Ida Farkash

Born in New York City, and living in Jerusalem since 2008 when she made Aliyah, Ida Farkash immerses herself in design, whether it be drawing cartoons, painting, clothing and garden design, cooking macro-bioticaly, or constructing a blog about life in Israel. In response to the Massacres of French Jews in Paris in January, she painted a seven meter mural in Paris Square.

Last Photo of We Remember Khabir
Last Photo of We Remember Khabir
She has been designing and sewing her own clothes for 50 years. The designs often incorporate old clothing with current flourishes.
In keeping with that, she works to preserve what is good about Jerusalem.  She has restored furnishings from discarded materials. After teaching mathematics in NYC public schools, she feels blessed to be able to focus on her interests. In her blog Savyatseventy, she writes about her life in Jerusalem with many “insider” tips. The second part of the blog post is devoted to macrobiotics.. An avid exerciser and she uses a weighted boxer’s  4 lb. rope to keep up her stamina.
Israel and Ida are a good match. She brought loads of patience and love for the Jewish people with her . When life includes these two facets then the process is creative. Learning Hebrew was very challenging. She met the challenge with the same tenacity as she did in her youth when training in the early days of Programing, Cobal and Assembler language. Current, she is studying Arabic and is developing a concrete method using visual and auditory clues to facilitate memory.
In the future she  plans to research the field of usable wild plants of eretz yisrael. She plans to post about different uses of wild plants and food, which parts can be used in what season of the year and some areas of use, such as food , medicine , art, etc. , my expertise is wild food. She is an avid exerciser.and use a weighted boxer’s  4 lb. rope to keep up her stamina. My latest long term projects are illustrating  several pages of Rabbi Nachman’s Stories each day for my blog and studying Arabic, which she plan to incorporate into cartoons.
She publishes a cartoon version of her Aliya.
Comic Aliya
Cover to Aliya Cartoon
Scan 7
Mel is oblivious to pain, suffering
Scan 8
Mel runs away from being a “Yid”
Scan 9
Mel wakes up to his identity with Israel, as represented by the isolated woman, It can also be waking up to ha connection to the Shechinah.
Scan 10
Mel goes through the doors and enters a new life.
She also works with her City Councilman Offir Lang on community issues. She believes one should take advantage of all opportunities upon making Aliya.
Her coursework in Israel includes: Ulpan Morasha, Photography Workshop, Ulpan for Artista, Photoshop Workshop(in Hebrew)
Relevant Course and Community Work that she did prior to her Alliya follows:
Advanced Evening classes in Science Fiction illustration and Cartoon illustration with Richard Rockwell at the Fashion Institute, New York City. She attended Summer Program for Art teachers at Cooper Union Art School and the Printshop.
She was awarded a Studio at the Educational Alliance (2001), Greenwich Village. Earned a scholarship  at the Brooklyn Museum Art School studying under Daniel Serra Badui, and under Carole  Stronghilos at the Five Towns Music and Art Center and with Tom Shooter at the Educational Alliance, the Lower East Side.
 Before turning to math teaching she was a Partner in Design Firm developing graphic designs on screen printed t-shirts, consulted with Yeshivas and community centers
in writing and managing grants in special education. Developed programming of Jewish interest focusing on women’s role.
She also used art as a means to teach reading and creative writing with adults. Taught garden design in after school. She has now  developed a roof garden in the City Center where she also does composting.
 Alliya 326988573 March 14, 2007 from Queens, New York to Jerusalem
Ulpan for Artists 2011-12 Ulpan  2010-2011
Course in Digital Photography Used to Illustrate Alliya 2013

Course: Photoshop (in Hebrew) 2013
Managerial Experience:
Volunteer work in America:: Board member of daughter’s Day Care Center and Head Start Center. Board member of neighborhood citizen’s group. Liason between community, Jamaica High School (where I worked) and city agencies.
Recruited volunteers. New York State awarded funds to Jamaica High School, Queens New York
to restore Works Progress Administration Mural. Suzanne Linda Miller (1882 – 1980) painted this mural that was 25 feet across the top and it was, I guess, 15 feet across the main part of the panel and I think it was about eight feet high,
Studied ceramics in israel at Ma’agan producing lamp fixtures for her apartment.

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