE- . Friday, June 9th 8:30 – 12:30 Rechove Pierre Koenig, Talpiot


Post 439: Lecture at Beit Avi Chai Thursday June 8th 8:00 PM Leaving Sinai: The Spies, Before and After Desire in the Desert What does it mean to leave Mount Sinai? Surprising sources depict rebellion and desire. Dr. Aviva Zornberg Jerusalem International Photography Exhibit, Jim Henson Exhibit in Queens New York, Emunah’s Annual Sale, Temach Annual Conference

Leaving Sinai:
The Spies, Before and After:

Desire in the Desert

What does it mean to leave Mount Sinai? Surprising sources depict rebellion and desire.

Beit Avi Chai

Dr. Aviva Zornberg
Thursday June 8th Tickets 20 Sh, best to buy days before the lecture t ensure a seat.

The film, Next to Her , will be shown at Beit Yehudit, Emek Refaim 12, on Sunday June 4, at 7 PM. This 2014 movie tells the story of Cheli (Liron ben-Shlush), 27, who is raising her mentally challenged 24 year old sister, Gaby (Dana Ivgy), alone. When Gabi starts attending a day care program, Cheli now has time to develop a relationship with a man for the first time. But the new situation disrupts her relationship with her sister. Film will be shown in Hebrew with English subtitles. Discussions after the movie will be in several levels of Hebrew and in English. Refreshments will be served before the film. Cost: 20 NIS.



Two-month Ammunition Hill exhibit to feature 100 of best photos taken of city in international competition.

For those of my readers who plan to visit America: “The Jim Henson Exhibition” at the Museum of the Moving Image, opens July 22, 2017.
Following the Museum of the Moving Image’s  Jim Henson (1936–1990) exhibition in 2011, which offered a fascinating peek into the fertile imagination of the creator of the Muppets, Henson’s family made a major donation to the New York museum of over 500 objects from his archives. A permanent exhibition was in the works for four years, and will finally open its doors following a successful Kickstarter campaign this spring that raised over $144,000. Among the highlights will be the chance to see 47 of the puppets for Henson’s iconic characters in person, including Big Bird, Elmo, Kermit and Piggy, the Swedish Chef, and characters from Fraggle Rock and The Dark Crystal.

The Museum of the Moving image is located at 36-01 35 Ave, Astoria, Queens, and is open Wednesday–Thursday, 10:30 a.m.–2 p.m.; Friday, 10:30 a.m.–8 p.m.; and Saturday–Sunday, 11:30 a.m.–7 p.m. General admission is $15. 

Emunah’s Spectacular White Elephant Sale – Great Bargains!
Wednesday, June 7th, 201710:00 am to 4:00 pm
Thursday, June 8th, 201710:00 am to 1:00 pm
6 Arosorov Street (between Ramban and Ben Maimon)
Judaica, decorative and household goods, kitchenware, books, art,

DVDs, toys, linens (table, bed and bath), hats, purses, shoes and much, much more.
Proceeds for Emunah’s Children’s Fund.

Also on June 7th: Annual Temach Conference:

We are thousands strong. Torah-observant women who are building careers – entrepreneurs, in-house managers, visionaries, leaders, freelancers.

The Temech conference is the organization’s flagship event: Israel’s annual summit of Orthodox women in business. ALL women are welcome!

From the organizers: We are proud to announce the 8th Temech Conference; we estimate attendance of nearly a thousand women nationwide (so many, in fact, that we had to change venues from last year to accommodate!) in two separate tracks – English and Hebrew.

We promise an exciting program of world-class speakers, power networking activities and practical takeaways.

You are invited to join us on June 7, 2017, at the Binyanei HaUma in Jerusalem. For more information and to register, visit us at for conference schedule: or call 073-2017204.

Friday, June 9th 8:30 – 12:30

AACI Yard Sale – A bargain-hunter’s dream. Toys, games, clothing, kitchen and household wares, books, and more, more, more. Walk out with unimaginable bargains!

At AACI Glassman Family Center, Pierre Koenig 37, Talpiot.
For directions or further information, please call 02-566-1181Or visit the Facebook event page: YARD SALE

AACI YARD SALE- . Friday, June 9th 8:30 – 12:30 AACI Yard Sale – A bargain-hunter’s dream. Toys, games, clothing