Post 610 : Baltimore Jewish and Black history: Joining A Wedding in the bride’s home. Speaking about dating norms with Israeli men, young and old. New Hapoel Jerusalem, team now returned to ownership by its fans.

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Wedding in Jerusalem: Ceremony took place on a porch in a historic building of the Ottoman rule, built in 1908 to house the Vaad (Rabbincal Council of Nachlaot).

Lovely antique clock at the bride’s home.

This holiday past. Israelis made Tu B’av into a “VALENTINE’S DAY “.Dumb

I had fun with some young people Tuesday night. Went out alone to a neighborhood restaurant bar, Chakrah in Gan Ha Atztmaot. Evening air was perfectly refreshing. Actually didn’t want to be indoors at the bar because of Corona. The place was packed. The owners squeezed many tables outdoors.

Basically only the waiters were wearing masks. I decided this was a good venue to casually ask about dating norms. The variables in my study are income and age. The restaurant is NOT KOSHER.

I brought a container of coconut water. I just try not to eat after 7 or 8 PM until 12 PM the following day.

The maitre de was perfectly ok with my drink. He took my temperature and I looked over the crowd. There were 4 guys in their 20’s sitting on high chairs next to the entrance. They looked like they had consumed a few glasses of wine.

It is the practise of Israelis to go to America for part of the year and work in the home moving industry. I think this unreported activity is not approved for visitors but they manage to make this a major source of their income.

We started to chat while I was waiting for a seat. One fellow at the table worked in a family business in America. Many also work in shopping malls in those quasi businesses that line the halls, like the ubiquitous helium balloon kiosks.

We chatted a bit further. I still didn’t have a seat. Israelis like to show off their English and knowledge of American Jewish communities. That’s usually the icebreaker.

I wanted to know about how young male/female Israelis meet their potential dates. The consensus among young Jerusalemites is, whether at bar or even on the street, the guy walks up a girl, takes her cell phone number and they basically have each others numbers, and he’ll try to reach her and actively show interest in her.

By this time the waiter brought me a chair to stay outside and the young guys and I continued to chat. The waiter brought over a glass with ice cubes. After 5 minutes, he escorted me to a table up front. I waved goodbye to the young guys in my sample. After a minute or two I was invited to join two older guys up front next to the mellow band. Their table was next to mine.

One a bit older than the other, was Marcus Gershkowitz, the owner of Anjelica Restaurant, on King David Street considered the best restaurant in Jerusalem. He invited me to try the faire.

He is a big promoter of the renamed Jerusalem soccer team with the manager Ziv Arie, at his side. I had my container of coconut water because I don’t eat after 7 or 8. They tried to tempt me with a creme Brulet concoction. Marcus was not impressed with coconut water.

Arie remarked that he and Marcus had just now in renamed the Hapoel Yerushalayim soccer team.20200723_191223.jpg

The photo shows some of the Saturday night demonstrators on their way to Balfour Street. The restaurant Chakra is beyond the bushes.

A little history: As you know soccer is Israel’s national sport. Each city league draws from the local communities, often very poor.

Football club Hapoel Jerusalem was founded in 1926. The team belonged to the “Histadrut”, Israel’s organization of workers unions, and represented Socialist values. In 1957, the team advanced for the first time to the top Israeli league. Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, the years known as the “golden era” of the team, “Hapoel” outperformed and outnumbered in spectators city rivals , Betar Jerusalem, – a team associated with the right-leaning “Revisionist” movement. The most important achievement in the history of the club was winning the Isreal State Cup in 1973. Privitization did not fare well for the team.

Since the 1980s, “Hapoel” has lost its lead to Beitar Jerusalem. The team spent the 1980s and 1990s swinging between the 1st and 2nd leagues. Eventually, it was purchased by businessman Yossi Sassi, in 1993, who appointed his friend, Victor Yona, as chairman. Since the late 1990s, the two got into various disputes and legal proceedings, and the team changed hands back and forth between the two.

After the 2006–07 season, in which the team dropped for the second time to the 3rd league, and after years of searching for someone to buy Hapoel Jerusalem, disenchanted fans, extremely dissatisfied with the management, resolved to create a company with the aim of purchasing the club. When it became evident that reaching such a deal was impossible, they decided to start an alternative team.

The group, led by journalist Uri Shedadsky and supported by then future mayor Nir Barkat, bought Apoel MaMivaserret/Abu Gosh (which was founded in 2004 by a merger of two clubs by those names and renamed it “Hapoel Katamon/Mevasseret Zion” The new name was taken from Katamon, a neighborhood of Jerusalem where Hapoel Jerusalem played from 1954 until moving to the YMCA stadium and later on to the Teddy Stadium in the early 1990s.

The first game was played October 19, 2007, to a crowd of 3,000;

Not all of Hapoel Jerusalem fans supported this move; some believed that creating Katamon was “betraying” the team. A popular slogan among the critics was “love can’t be bought for a 1,000 Shekels”, a reference to the membership price. However, the number of spectators at Katamon matches has steadily outnumbered that of Hapoel Jerusalem.

Eventually, it was decided by a vote of member-fans to end the cooperation with Hapoel Mevasseret, and instead establish a new club altogether. The advantages of this move were that the new club was untied to the management of Hapoel Mevasseret, was owned and operated by Hapoel Katamon fans alone, and since it was based in Jerusalem, could be supported by the municipality. The main disadvantage was that a newly created team must start out at ligations Gimmel, the 5th division.

The new club, named “Hapoel Katamon Jerusalem”, started playing in late September 2009 at the Hebrew University Stadium at Givat Ram, Jerusalem. The new management form consists of 3 representatives elected by the fans. Amir Gola, a team icon, returned from retirement as a former captain of Hapoel Jerusalem to be captain of the new team. Throughout the 2008/2009 season Hapoel Katamon had a steady lead, and it finished first in the league, advancing to Liga Bet. The final home-match was played to an estimated crowd of 4,000.

For the 2009–10 season, the team reinforced with numerous new players, most notably Shai Aharon, who was Hapoel Jerusalem’s captain for several years, including the 2008–09 season. the Aharon’s decision may help cement Katamon’s future as “the true Hapoel Jerusalem”.

Throughout the 2009–10 season in Liga Bet, Hapoel Katamon had a steady lead, and it finished first in the league, advancing to Liga Alef. At that season, the club had also established a youth branch and some of the youth teams managed to advance a league for their first season.

In May 2020, during the 2019-2020, the club’s Council decided to rename the club’s name to Hapoel Jerusalem, and changed the logo accordingly. On August 9, 2020 the club has been officially recreated, as Hapoel Katamon renamed to Hapoel Jerusalem.

As soon as I sat down Marcus offered me a season membership for 1000 sh, gives you a seat to two games during the season. That’s about $250. “There are 100 owners and you will be the 101st”.

Not a lot by American standard, with 33 to 36 matches. That’s about $7.00 a ticket. No tickets are sold the day of the game. Only subscribers. Really membership owned.

On Shabat? No, they don’t play on Shabat, only during the week. This makes sense because the workday could end for many at 4. the guys are itching to get out from behind a desk. They take a gym bag along and maybe still play. and then end the evening at a game and manage not to see the wife at all. Bingo.

When I mentioned that basketball was my sport, they both groaned. Ziv, age 49 admitted that until 6 years ago he played soccer semi/pro including a 6 hour regimen. Remember, soccer players run up and down the court numerous times. 43 is beyond the age of a football, baseball or basketball player.

The conversation got around to keeping fit. Ziv was relatively trim. He admitted to gaining a few kilos since joining management. And by 62 a guy who was trim in the army can be obese, just by gaining a kilo a year. This was discussed over eating pastry.

He declared, now I don’t exercise, I did it for 6 hours a day my whole life until a few years ago. Now is where the humour comes in. I revealed that I was trying to understand the norms of Israeli dating.

I asked my question, when they were single did they chase after a woman that they were interested in? Call them, etc. They had some funny answers. Both said that they never chased after a women. THE WOMEN chased after them, including their wives. I am not surprised because I heard this from a man recently, twice divorced. And Ziv was very proud of his inclination.

Tziv Arie went on to reveal how this attitude impacts on his philosophy of life. He said, “The young man works hard, he comes home, he has no energy to chase a woman. He wants to sit down on the sofa and not move, be served food and drink ( not beer), and watch soccer. He said that he never gets up even to play with his little kids.” He seems to run his home to his liking.

I am reminded of my French teacher, Miss Brenner, in 8th grade, who never rose from her seat. She looked straight ahead and gave oral instruction to a roomful of quivering adolescents. Her method was to throw out a question, and before one could finish a sentence she was on to the next victim.

The next day, I needed to purchase protective glasses. I asked David the owner of one of the large hardware stores on Agrippas Street, the same question. I know David for 12 years, and he has helped numerous times. He said they were lying. If the lady is worth it a man would do everything, necessary to win her over. And the man is afraid to show emotions. He has a reputation to keep as a strong, independent guy.

So what’s the takeaway?

I think the urge to chase a woman diminishes with age, so much so that by the time a man reaches 60 or 70 he is ready to hang up his cleats if he not already done so 40 years before. And if he didn’t chase a woman as a youngster then he’s not going to suddenly start.

If the man is successful and single a long time another factor kicks in.

He asks himself, “If I show interest and emotional investment I’ll have to put out money to court the lady. But if the woman chases me she can’t have expectations that I’ll be showering her with gifts.” For the independent woman, if she regards herself as the prize, she may be just that, left alone at 31 on the shelf.

It ain’t simple. To be continued.

Post 629: You have great Beaches in Tel Aviv:Jews for Lod | Videos & Photos from the War | Shavuot | – May 16, 2021 Please watch Jews for Lod video. You will get the message without knowing Hebrew. Please google The Jewish Press Jew for Lod. Ezri TuBe talks to Jew from all over the country who were in Lod protecting local Jewish residents. The guys left their comfortable homes and families. Don’t miss the guys from Ranaana and the Golan.

Unexpected: World Leaders Very Publicly Support Israel | Jews for Lod | Videos & Photos from the War | Shavuot | – May 16, 2021 Please watch Jews for Lod video. You will get the message without knowing Hebrew.


All the best Beaches in Tel Aviv and Could also have the same attractions in Gaza.

The following is a summery of the Tel Aviv resorts. I’ll present a few facts.

Unfortunately, the 2 million people in Gaza have a problem. Did you know that Israel supplies the population with food, water, gas and Electricity? They are the Israeli welfare system. And they don’t pay a dime.

Everything. So Israel has the capacity to turn off the tap. But they don’t.

Because if these vital sources disappear the population will amass at the border.

Israel can say , We are shutting to tap at so and so time and give up the troublemakers.

Women, tell your husbands, kick out the terrorists or you can sleep with them tonight. You’re not sleeping with me.

The ultimate guide to Tel Aviv’s 12 beaches
Israel21C via JNS
By Tess Levy
With summer weather having hit Israel, and travel from abroad soon to resume, it’s time to explore the White City’s special spots along the coast.There are few destinations more desirable than a beach along the Mediterranean Sea. The magnificent blue waves, white sand and upbeat energy of Tel Aviv’s beaches are unmatched.
What’s even better about the coastal options in Israel is the variety and unique features that each of the beaches offers. From family-friendly locations to surf spots and sport options, you can find exactly what you’re looking for at one of Tel Aviv’s many beaches.Below are the key traits and attractions of each, listed from south to north.Givat Aliyah BeachGivat Aliyah (more commonly known as Ajami Beach) is the southernmost beach in Tel Aviv, located in the old port city of Jaffa. This beach is a favorite with locals, as it is dog-friendly and maintains a level of privacy below the boardwalk.

Givat Aliyah is also known for its natural and decorative elements, including large stone arches and palm trees. The waves are crowded with surfers, paddle-boarders and windsurfers because of the perfect tides. This beach attracts more locals than tourists and is located far from the beachside hotels.

Charles Clore BeachCharles
Clore is so much more than just a great beach. This beach offers a park that stretches behind it, complete with picnic and barbeque spots, outdoor workout equipment, and a skatepark.

In addition to the vast stretch of white sand, you’ll also have plenty of grassy areas to get in a workout or spend time relaxing with friends and family. This beach is an excellent fit for families; you can grab a delicious meal at Manta Ray, a restaurant that sits just above the beach, before using the lifeguard-monitored beach (in season) with your kids and dogs.

Banana Beach/Aviv Beach

Looking for a wide range of activities to keep you entertained from early morning to late night? Start your day catching the waves at Banana Beach, where you’ll find a great surf school. After a surf lesson, enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the beach, where locals make use of the umbrellas and chairs when soaking up the sun. No matter what time you find yourself on this beach, its 24/7 bar is an accessible way to get refreshments whenever you need them.

Jerusalem Beach
If you’re searching for a stunning swimming spot, look no further than Jerusalem Beach. Known as Geula Beach by locals, this site typically attracts a younger crowd. Jerusalem Beach flaunts a vast stretch of white sand and waves that are often quite surfable. If you’re in the mood to stay on dry land instead of diving into the Mediterranean, cabanas along the water provide necessary shade on those sweltering Tel Aviv summer days.

Bograshov BeachTel Aviv is known for its vibrant, bustling atmosphere, and that’s precisely what you’ll find on Bograshov Beach, one of the most popular in the city. With countless food and drink options nearby and sitting just below a collection of hotels, this beach is a perfect location in central Tel Aviv.If you’re looking for a quiet beach day, though, this is not the best destination. Especially on weekends, you’ll find locals and tourists alike enjoying the beautiful blue waters during the day, and hitting the nearby clubs and bars as night falls.Frishman BeachTel Aviv’s Frishman Beach. Credit: Shutterstock.Tel Aviv’s Frishman Beach. Credit: Shutterstock

.Frishman Beach is a multifaceted location. Perfect for any fitness fanatic, this centrally located beach offers volleyball courts and outdoor workout equipment. Frishman Beach is also conveniently located near the hotel strip along the boardwalk, making it very accessible for tourists. There’s plenty to do and eat near this beach because of its spot on a busy promenade; just a few meters away, you’ll find restaurants and cafes open day and night.Gordon BeachIt’s easy to pass a whole day and into the night at Gordon Beach. During the day, make use of this beach’s unique saltwater swimming pool, ideal for those who aren’t as fond of the ocean. You might also enjoy the volleyball nets set up along the beach or the grassy lawns surrounding the area, conducive to sports and tanning. This beach is a fantastic place for matkot, a classic beach sport among Tel Avivians. Into the night, you’ll find many beach bars and nightlife hotspots bustling with young locals.

Hilton Beach

Hilton Beach resists being defined by just one aspect, as it hosts a multitude of enticing features. On the southern end, you’ll find a swarm of surfers riding the waves. The more central section of the beach has been deemed the official gay beach of Tel Aviv. With constant energy and wildly popular nightlife, this spot has become a hub of fun for the LGBTQ+ community.Finally, with Tel Aviv ranked as one of the most dog-friendly cities in the world, it’s only fitting that the northern part of Hilton Beach is for dogs. Hilton Beach is thus one of the most popular beaches for Tel Avivians and tourists alike, and it’s located next to its namesake Hilton Hotel.

The Religious Beach/Nordau BeachThis beach is by far the most unique in Tel Aviv. To be inclusive of Orthodox community members hoping to enjoy the sea and sand, the beach welcomes women exclusively on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, and men exclusively on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. (On Saturdays, when religious Jews do not go to the beach, it is open to all.)
High walls protect the sunbathers and swimmers from unwanted onlookers and preserve their privacy. In addition to these special features, the Religious Beach also offers refreshments, changing rooms and a playground

.Metzitzim Beach
Tel Aviv’s Metzitzim Beach. Credit: Tel Aviv Municipality.
Metzitzim Beach offers services and facilities that make it a fantastic destination for families, especially for those with young kids. When headed to this beach, there’s no need to worry about the logistics that may typically complicate a beach day; Metzitzim Beach offers year-round bathrooms, lockers and on-duty lifeguards. That, combined with the playground on the sand, shallow waters and nearby Tel Aviv Port, makes it ideal for a family beach day.

Tel Baruch Beach
Tel Baruch Beach is another fantastic destination for families seeking a quiet spot in which to swim and play. Located in the beautiful northern neighborhood of Ramat Aviv, this beach offers an expansive stretch of land and an on-sand café. This beach is great to take your kids to, for a swim in the warm, blue waters or find shade under the cabanas. This beach tends to stay on the quieter side, as it’s a bit of a commute from central or southern Tel Aviv.North and South Tzuk (Cliff) BeachBoth sections of this beach are located far north in Tel Aviv, near the neighboring city of Herzliya. If you’re exhausted from the high energy and constant movement of the city, North and South Tzuk Beach is the perfect spot for an escape, especially with your family.Aside from its soft sand and small waves, this beach is also quite inviting to children, with its playground, expansive lawn and volleyball courts. By coming here, you’ll get away from the usual crowds of Tel Aviv beaches and find a quieter haven with a gorgeous view.
This article was originally published by Israel21c.

Post 628: In Honour of Yom Yerushalyim and reaction to this weeks events. I work on my blog on my phone. Why? Because I am unable to upload photos from my phone to media on the wordpress on my macbook.

It seems that Yom Yerushalayim was a year ago. It was only last week. That day young people danced to the bebop of Israeli contemporary music on Rechove King George around the corner from my apartment, drowning out the drums of war that smouldered under the surface.

The silent majority is shocked at the current racially spurred incidents of Pogram like attacks to Jewish property and person and institutions in Lod. Of course when Jews are attacked a few use that as an excuse to vent on the Arab Israeli population

We are seeing true unity. THE FOLLOWING IS A FEW DAYS OLD: Evident to all.

Following today’s air-raid sirens in Beit Shemesh, now is as good a time as any to remind everyone – and to tell newcomers who may not be aware – that military matters must never under any circumstances be posted to the list.
Israel has military censorship, for a reason.
The list is not a means of private communication among friends and neighbours. Anything posted to the list goes straight to the Internet. It stays on the Internet forever. Anyone – ANYONE – can read it. Forever.
If your soldier son, husband or whoever tells you where their unit is going, they are in breach of security and are deserving of severe punishment. A few years ago, someone posted to the list that “the IDF is going into Gaza tonight.” I was horrified to see that. It may or may not have been true at the time. Because of censorship, even if it had been true at the time, it was not publicized. Think for a moment. If you, and I, and your best friend, can read it on the list, so can members of Hamas. If Hamas or Hezbollah knows what the IDF is planning to do, well, I hope you don’t need me to elaborate on possible consequences.
Military missions are absolutely never, under any circumstances, publicized in advance. The announcement comes afterwards. “The IDF did XYZ last night; all our soldiers returned safely to base [or sometimes sadly not].”
The same is true of missiles landing in Israel. A missile that lands in a small community that is easily pinpointed on a map is announced as having landed in the XYZ region. The announcement is deliberately vague. If you know exactly where it was because your sister in Kibbutz ABC told you it landed inches from the kibbutz kindergarten, you must not publicize that (and your sister should not have told you). If our enemies – who can look at detailed maps the same as we can – know exactly where it landed, they will know to aim “better” next time in the hope of hitting a sensitive target.
If you see something unusual that looks related to a military incursion (a lot of planes overhead, strange flares in the sky or some such), you must not ask on the list “What is all that I saw?” It is not our business to know, until after the IDF has cleared it for publication. It is not our business to know that Brigade XXX is being moved to some other location. There is a reason why this information is not published, and you shouldn’t need me to tell you why.
All media outlets in Israel are required to abide by IDF censorship rules. Media outlets means newspapers (print and online), radio and television.
You must resist the temptation to rush to the list, to Facebook or any other social media, to tell the entire world that a missile landed in front of your house, when anyone can easily pinpoint your house just by using social media.
After the military censor has cleared the information for publication, you are then of course free to tell everybody (and it will be all over the news anyway). And what you are free to tell is what has been cleared for publication. If it’s announced that a missile landed in the XYZ region, no further details, you must not say “oh, I know exactly where… my cousin told me.”
It is of course totally acceptable to ask people to say Tehillim for soldiers, without any further details, even if you personally know (or think you know) what is about to happen.
Israel has plenty of enemies who would be only too happy to see us destroyed. We must not help them.
(in Israel since 1978, and worked for 32 years for a newspaper that abides by the censorship regulations)

Date: Monday, May 10, 2021
Subject: [BS/RBS List] Military and security matters, a reminder #general

ALL MOMs ARE Trying to be vigilant.

Trained our children during these times: for our precious ones.
The critical information I learned from my Tzevah Adom experiences:
 During the last war, I found a productive way to make my family feel safer
when all was unknown.    The first night Jerusalem had a siren I was home, alone with a number of children and my teenagers were still in Yeshiva.   I found myself running around anxiously waking up the little ones trying to pull them out of their slumber,  while the bigger ones ran for cover in the stairwell.    I realized after that time we had to get organized.    The next morning I sat down with my husband and all my children and we spoke about what to do when there was a siren or any type of emergency.    First I assigned each child a partner one older to one younger.   I then showed them the bag I had packed for each pair.  In the bag is water, crackers, diapers, wipes, tissues, socks, and a flashlight.    The bag stays next to the bed of the older pair and if an alarm sounds they are to get the bag, their younger pair, and run to the stairs.   Next, we spoke about what to do if we had to leave the
building.   We made a “meeting place” so that we can gather there if we
needed to exit the building or if someone was not home so that we can make sure we are all safe.    I found this gave my kids and myself a real sense of security knowing there was a plan of action and what to
do.   Unfortunately, we did not have to wait long for another siren to
alarm Jerusalem, and my kids performed perfectly    Except for one snag.  One of my children’s partners was not home yet from Yeshiva again.  I will never forget the look on his face, lost without his partner.  So we revised and now he knows as well as the others, in case your partner is not home, where the bag is and how to run to safety.     When sirens started yesterday, I reviewed the process with my children, we refreshed their bags and now we are hoping we never have to use it again. Nahva Follman

Don’t let the New York Times describe the situation as volatile or out of control. I speak with Israelis and they say that anyone who didn’t think the Gazaans weren’t stockpiling rockets is a fool.

The attitude is every few years their supply has to be destroyed or used up. This time their rockets go further. 

I called a friend in Ashdod. We cried on the phone together. I offered he my home. She replied, “I can’t leave my family”. She called me affectionately, mommy. Yes, the mommies of children need their mommies. I decided to stay even before the airport was closed.

Unfortunately many people will be killed in the process. Sound cynical? The Gazaans rockets have killed Arab Israelis.

For a bit of humour:

So much intra familial strife.

Just want to get on with our life.

Being merry and wise,

Being honest and true,

Befor Arabs and Jews make love a new

There’s a lot more work to do Byn Jew l’Jew.

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Post 627: Efriam Kishon- Dance of the Demons-I am Encouraging students to translate Hebrew to English. A story about the havoc a new baby can cause.

This can be seen as a blind case. Since our "brochur" our boy has a arrived to us, have disappeared from our home all of our housekeepers. There is one who left behind her most personal belongings. This demonstrates the urgent nature of her escape. And this is all because of one infant..... 

The above is the beginning paragraph of the Efriam Kishon story. I divided the story into manageable sections and each student received a portion to translate to English as homework. The male students weren’t happy with the idea. The female students loved the idea. They struggled with the Hebrew because Kishon makes up words. We toss around the meaning, .

Then next week the’ll read the same story in English with a great deal of confidence because they’ve read the Hebrew. There are subtle differences. In Hebrew the couple are described as “educated”. In English as “intelligent”. That is because in the early years even until today, a University education in Israel is an impressive attainment. Not easy to achieve as many didn’t in the past even attain a High School diploma.

They are also clarifying the Hebrew for me.

I am getting super reviews from these 8 retired Israelis in my English conversation class. My language method is very different from how language is taught to Adults. Usually material is read and translated with little conversation. I said if they have any complaints to talk to me and not to the director. Complaints? None.

Ulpan is a totally different focus as it is aimed to prepare students for speaking from scratch.

English instruction is not a priority in Israel. As a a foreign language it is begun at age 10 or 11 and is offered a few times a week through high school. English picture books are not available to the average secular and religious Israeli. Only with English speaking grandparents with time to devote to language practice, a child, depending on his motivation, can be fluent by age 12 if English is spoken in the home.

I don’t want to elaborate on the importance of learning English.

The method above shook things up a bit. I also start the class with English idioms. So many American idioms are based on sport or the farm. Hey out there, did you grow up reading William Saffire on Language in the New York Times? Last week we discussed “going on a wild goose chase”, and other idioms, with loads of laughter. Remember “Your goose is cooked” from Laurel and Hardy? Good for the goose and good for the gander. Moderm Hebrew has only one word for goose – male.

The week prior the expression “Falling off a horse” was used in a French novel. Shlomo chose an English novel translated to French.

We spent some time clarifying the idea that truly one must get back on or the horse starts to think that he runs the show.

To my surprise Bini offered a Hebrew idiom : He’s not yet off the horse: meaning he’s not ready to be put out to pasture-to give up his position.

Essentially the English speakers, Bini, Saul, Shula, Karina, Yrite, Yitchak , Chana, Chaya, etc. and I are together in French, German and Arabic classes up to 13 hours a week. Some come for one language. They have been together in the French classes for 13 years-plenty of time to get a PHD.

The 2 hours for Arabic conversation are intense. I tried to convince them to learn the Arabic alphabet. Nope. I was voted down. And they can roll the RRRRRs and they have fun laughing at my attempts.

Shlomo, the French and German teacher has a hard time controlling their outbursts. I don’t. Guess varying an activity is needed with adults.

More about this….

Post 626: JWed – Jewish Dating for Marriage-A Claim and Running an English Conversation class for Hebrew Speakers

Hi All:  All comments here in about the dating site JWED are based on  my experience. The owners were very generous. I was having difficulty using my Credit Card to actually subscribe and they gave me free membership privileges for several months.

If you connect via the link below you will read of  more than 3,000 matches, by definition  (which lead to marriage)  that have been made through the site.  Yes, internet dating is popular and  Link below brings you the success stories, meaning that  marriages made through subscription to the site are possible.

This is not the place to determine if there is a profit. Yes, why else would JWed be in business? I don’t want to guess  how many  subscribers pay about $18 a month or less when a “Special” is offered.  Listing a profile as I did didn’t cost a dime.

I didn’t really feel invested in the whole ambiguous process.

But the trick is unless I become a subscriber, my  messages are not available to me to read. Here’s how I did a lateral Arabesque. For a while I got reminders to read my messages. To do so I’d have to subscribe.

Now the messages  seem to have collectively vanished. This is also contributing to my skeptiscm. Jwed  put in place another layer. You could hang out together.

Just what I am interested in doing.

I am really not  dating interested, but the process of communicating to an unknown entity had become a “Hobby”.  I’d call it an extra-curricular activity.

Isn’t dating a process of collecting data? I’m quite sure the men see the process in a similar vein. You can be sure that no-man  initiates to a woman my age who I would care to meet. 

If a guy’s profile looks interesting, I write to him, aak him to read my profile and let him leave me a message. I have accumulated about 6 messages. Then when I get to the states I will join and pay. But now they don’t appear?

Got asked to teach English to Hebrew Speakers at Delet Petucha. Asked by the director who previously threw me out of a French class.

Anyway, am back in the class. About a month ago I approached Hannah who  was thrown out by Shlomo. I asked Hannah if she thought after the incident, she’s ok with me participating in the French class..

She shrugged and said that she doesn’t remember any incident. That’s the good part of loosing occasionally a  mental faculty. 


Never taught Conversational  English. It will be on my terms. We’ll be reading chapters in Efriam Kishon, My Family Right or Wrong. I’ve been prodding through it in Hebrew. Kishon was a respected journalist in Hungary before he arrived to Israel. He saw his fellow journalists who had preceded him to Israel on the dock in Haifa, bemoaning their inability to work because they were not fluent in Hebrew.

Kishon at that moment withdrew to his small room and focused on the goal of Hebrew fluency. The class is lots of fun and hope to elaborate on my English students next post. Baruch Hashem am getting good feedback. I exposed them to English idioms and that gets them very animated. I requested if there are any complaints to talk to me and not to the director.

You may know Kishon from the screenplay Sallah Shabati. 


Post 625: Jean Paul Satre on NYC 1949: Back to studying French. My center Delet Petucha has reopened. All members register with green pass. This is a bit dated.

Today we have a jazz improv on my corner. The oil deliverer is dressed for Purim.

Waiting for the band to start after a break.

Gloves and masks on all musicians.

New Yory described by Jean Paul Satre. 1949. Birth of comtempprary Jazz. Mellow. Jamming. Now you know where Milton Glaser got the I Love New York theme.

Post 624: Raves for Shivity

I hear about “influencers”. They are folks who weigh in with lack of talent.

Remember Ed Sullivan?

You may not be old enough to remember what Fred Allen (31 May 1894-17 March 1956), said about Sullivan.

“Sullivan will be successful as long as other people have talent.” He picked newcomers because they were a bit edgy. When they were on the show he’d try to control them, by censoring their material or even viciously attempt to destroy their careers.

Shiviti attracts women of all backgrounds. There’s no need for therapy to help one grow in positive relationships. Learning Torah promotes that by supporting personal growth, by discovering talent and renewal.

Shiviti is a modestly run educational organization that promotes talented teachers, people with broad backgrounds, whose scholarship and expertise is revitting. There’s no script.

Torah is the start of any conversation. Fresh ideas percolate among the students. No censorship. Teachers build on the student’s verbal contributions.

The aim is to reach and influence through Torah, talented Jewish women. Talent and Torah have grown through zoom classes reaching a world-wide audience.

There is an expression describing Torah: Torah is the best sechorah, Torah is the best merchandise.

Authentic, Creative, Soulful Torah
Dearest Friends!I write to you because you are part of the Shiviti family. Today, you can step up and become a pillar of it.

We are excited to announce that we have just launched our Annual Campaign 2021 to raise $150,000 with matching donors who will double your gift! We encourage each and every one of you- OUR FAMILY to join in this opportunity to support Shiviti.

You see, you may not realize just how much this remarkable Makom Torah – this special, holy space – relies on generous donors like you. There are so many more souls to welcome into our family. And so much more Torah growth to discover. That’s why your gift is so important. 
Now, during this global pandemic, there is no better time to invest in bringing life-giving Torah to those who seek it. 

Please donate to Shiviti today. Because of you, more Jews will find their spiritual center. Your gift swings our doors open for all who wish to enter.Invest in the future of the Jewish People.
Invest in the vision of our founder, Rav Sholom Brodt z”l.

For many of our students, Shiviti is it… their only spiritual home. But this home cannot thrive without your support. Give another Jew the chance to experience the wonder and delight of the Torah in a non-judgmental, honest, supportive environment.

Because what better gift could you give someone than a life of purpose and meaning?

Shiviti is successful because it finds staff with talent to make Torah, that unique Jewish gift, accessible.

Post 622: My Pfeizer Corona Vaccinations Tuesday December 22nd and Wednesday January 13th. Nachlaot Community Announcements, Macrobiotic Recipes

The way to reach a goal is most often through the back door. The Pfeizer First Corona shot was on my agenda for the week, but not if I would first need to wait on line for an appointment! A Misrad Ha Briute worker called me, commanding me to get an appointment. But none was offered.

When a system is in chaotic infancy with several glitches, that’s when the back door becomes the front as the only choice for entrance.

Staging area was a facility of my HMO. I am very familiar with the Meuhedet easily penetrated facility, a 3 story building called Misgav Ladach. It contains the outpatient congestive heart treatment centre where Larry was very kindly treated for several years. Bittersweet memories.

I was there at 8:30 A.M.

I went to the building to buy a new sleep mask for my Cpap machine at the Sleep Center, normally on the entrance level.

As soon as I entered the building, security approached to test my temperature and ask a few questions about my health.

Not unusual. Then unusual to see nurses in the lobby and rows of chairs with the white signs, “leave this seat empty” pasted one the back.

Covid Vaccine. Still needed a bit more information. Looked at the usual spot for the Sleep Apnea secretary and the seat was vacant. Next to that spot was a secretary busy peering into her phone. The chairs against the wall close to the Vaccination area were occupied by obedient seniors with numbered papers. These were the folks with appointments. The walls and chairs at the entrance were filling with folks sitting holding the numbered papers. It was 8:30 AM.

Ready to roll. I played the dumb senior. Pointed out respectfully to the secretary that I came down to the centre out of frustration unable to reach through the normal channels for an appointment.

Of course she had no power to help. She pointed to the nurse who was holding a paper calling out the names of patients. I got my story together, actually showed some of the “helplessness” of the average senior, described my frustration in almost inaudible tones and my inability to also find the sleep apnea secretary.

This was my day! “Honey, sit here, you’ll get the shot and one of my assistants will take you downstairs where the sleep apnea centre is now.

I know that building as they say like the back my hand, but when someone treats you like a queen, I say go for it.

I was finished in time to reach my yoga class. The second shot was on January 13 and went very smoothly. Didn’t jump any lines this time. Just came half hour earlier than my scheduled appointment.

The city invites you to take part in upgrading the garden at Hacham Shalom, which is located next to the Paz gas station on Ben Zvi Street. The purpose of the upgrade is to improve the garden space, replace the rubber flooring, place new facilities, lighting, trees and garden furniture. We invite you in the attached questionnaire to influence the planning of the garden and we will make sure to centralize your answer and bring them before the relevant representatives of the municipality. To enter the questionnaire, click here

Upgrading Ussishkin Street
We are currently working with the municipality on a plan to upgrade Oskin Street, which will include flooring, lighting, planting trees, treating pests, street furniture and so on. We are interested in holding a public participation for reference and suggestions from the residents regarding the upgrade of the street. We booked a public participation meeting on 15.2.21 at 20:00. An orderly announcement on the subject will be issued soon ahead of the meeting. Your position and participation are important to us.שדרוג גינת חכם שלום בנחלאות
מינהל קהילתי לב העיר מזמין אתכם לקחת חלק בשדרוג הגינה בחכם שלום, הנמצאת בצמוד לתחנת הדלק פז ברחוב בן צבי. מטרת השדרוג לשפר את מרחב הגינה, להחליף את ריצוף הגומי, הצבת מתקנים חדשים, תאורה, עצים וריהוט גן. אנו מזמינים אתכם בשאלון המצורף להשפיע על תכנון הגן ואנו נדאג לרכז את תשובתכם ולהביא אותם בפני נציגי העירייה הרלוונטיים. לכניסה לשאלון לחץ כאן

שדרוג רחוב אוסישקין

בימים אלה אנו עמלים יחד עם העירייה על תכנית לשדרוג רחוב אוסקין, שתכלול ריצוף, תאורה, שתילת עצים, טיפול במפגעים, ריהוט רחוב וכיוצא בזה. אנו מעוניינים לערוך שיתוף ציבור לקבלת התייחסות והצעות מהתושבים בנוגע לשדרוג הרחוב. שריינו  מפגש שיתוף ציבור בתאריך 15.2.21 בשעה 20:00. הודעה מסודרת בנושא תצא בקרוב לקראת המפגש. חשובה לנו עמדתכם והשתתפותכם.  

בקרוב נעדכן על מתחמים נוספים שצפויים לעבור שדרוג ושיתופי ציבור שבכוונתנו לקדם. 

לכל נושא ושאלה עומד לרשותכם,

ד"ר אופיר לנג
יו"ר מינהל קהילתי לב העיר  

This year sadly there was no Sukkah Kenes Potluck. However, my friends and I share our home cooked souyps.

To inspire everyone to keep looking for some new recipes to bring to the next Sukkah Kenes potluck, and for all of us to share what we find, as recipes come in,

If you’d like to join us for the Kenes but not for the potluck, it’s fine. Don’t forget to RSVP, call either Hazel, 054-582-2347 or myself, Klara, 052-342-8058.

These are the recipes we have so far –

SukkahKenes Click on the link above to view the sign up sheet for the Sukkah

Kenes group meal on

Hazel Dobrin is bringing:
From: Goma Wakame Saved Me From a Dumb Mistake! by Cynthia Briscoe

Goma Wakame Saved Me From a Dumb Mistake! by Cynthia Briscoe

Arame and Onions with Lemon-Ginger Zip

2 cups dry arame
2 medium or 1 large yellow onion, sliced into half moons
1 teaspoon light sesame oil
pinch sea salt
2-3 tablespoons shoyu (natural soy sauce)
Rinse the arame, drain and allow to sit until soft. Do not let the arame soak in water.
Cut yellow onions into thin half moons.
Heat sesame oil in a large skillet.
Sauté onions for 5-10 minutes or until transparent.
Layer the softened arame on top of the onions. Add enough water to cover the onions and arame.
Bring to a boil, reduce flame, and simmer for 30-40 minutes.
Add shoyu (natural soy sauce). Cover and continue cooking for another 10 minutes. A few minutes before the cooking is finished add 2 teaspoons of ginger juice from freshly grated ginger, and 1/2 teaspoon of lemon zest (grated lemon peel). Cover pot and continue to cook for a few more minutes or until all liquid has cooked away.
Mix arame and onions together. Serve.

Klara LeVine is bringing Spicy Rice with Lentils and Candied Onions

Christina Pirello’s Wellness 1000 Deluxe The deluxe edition of Christina Pirello’s Wellness 1000 features the complete text, more than 25 exclusive, orig…

1 Tbsp oil
2 – 3 onions, cut into thin half moon slices
soy sauce
1 inch piece kombu
1/2 cup le Puy or black lentils, sorted and rinsed
2 3/4 cups spring or filtered water
1 bay leaf
2 whole allspice
1 cinnamon stick
1 cup brown basmati rice, rinsed well
pinch of sea salt
about 1/4 cup minced parsley

Heat oil in a skillet over medium heat. Add onions and a splash of soy sauce, saute until quite limp and lightly browned, 15 – 20 minutes, stirring frequently.

Meanwhile, place kombu on the bottom of a heavy pot. Top with lentils, and add 1 1/2 cups of water. Bring to a boil, uncovered. Cover, reduce heat to low and cook until lentils are tender, about 45 minutes. Season to taste with soy sauce, simmer 5 – 7 minutes more, allowing any remaining liquid to e absorbed into lentils.

Add remaining 1 1/4 cups water, the bay leaf, allspice and cinnamon to a pressure cooker. bring to a boil over medium heat. Add rice and salt. Seal lid, and bring to a high pressure. Reduce heat to low, place pot over a flame detector, and cook for 25 minutes. Turn off heat and allow pot to stand undisturbed for another 25 minutes, so rice can finish cooking in the steam. Carefully open lid. Remove bay leaf, allspice and cinnamon.

To serve, combine lentils with candied onions. Mound rice in the center of a platter, and surround with lentils. Garnish with parsley.

(from Klara – I may not use the pressure cooker, don’t know yet. Onions are sweeter the longer you cook them, thus the title candied onions. No sugar at all!!!!)

From Sally Tokayer (Sally, if you can give us the source, would be great)


2 cups water
1 tbsp. miso or pinch of sea salt. Shoyu can be substituted for miso.
1 tsp. mustard
3 cloves garlic, sliced
Sesame oil

Cut tempeh into strips. In a sauce pot, dissolve miso in water or shoyu, add tempeh, mustard, and garlic. Cover and simmer slowly for 15 minutes.
Oil bottom of baking dish. Drain tempeh and place strips in baking dish. Bake in oven uncovered at 350 – 15 minutes.

From Sima Manor

taken from Sigal”s cooking class in Petach Tikvah, macrobiotic kitchen (with her permission)

4 cups of green kusemet, buckwheat/kasha soaked for 5-6 hours
1 cup of silan -date syrup

1-2 ripe bananas
2-3 green apples (grand)
teaspoon of soda or baking powder
1/2 tsp dry ginger
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1 glass of water
1/3 glass tahina

blend all the ingredients
pour in a cake tray
spread pieces of almonds
bake for an hour on 150 celsius degrees (about 300 F)

From Chana Rachel
Sweet Squash Pie from The Self Healing Cookbook by Kristina Turner

3 c. cooked, mashed squash
1/2 c. water
2 heaping T. kuzu
1/4 tsp. sea salt
2-4 T. rice malt syrup
1 1/2 tsp. cinnamon
1/4 tsp. allspice (optional)
pinch of nutmeg and cloves

Cut squash into quarters and remove seeds. Then either place in an oiled covered baking dish and bake at 400 deg. F for an hour or, place in a steamer 3/4c. water and pressure cook 20 minutes. Peel and mash, then puree in blender.
To make filling, dissolve kuzu in water (or, use cooled liquid from pressure cooking). Heat and stir vigorously–to prevent lumps–while it thickens. Add pureed squash, rice syrup and spices. fill a partially baked Nutty Oat or Wheat free Oat Crust and bake 25 minutes at 350 F. Cool before serving.

Wheat free Oat Crust (Self Healing Cookbook-Turner)

1 & 1/3 c. oat flour

2/3 c. brown rice flour
1/4 tsp. sea salt
2 T. sesame oil
2/3 – 3/4 c. water

To make oat flour, whiz rolled oats in the blender. Roast flours, combine ingredients, press into pie plate and bake for 10 minutes at 350 F – then fill and bake 25 minutes more. For fruit tarts or cream pies pre-bake 20 minutes at 350 F,

Post 623: A Grave Loss: Esther Horgan, murdered in suspected West Bank attack, laid to rest

Esther Horgan, murdered in suspected West Bank attack, laid to restAs husband and 6 children weep openly, the local rabbi laments the loss of his friend who never failed to smile; local and national politicians vowed to expand settlements in response to murder, seen as an act of terror. It has been 30 days since her death. Sometimes the appalling murders hit close to home.Now, her widower, Binyamin – like Esther, a French citizen – is working to convince the French government to make the money it sends to the Palestinian Authority conditional upon the PA stopping both the salaries it pays to terrorists and their families, and its anti-Israel incitement.On Wednesday, Horgan is scheduled to take part in a Zoom meeting with French journalists and public officials organized by the Center for Near East Policy Research. Horgan wants to pressure the French authorities to take action.

“We want to raise awareness among French speakers and the French authorities about the fact that the Palestinian Authority actively supports terrorism,” Horgan said.

“The goal is ultimately to stop the Palestinian Authority’s funding of terrorists, or at least establish closer oversight of the money that France and the EU send to the PA. The PA uses this money both to pay terrorists after the fact, and to fund incitement and violence. This directly led to the murder,” Horgan added.

CNEPR Director David Bedein said, “We are setting up the ‘Israeli Public Council,’ which with the help of volunteers will work to achieve these goals, which Israel is doing nothing about.”

I paid a Shiva call to Devorah Levinsohn, the sister of Esther Horgan.  Devorah is a dear friend, the wife of my lawyer Odad Levinsohn. I recall meeting Esther  Horgan at the Levinsohn family’s simchot. The Levinsohns are also close neighbours.

Post 621: Continuing saga: events that may have been our focus loose their importance in retrospect. Two items, bittersweet

Remember when you felt like your boss or teacher was picking on you? And maybe there were spies looking at you so you didn’t get out of line? I’ll continue this discussion. But first a little fun and something to elevate your mood.  I’ll save this for next post.

By Annie O (British NHF must be name  for British Health System?)


All baby boomers
All bra burners
Those of us with disabilities
 Those with Corona vulnerabilities
Whopee we are the vacinatees
 Now we can do as we please
(Not quite-need masks) 
Now is our time
No longer in our prime
So we throw off our masks
Along with our sensible pasts
And learn how to misbehave
 ‘Trip the light fantastic’ and RAVE

Throw away your Zimmer frame
Let Covid 19 take the blame
We have been sheltering far too long
 Now is our turn for our autumn song
Along with a boogie or two
 Whatever arthritic hips still can do

 Give the poor NHS a chance
To see us celebrate and dance
No need for an oxygen mask
 Surely its not too much to ask
Life expectancy is so shallow
 When death lurks in the shadows

Covid 19 stamped MADE IN CHINA
Symbol of evil, major not minor
 Previously a symbol of poor quality
 Exported plague with fearsome ability
To infect the world as we knew it
 To affect both poor and affluent

Now us vaccinated oldies
 Cannot be the youths worries
Go forth, build a kinder world
Treasure your life and be bold
 Abandon the cursed Chinese
 Learn the Covid lesson of priorities

What couldn’t we bear to abandon
 Family, friends, fun and freedom
 Economic rebirth will come to pass
That’s not something that ever lasts
It’s the four f’s that matters most
 It’s the four F stamp that is life’s boast

 Meanwhile excuse us our second go
Because death is our only foe
 So watch out world, here we come
 Vaccination allows us our fun

We feared life meant incarceration  Now we oldies can lead the nation.

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Post 620: The Kindness story: a parallel to Chanukah

One arrives in Israel and there are no symbols of Christian holidays on the outside of the churches.

I turned to Eartha Kitt Santa Baby. That will perk you up.

CHANUKAH IS a holiday which is very bittersweet. Most if us are alone.

Alone Together: 14 Ideas for a Virtual Holiday. From What’s Your Grief.

In a year of unprecedented loss, there is a fair chance that facing the holidays is filling you with dread. If so, you’re not alone. More than ever, this year people are thinking about traditions that will have to shift or won’t happen at all. After a year of distancing and isolation, the thought of a holiday without the usual family togetherness may feel like a difficult pill to swallow. We have heard many people asking for virtual holiday celebration ideas if you can’t be with your family for the holiday. There are no brilliant plans that will make things feel ‘normal’ in a world that is anything but. But we do have some creative ideas that can allow you to feel close with family when you can’t be together for the holiday. Below is our list, but click the full article for details on each on suggestion.

1. Have a Virtual Holiday Meal

2. Have a Sides and Dessert Exchange

3. Have a Recipe Exchange

4. Teach the Family Recipes

5. Play (Virtual) Games

6. Plan a ‘Christmas or Hanukkah in July’

7. Use the Virtual Holiday Time to Create Something as a Family – a collective photo album, an oral history, or something else creative!

8. Have a Ginger Bread House Making Competition

9. Watch a Holiday Movie ‘Together’

10. Create New Traditions

11. Have a Virtual White Elephant Gift Exchange.

12. Skip the Meal – have a virtual holiday “tasting party”

13. Create a Family Gratitude Video or Have a Gratitude Zoom

14. Have a Memory Show-and-Tell

AND feelings to describe grief.

So, without further ado, from the same site, grief makes me feel . . .

  • Abandoned
  • Afraid
  • Alienated
  • Alive
  • Alone
  • Angry
  • Anguished
  • Anxious
  • Bereft
  • Betrayed
  • Brave
  • Broken
  • Compassionate
  • Complicated
  • Conflicted
  • Confused
  • Connected
  • Crazy
  • Dead Inside
  • Defeated
  • Depersonalized
  • Depleted
  • Depressed
  • Despairing
  • Desperate
  • Different
  • Directionless
  • Disbelief
  • Disconnected
  • Disoriented
  • Drowning
  • Empathetic
  • Empty
  • Frustrated
  • Grateful
  • Grounded
  • Guilty
  • Gutted
  • Heartbroken
  • Heavy
  • Helpless
  • Hollow
  • Hopeful
  • Hopeless
  • Human
  • Impatient
  • Inadequate
  • Incomplete
  • Indifferent
  • In pain
  • Insane
  • Insecure
  • Invincible
  • Invisible
  • Isolated
  • Jealous
  • Joyless
  • Longing
  • Lonely
  • Lost
  • Loving
  • Mad
  • Melancholy
  • Miserable
  • Misunderstood
  • Nostalgic
  • Nothing
  • Numb
  • Overloaded
  • Overwhelmed
  • Panicked
  • Paralyzed
  • Powerless
  • Re-Connected
  • Regretful
  • Resentful
  • Sad
  • Scared
  • Shattered
  • Shocked
  • Sick
  • Silenced
  • Small
  • Split apart
  • Stronger
  • Stunned
  • Tired/Exhausted
  • Trapped
  • Unmotivated
  • Unseen
  • Unsettled
  • Unworthy
  • Vulnerable
  • Wanting
  • Weak
  • Weary
  • Withdrawn
  • Yearning
  • EVERY POSSIBLE FEELING. I was particularly very unready for the smells and tastes of Chanukah.
  • Without an appetite.

Last week I was called upon to be brave and compassionate. I responded to what I perceived of as a real need. There is humor here? And Joy?

A friend I met at a Shabat table called me. I admit yes, I ignored the call.

IN August this friend identified a very ill neighbor of mine. The neighbor’s name is Uzi Elman. I wrote to my friend Yoram: This conversation began in August.

Hi I saw your friend Elman. When I asked if he was Uzi Elman, he looked at me for a moment. Maybe he thought I was the Malach Ha Mavet, the Angel of Death. Then he said yes and I sent regards from you and introduced myself. He’s by himself? Do you visit (to Yoram)?[8/14, 12:39] Yoram: No visiting. Only once in awhile we meet on the street. (I learned later that Uzi Ellman’s address is a secret. Only known to the watchman.
[8/14, 12:54] Ida Farkash: I’d visit him with you. Big mitzvah Bichur Cholim. He’s so emaciated. I’d bring some soup, sit on a bench on Shmuel Ha Nagid. Or if he’s uncomfortable with me I’d give you the soup. Anyway. Think about it.
Shabat Shalom
[8/14, 12:59] Yoram: It will be a mitzva. Ask him what he prefers…
[8/14, 13:00] Ida Farkash: You’ll ask him?
[8/14, 13:06] Yoram: ok
[8/14, 13:10] Ida Farkash: You could say I hate eating alone. A sick or older person will eat more with company. He’s doing you a favor.
[8/14, 13:11] Yoram: Good thinking !!!
[8/14, 13:12] Ida Farkash: Learned from my late lawyer husband. Got to have a backup
[8/14, 13:13] Yoram: Always.
[8/14, 13:46] Yoram: Had a short conversation with Uzi…he couldn’t talk. He will call me later tonight….
[8/20, 08:14] Yoram: Uzi called me. He makes his own food. Nice of you. Thank you.

Four months, nothing about Uzi.

[12/6, 19:49] Yoram: Shalom Ida. I met Uzi today…your neighbor. He told me that he needs some ready made food…mostly soup. He will pay for it! If you are still interested please contact him at this phone number: 050-627-6723
Thank you. Yoram.
[12/6, 20:12] Ida Farkash:

(Wasn’t thrilled. But easy to do. I was planning to invite 10 people for latkas during Chanuka to friends who have been gracious to me over the year. My kids said it was a bad idea with Corona so I cancelled. And had a fridge full of food.) Ok I’ll give him a call. JUST DID.)

He couldn’t talk now. Do you think that he needs someone to heat up the soup? He was unable to talk. Please call him tomorrow and get the details. I can give you the soup in a jar and maybe be sure he actually eats it. You know sit with him. Give me a call early in the morning. I’m going out at 11:00 to 1:30. I can leave the soup in a jar in front of my door in a plastic bag. 9 Shmuel Ha Nagid. Apt 4.
[12/6, 20:13] Ida Farkash: Don’t want any pay.
[12/6, 20:14] Yoram: 👍👍
[12/6, 21:02] Yoram: Sorry…I was very busy till now. Uzi is independent as far as eating and heating his food. I saw him in your neiborhood coffee shop. He just need his soups every now and then. He will pay!!!
[12/6, 21:02] Yoram: I can call you tomorrow morning. What time?
[12/6, 21:04] Ida Farkash: 8 AM. They also make soup in
[12/6, 21:05] Yoram: OK
[12/6, 21:06] Ida Farkash: Meuchas on Hamaalot has soup.
[12/6, 21:07] Yoram: I will inform him.
[12/6, 21:07] Ida Farkash: I’ll make some mash potatoes. That’s good too.
[12/6, 21:08] Yoram: He probably knows about these places…after all he is a man of coffee shops and restaurants…yet he asked me to contact you !
[12/6, 21:08] Yoram: Thank you
[12/6, 21:11] Ida Farkash: Store stuff is junk.
[12/6, 22:10] Ida Farkash: Just need to get an idea of what Uzi likes and what he can’t tolerate. I’m giving you a lentil pea. Here’s a list of my vegetables at the moment for a soup.
Minestrone with pasta.
Potato Cauliflower
Winter squash
String beans.

This may look like a lot. It’s part of my general diet.
I don’t do much cooking . This will give me an incentive to make some soup for myself as well as for him.
[12/6, 22:11] Ida Farkash: And sweet potato
[12/6, 22:14] Yoram: I have no idea of what Uzi likes and what he can’t tolerate. I will ask him tomorrow…
[12/6, 22:15] Ida Farkash: ✔
[12/6, 22:16] Yoram: But…looks like he needs soup because he has hard time chewing and swallowing
[12/7, 07:18] Ida Farkash: Good Morning.
1 Ask Uzi if he likes cream, butter and cheese in a soup to add some calories and protein.
2 My husband hated the liquid supplements like Ensure. They are available at Meuchedet.Not cheap. If he sees a nutritionist he’ll get samples. They are used in a shake.
They will add calories.
3.Does he have a blender?
4 I know more than a nutritionist when it comes to cardiac and kidney disease. If Uzi doesnt have those problems he*s ahead of the game.
5.Lastly, tell him I know that he’s a smart guy. He eyed me on the midrochove. Probably said to himself. “That lady’s got a lot of energy. I want to have what she’s consuming.”
[12/7, 07:30] Yoram: I am up. Call me…
[12/7, 07:30] Yoram: Easier than writing
[12/7, 08:57] Ida Farkash: Did you leave yet?
[12/7, 08:59] Yoram: Just about
[12/7, 10:46] Ida Farkash: Thanks for the window help and the jars. (Yoram helped me clean a large window. Worth 10 jars of soup)

[12/7, 10:47] Yoram: And thank you for feeding my friend
[12/7, 14:46] Ida Farkash: Please call Uzi. I am not interested to prepare meals or to
get paid except to collect 100 sh for the food today for Tzadakkah I don’t file tax returns here. Two women who live across the street may be interested in the job.When I came home Yacove the parking lot guard was gone. Let me know please.
[12/7, 14:47] Ida Farkash: I think the women I would recommend were chefs.
[12/7, 14:50] Yoram: Uzi called me awhile ago. He will contact you soon…he is still weak. It will be better for you two to converse directly.
[12/7, 14:55] Ida Farkash: Ok.Was he happy?
[12/7, 14:55] Yoram: Yes. And happily surprised. Thank you again.
[12/7, 14:56] Ida Farkash: As happy as he can be satisfactory?
[12/7, 14:56] Yoram: 👍😀
[12/7, 17:12] Ida Farkash: Yoram, didn’t hear from Uzi. I would like to pass on this job. I don’t want the responsibility. I am very comfortable and can and do give tzedukka from my own pocket. The widows, students, friends that I know to recommend have limited income. Their food is very tasty. They will divide up the week some taking two days some taking one..Religious women who really put love into their cooking. A couple are vegetarians. He’ll get a nice variety. Please call him and run the idea thru to him. 100 sh per day for the amount he got today. No meat . No chicken. No fish. He needs to call me because I don’t want to run with this. I already have a wonderful British widow to do Monday and Wednesday. He also needs to pay Yaakov for me for today.
[12/7, 17:14] Ida Farkash: They all can puree like I did today with a food processor. The lady for Monday and Wednesday is Shulamit.
[12/7, 17:27] Yoram: OK . I will call him tomorrow
[12/7, 17:30] Ida Farkash: Please call today and ask if he needs tomorrow. I go out at 8:30 and would drop off my batch with Yaakov. A carrot potato, a bean and a pumpkin.
[12/7, 17:31] Ida Farkash: Need to
Know if what I gave was sufficient for the day.
[12/7, 17:32] Yoram: No need. Thanks. Your food will be enough for one week!!!
[12/7, 17:34] Ida Farkash: Oh please can’t be. Impossible. He watered it down?
[12/7, 17:35] Ida Farkash: It was thick.
[12/7, 17:35] Ida Farkash: Sounds like the oil in the Chanukah Menorah.
[12/7, 17:36] Ida Farkash: He probably takes three bites
[12/7, 17:36] Yoram: That is what he told me…yes. A miracle
[12/7, 17:36] Ida Farkash: Hysterical
[12/7, 17:37] Yoram: And historical
[12/7, 17:38] Ida Farkash: So when the end comes near he’ll call me? He should try to finish by tomorrow night.
[12/7, 17:39] Ida Farkash: The end of the food I mean.
[12/7, 17:41] Yoram: He will call you when he is strong. Don’t worry. Today or tomorrow
[12/7, 17:41] Ida Farkash: Ok
[12/10, 15:32] Ida Farkash: Have not heard from Uzi.He may be dehydrated.
[12/10, 17:20] Ida Farkash: He needs his children with him . He will be alone. Oy.
[12/10, 17:21] Ida Farkash: Did you say to call hatzalah. If he drinks water with sugar and salt dissolved in it that could help.
[12/10, 17:22] Ida Farkash: Do you want to look in on him and then come here for dinner? Having a few friends.
[12/10, 17:23] Yoram: Oh. Thanks. But no…I stay home tonight.
[12/10, 17:23] Ida Farkash: Do you have his kid’s phone numbers?
[12/10, 17:33] Yoram: no
[12/10, 17:38] Ida Farkash: I guess you don’t want to call him to get his kid’s numbers?
[12/10, 17:38] Ida Farkash: They would probably have a key to the apt.
[12/10, 17:46] Yoram: He is like that for years…I think. And we are not in close relationship
[12/11, 11:54] Ida Farkash: I checked with the shomir. Uzi’s son is with him. Day and night. Sleeping there too.
[12/11, 11:56] Yoram: Uzi just wrote to me now. He does not want anything anymore. He wants to be left alone….
[12/11, 11:57] Yoram: Thank you for wanting to help. Hag Sameach
[12/11, 12:11] Ida Farkash: Just saw him walking outside. He’s obviously drinking Chag Samayach. He is an apparition. Like Lazarus arrizing from the dead. Today I saw him coming out of a coffee shop with his son. Baruch Hashem relieved.

This story taught me about responding to a need and giving. We can all call or look in on a neighbor during these times. There are times when we’d like to shake our heads and say. I’m busy. But that would be lowerin g the bar. AND Chanukah teaches that we raise the bar.