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Post 435: Tel Aviv Beach Boutique Hotel. Trip with Weiner Center Nachlaot Wednesday 17.5.17-tiyul to Tel Aviv Yaffo

The above is a photo taken from the new Betzalel Boutique Hotel located about 2 blocks from our building. Our building is just beyond the left side of the photograph. Every big city in Israel  depends on tourism. It is the economic engine that drives Israel’s other industries. Watch a beach hotel construction: http://nocamels.com/2017/02/tel-aviv-lifeguard-tower-hotel/ 

Photos of A Lifeguard Booth Boutique Hotel in Tel Aviv. The lifeguard tower pop-up boutique hotel is designed by Rafael Edger, with interiors by Aline Langlieb and exterior graffiti by artist Edgar Rafael.

True – there is no kitchen; I’m sure that there is a fridge and toilet and sink hidden somewhere, maybe under the bed?

Members of the Weiner Senior Center in Nachlaot request your presence at a tour to Tel Aviv Yaffo this Wednesday 5.17.17

Bring Teudat Zehut.

Meeting 7:45 at Binyanei Ha Umah, parking lot closest to the city

1-includes  breakfast at 9:30 in the Old Yaffo Museum, talk and tour of Old Yaffo and Old Yaffa Museum  until 1:00 – maybe a film

2-free time at shuk ha pishposhim 1-2 – perhaps break away from the group and meet up. Above sounds drawn out.

3-Bring lunch

4-visit to the Arabic Hebrew Theater in Yaffa http://www.arab-hebrew-theatre.org.il/en/index.php   at 2:00

5-maybe additional ride to the  Peace Center http://www.peres-center.org/ also in Yaffo 2:00-?

6-tour of the port 3:00

5:30 depart

Trip back by 7.

There are still seats available for the trip. Call  David: 052-8655-626 or 052-8655-313

120 sh.